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Chapter 115

January 1, 20XX (Tuesday)

Studio Near East Park- Downtown

In a small studio unit on the condo four level above Mei Li's condo unit that had been set fire by Mother Chen was a man with pretty blonde hair and bright blue sparkling eyes . The man, known mostly by the Arcadia Members as Fool, has a glass of wine in his hands, twirling the glass to smell the wine before drinking a sip . He had a dazzling smile as he stared at the painting that he treasured ever since he had laid eyes on it .

It was an oil painting of a woman dressed in a white wedding gown on her knees praying at the left side . Set on an old and weary church, he Painting also has a large cross on the right side and a child in the middle; a ray of light shines upon the baby inside a basket . At the bottom right of the painting was the small cursive signature of the painter, Miss M .

This painter always made Fool remember his purpose in life . It also made him reminisces as to why he had become an Arcadia member named fool; to a time where his name was still David Monreau . He was only eight months old when his mother had left him on a random church altar in France and from then on stayed until his fifth birthday where a wealthy family who had no children adopted him . The family named him David Monreau . He grew up rich and pampered by his adoptive parents . David loved them too as much as his parents had loved him . It was on the day of his seventeenth birthday that tragedy struck his foster home .

His Italian mother had married a rich man from Belgium, and want to erase the past that she had left behind . He still remembered how his mother's body had become a shield to protect him from the gunshot that was sure to kill him directly into his heart . He heard the last words that she had uttered to him, "Live . " When her last breath left her, he had stared at the lifeless body of his mother that stared back at him .

If he had been left alone at that time, he would not have been as he is today . When his nineteenth birthday passed, he meets a woman who looked so much like him at a party with one of his business associates as he had continued his foster family's business in wine brewery . They had the same hair, same eyes, same facial structure, and same skin color . He knew then that the woman must have been his birth mother, and by the glare on her eyes, he knew she hated that he had lived .

After that, his days were spent surviving the assassinations that his mother had sent his way . In one of the assassination attempt, he had accidentally involved a pretty petite woman with brown hair and the deepest emerald eyes on a small French town of Millau . He had forced himself to stay away from the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, but fate always seemed to cross their paths and slowly, they fell in love .

He remembered the way she dressed in white every time they meet . Her emerald eyes twinkled brighter than the sun that lights his day . Oh, his fair and beautiful Christina . With her in his arms, he was contented with the little of things . Everything was beautiful as long as she was with him . Every day that he had spent with Christina was the most wonderful days of his life, and he would look back to those days always with a smile .

Until one day, his mother had discovered where he was hiding and had been waiting on his home with his wife, hands, and legs tied with a rope . He came home to see a horrifying scene of his wife, enjoying having sex with two large men and his birth mother on the corner drinking tea .

That was the time that he had snapped . He could not remember how he had done it, but he had killed his mother and the two men . His wife was implicated and died in the middle of the fight . That scene and the fight had snapped all of his sanity and morality .

The Duke that his birth mother had married discovered his crimes, but before that Duke could think about killing him, he killed him first . From then on he had hated everyone who had noble blood . He hated people that wanted to marry anyone with noble blood . When he met the group named Arcadia, who aims to take over governments and kingdoms, he joined without hesitation .

Thus the man named Fool was made; a man unhesitant to kill anybody that would deter him from his goals . The goal is to bring all nobility down .

Suddenly his phone rang, and a message that he was waiting for popped up, 「Mr . David; My wife has vanished as you expected . 」

Fool grin widens . He left the wine glass on the table near him, grabbed a jacket, and hid two guns on his shirt . He still had no leads with his investigation with Bonaparte's family in Beijing, but he was not bored at all . Mother Chen had provided him with the necessary drama and sex to his heart's content . Now, he has to show the photos that he had taken when he was tailing Moither Chen for amusement . It would be great if he could kill Beijing's remaining nobles while he's here .

Before going out, he stared at the painting for a couple of minutes before kissing the name of the painter that had captured the spirit of his late wife in a white dress and the past him as a baby .

If he could meet this painter in real life, he would sing her praises .