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Chapter 118

January 2, 20XX (Wednesday)

Random Cafe & Zhao Manor

David looked out of the large window and into the skyline of Beijing . He placed the Latte in his hands down into the ordinary brown drink coaster . His subtle smile looked handsome on his face as the sun seems to shine on him making his lips more dazzling . Every woman's eyes that passed by looked and stared at him .

David placed his chin in his palm, supporting his head with his arm on the roundtable . Ever since Mother Chen had disappeared, he had nothing else to do . Doing nothing was stressful . He couldn't release his sexual frustration nor his sadistic need for blood . Mother Chen had been one of the best women he was within his lifespan . She was ranked two after his wife, Christina .

"Hello, Is this seat taken?"

How convenient, just as he had been thinking of looking for a target and a woman appears out of nowhere . This day must be another lucky day for him . The woman had black medium length hair tied in a bun, and she looked far too innocent than his usual target .

"If the woman is single, the seat is available," David said while gesturing to the seat in front of him .

"And if I'm not?" Ye Lan glared at David while carrying her tray of frappuccino and a plate of light breakfast .

"If you take a seat, then I'll consider it as a challenge," David's wicked grin made Ye Lan blushed red in embarrassment . Her eyes shifted toward the busy cafe, looking for another seat available but could not find one . She sighed and sat on the chair without fear .

"Oh, I like a good challenge . " David whistled loudly . He smirked; women, they think they were so subtle when they're playing hard to get . If she really loved his man, she wouldn't have sat no matter what . She looked innocent, but it was debatable if she genuinely was . David licked his lips; he liked a woman pretending to be a good woman .

He can work with her . Hopefully, she is a fantastic lay .

Meanwhile, in Zhao Manor, Yang was seating on the coach on the living room with his laptop balanced on his knees as he did his work . On his side was Mei Li hugging a red strawberry shaped pillow he had brought her on a whim when he saw it on a random window on a random store he had passed by from work .

Yang tried to be as still as he could because Mei Li's head was on his shoulder, leaning on him with all the weight she has . He worked without his dominant right hand and typed mostly with his left hand . Yang was silent as he did his work while Mei Li watched her cooking shows and food fights .

"Yang," Mei Li interrupted his work with a soft tug on the hems of his long sleeves . Yang noticed a pattern with her; when she wanted his attention, she would either grip and then tug on the fabric of his shirt or pull on the hems . It was a cute habit that she was beginning to develop . He didn't mind having his clothes wrinkled because of her touches .

Yang looked at her briefly to signal he was listening and returned to typing words to form a business agreement . He hummed a soft, "Hmm . "

"Let's go on a date?"

Yang's hands hovered above his keyboard, and his eyes widen in surprise, "What?"

Of all the things that she could say, it was not this that he had expected . Mei Li could have said something logical, but no, she had to shock him every day in his life . His eyes immediately shifted to Mei Li's person . His heart once again behaves like a stupid fanboy meeting his idol for the first time . He cursed his whipped self as Mei Li looked at him with nervous eyes shifting anxiously at the floor as she bit her lips . Yang cursed those rosy lips of hers, too .

"You," Mei Li said while pointed at Yang .

"Me," Mei Li said while pointed at herself .

"Date?" Mei Li said while she acted as if she was eating something on an invisible plate .

Yang touched his nose, helpless when she had acted what she wants . He has an inkling as to why she wanted to have a date with him . His eyes briefly glanced at the television playing a cooking show in front of them . Why does it feel like he is being used by her to try more food? The foodie is strong with this one .

He surrenders to Mei Li's whims as it was the first time she had asked him to go on a date with her . His cheeks had colored with a splash of a pinkish hue when he nodded his head in agreement . He needed to ask her to be his girlfriend soon . He hated being someone who was either her friend or someone she likes . He wants to call her his girlfriend without hesitation . He wants to put a label on this push and pull they currently have .

Hopefully, she was ready and doesn't need to wait again . Yang returned to doing his work as Mei Li looped her left arm with his right and returned to watching the television with a happy grin on her face .

"I'll choose where we are going to go," Mei Li mumbled after a while .

Yang nodded, "I'll pay . "

"No," Mei Li denied, "My treat . "

Yang's heart leaped . No woman he had dated has ever treated him . It was always the other way around . Mei Li is the first . Hopefully, she will be the last . No, his future daughter needs to treat him to lunch too .

Yang continued to work with a large smile on his lips that mirrored the same one in Mei Li's . This new year has brought him more luck and success with her . May it continue to do so .