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Chapter 117

January 2, 20XX (Wednesday)

Hao Manor

For the past two days, Hao Ren had experienced the most stressful days of his life . Ever since they had dinner with the Zhaos, Ye Lan had been acting like a moody pregnant woman . She had shouted at him, thrown a breakable plate at him, and she had even made him her servant with all the things she had been ordering him to buy .

When they had returned from the dinner with the Zhaos, Hao Ren's mother and father had fought like cats and dogs . Their voices loud and clear even when their room was many feet apart from Hao Chen's . His father had expressed his disappointment towards his mother and his unnecessary scheming especially when it deals with the Zhaos . His mother had cried and pitifully demanded why his father does not love her anymore . The fight started again with more excuses from both sides . Everyone had heard their fight; even the servants were gossiping about it when they woke the next day .

What he hated most was that Hao Chen merely watched, silently, in the sideline . Before, his younger brother would do anything to be close to him and had followed after him like a puppy with his owner . Now, it was as if Hao Ren did not exist in his eyes anymore . In fact, their father had now relied solely on Hao Chen, making him busier than Hao Ren was .

Hao Ren couldn't help but be jealous with his little brother especially when his father had told him that he could never be heir after all that he had done with Yan, but he can have a small share of the company . He felt his world crumble when he heard his father told him that . He had betrayed Yang because he loved Ye Lan . He never wanted to be like his father that had married someone for the business' sake and not end up happy because he loved someone else .

Hao Ren admits that his actions were stupid and hasty, but he had believed that Yang would have understood him if he had explained the situation properly after their return . He never expected that Yang would not even give him any second of his day . Hao Ren felt guilty; Yang must be so affected with Ye Lan's betrayal, but Hao Ren would not let Ye Lan go just because Yang likes her! He would fight for his love even when he wouldn't be the heir .

Suddenly he heard the bathroom door opened and Ye Lan walked out wearing an innocent green Sunday dress . Her face had minimal makeup, and her feet wore those cute flat shoes . Hao Ren loves this innocent and gentle Ye Lan; his heart melted when she smiled at him .

"Are you going out?" He asked while kissing Ye Lan's cheeks .

"Yes," Ye Lan circled her arms on his waist and buried her lips to his in a short kiss before replying, "I want to go to a cafe, do you want to come with me?"

Hao Ren wanted to nod in agreement, but his eyes shifted towards the unfinished papers, he needs to finish it so he could go to work after the holidays end . He smiled weakly at her and replied, "You go without me . I have to do some paperwork . "

"Don't stress too much, okay?" Ye Lan kissed him again . This time it was deeper and more passionate . Tongues were twirling and curling, and as they part a string of saliva connected them before splitting only when Ye Lan's tongue darted out to lick her lips . Hao Chen grabbed Ye Lan's butt with both of his hands and squeezed . He pressed his manhood to her nether region, feeling the heat on his body awaken .

Ye Lan slipped out of his hold and giggled out the words, "Bye!"

Hao Ren bid her a short goodbye with a smile before letting her go and watching her close the door . He sighed and sat on the chair that he had occupied before, and started to do his work .

After a minute of staring at the papers, Hao Ren slumped into the chair and let out a heavy sigh . He had once managed the company of his father as an acting heir, but now he could only settle for a managerial position or a department head . Hao Ren even has to apply at the Human Resource Department for him to have a job . How low he has fallen, all because of love .

Remembering Ye Lan's smile, he gripped the chair and forcefully swallowed his pride down . He would do anything for the woman he loves . He had promised to give her the world, and he would do his best to do so .

For love, prideful Hao Ren becomes weak . He began to fill his information on the sheets not knowing that his beloved woman was in a cafe meeting a man named 'David' for the first time .