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Chapter 116

January 1, 20XX (Tuesday)


Chen Zhong looked at the bright blue sky outside his hospital windows . His eyes then hovered at the useless feet that is hanging with the use of a trapeze-like cloth in the ceiling to prevent him from moving around . Suddenly, a man entered his room with a large demonic grin that could not be trusted . He notices the man was foreign with golden blonde hair that was almost white, unknown eye color because of the large sunglasses he wore and a facial features that seemed androgynous .

"Who are you?" Chen Zhong immediately asked . His curiosity is rising every minute as the man sat on the seat next to his bed as if he was familiar with Chen Zhong .

"I Am Fool . " the man grinned at him, and the dawning of the sun hit Chen Zhong's eyes when he looked at the man . The man named fool continued, "But you can call me David . "

Chen Zhong was about to ask the questions primarily in his mind, but his father had quickly entered his room and nervously greeted the man on his bedside in French, "Mr . David! I was waiting for you!"

"It has been a while, Mister Chen . "

Chen Zhong could not believe that his weak father was fluent in another language other than Mandarin . He stared at the man named Fool or David, whichever was true, talked with his father calmly in French . It was his father that was in a hurry and was gesturing his hands wildly .

When he saw that the two men talking to each other in French had stopped to look at him, he asked immediately, "Why are you here? Who are you?"

"I am here to give you these pictures," David said in Chinese, surprising Chen Zhong all the more . At first, he thought his father being able to speak in French was shocking, but a foreigner speaking Chinese is a bigger surprise .

Chen Zhong took a large brown envelope that was on David's hands and opened it to view the contents . His hands shook as he saw the photo of his beautiful mother abducted by people wearing all black near his condo unit . He could not believe what he was seeing .

"These are-" "The people that abducted your mother . I had secretly followed the car and saw that the Zhao Family might own it . " David interrupted Chen Zhong .

There was a tensed silence before Chen Zhong punched the side of his bed with his left fist . Anger swelled in his heart . He had been suspicious about the Zhao since their involvement with Mei Li was revealed, Zhao Yang especially . His thoughts had once conjured up the possibility that his injuries were all schemed by that Zhao Yang, and it seems that it isn't just a possibility but the truth .

His precious innocent mother must be suffering somewhere because of those Zhaos! They had the money and the reputation, but not the heart nor the morals to be nobles! They deserved to be stripped of their status and killed mercilessly! The reason as to why his feet were not healing even a little is probably because of the Zhaos too!

"How is this possible? How reliable are you?" Chen Zhong narrowed his eyes at David . He had to make sure that this proof that was shown to him wasn't edited or make-belief . If he went after the Zhaos without due process and backing, he was sure to lose everything even his life . He was not blind about the actual powers and influence that the current Zhaos have . He would love to have revenge, but he needed to be alive first before he could have his vengeance .

"Your father can assure you how trustworthy I am . " David grinned at him with the same demonic smile that sent shivers down his spine . Chen Zhong had met Zhao Yang, who had a smile that can question your sanity but David had a smile that can make a man question if he was going to live or not .

Father Chen nodded his head in confirmation . Chen Zhong narrowed his eyes again, was he just supposed to believe the words of his weak father who could not even protect his wife and son? His father could not even support their family!

"Smart, you don't trust easily," David commented . Chen Zhong raises his eyebrow in reply . David continued, "I have all the time to prove to you how trustworthy I am after your legs are healed, but first you need to get out of this hospital that the Zhaos controls and into a trusted hospital in Greece . "

"What? How are you going to do that? I can't walk to save my life!" Chen Zhong snorted . He saw that his father, on the side, remained silent and only observed the events that are happening . He rolled his eyes; such a weak father! He vowed never to be like him!

David smirked at him and said, "I'll take care of it . "

On the next day, Zhao Yang and his friends were notified by Dr . Zhang Li Xi that there was a power outage at midnight and when the lights turned back on, all the security footage had vanished along with a patient . Yang had broken a glass full of water when he heard Chen Zhong was the patient that had disappeared .

It is confirmed . The Chen Family is linked with the terrorist group, Arcadia . If it had been a group posing as Arcadia, they would not have been capable of bypassing the hospital's security . Only an experienced group could . Xue Chang Min's technology was far advanced than ordinary tech security . It is shocking that someone bypassed it . Every one of them was in a frenzy . They had every business they owned have a backup with power from another source of electricity and tightened the security detail .

Chen Zhong had made a call to France, in his encrypted phone . Zhao Yang had silently told his Mother and Father before he had gone into Mei Li's room to bug the woman about her new condo .