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Chapter 113

December 30, 20XX (Tuesday)

Zhao Manor

It was a beautiful winter day in Zhao Manor . The servants did not get up early because the Zhaos gave them the holidays for themselves . The kitchen was full of laughter as Aunt Qinyang and Mother Zhao was helping Grandpa Zhao cook and prepare for tomorrow's family party .

Mei Li was kicked out by Grandpa Zhao away from the kitchen so she could distract Yang from working too hard . Grandpa Zhao had commanded her to make some excuse to get Yang off of the computer even for just an hour .

The painter dragged her feet to Yang's room with a pout . She liked to help prepare the food too especially when it was Grandpa Zhao that would be marinating and preparing the food . He was so amazing in the kitchen that Mei Li could not help but look in awe .

Mei Li knocked on Yang's door three times before the deep voice inside uttered the words, "Come in . "

Mei Li opened the door while saying, "Yang, can you take me to-" She stopped when her eyes saw the black specs in his eyes . Yang was wearing large rectangular glasses .

"Yes?" Yang's serious face turned into a grin when he saw her staring at him like without pause . Her little mouth slightly opened .

"You're wearing eyeglasses . "

"It's for anti-radiation since I work with a computer most of the time," Yang smirked and vainly showed his face to Mei Li, turning from left and right to display the sharpness of his jaw .

"You look pretty," Mei Li's eyes still stared at him .

Yang scowled, "No man wants to be called Pretty . "

"Handsome then . . . " Mei Li's praised at him so beautifully that the vain man in him sprouts like a baby flower .

"Alright, you!" Yang pinched both of her cheeks, kissed her forehead before wrapping her in his arms, and enveloping her with his warmth, "Why did you come here by the way?"

Mei Li starts to wiggle her way out of his arms and breathed out a large gasp of air, "Oh, right!" Mei Li gripped the fabric of his sleeves and asked, "Can you take me to an art store?"

"You want to paint again?" Yang's arms remained wrapped on her waist, and Mei Li stayed in his arm-length hug . The distance between them was a mere few inches to touching each other . He marveled at his success with courting her . Now, he could be tactile with her without complaints from her .

"Well, I want to restore the painting you rescued . " Mei Li tugged her grip with his sleeves and nervously shifted her feet while biting her lips .

"You have a room made for painting that Mom and Da had made for you, didn't you know that?"

"What?" Mei Li looked up at him .

"I can take you to that room, but you have to give me something . "

Mei Li crossed her arms and trying to get out from his arm-length hug by wiggling her body . Yang stared at her bosom again . Mei Li muttered with a cute pout, "I'll ask for Mother Zhao to take me to that room instead . She won't ask for anything like you . "

Yang snorted, "But then you won't be successful in your task to distract me that Grandpa assigned . "

"How?" The painter was surprised to hear Yang had already seen through what she was supposed to do .

Yang kissed Mei Li on the forehead again before explaining to her, "He does that to me every year . Last year it was Yue who had to distract me, and she dragged me for shopping . "

"Then . . . will you take me to the painting room and watch me restore the painting?" Mei said while acting surely .

"I don't want to go out . " Yang insisted on teasing her just for fun . Her put out face made him want to tease her even more .

Mei Li lowered her head and made sure to cover her face with the short hair on her head . She sniffed her nose and slowly gathered the tears in her eyes while thinking of worse thoughts . If Yang could tease her, then Mei Li wants to do the same . Yang immediately panicked seeing her almost crying . His heart crumbled, and like every time he sees her tears, he became the whipped husband . He knew he gave in too quickly with her demands, but he couldn't help it . Her tears were his Achille's heels .

A couple of minutes later, Yang carried Mei Li to the painting room without knowing that Mei Li was grinning ear to ear when he took her . She wrapped her arms on his neck and hid the smile on her face by burying her face in the nook of his neck .

Mei Li now have another weapon that she could use to counter out Yang's demanding attitude, but first, she needs some training from Yue . It had taken her a long time to gather that small amount of tears . She needs to cry on demand as Yue can .

Mei Li now understands the power of crocodile tears .