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Chapter 12

October 24, 20XX (Wednesday)

Chanel, Versace, On the Road

The next store they visited was not as smooth sailing as the first one but Mei Li was happy to observe the young CEO's different attitudes to different personas .

Upon entering the store, with doors opened by a fidgeting saleslady, "Excuse Me, I am Alice . How may I help you?"

Mei Li could tell that this saleslady was nervous but that doesn't concern her, as long as she doesn't flirt with the CEO she is with, Mei Li was sure there will be no mishaps .

"We would like to see the scarfs please . " Mei Li promptly replied .

Like a rabbit cornered by a wolf, the saleslady named Alice lead them to a rack with hanged scarfs in different types of length, designs and sizes .

"This one and this one are good . " Mei Li pointed out to Alice, hoping for her to take it out but unfortunately the saleslady was already away from them; out from earshot .

Mei Li sighs to herself as she called Alice to her side again and repeatedly pointed at the scarfs she had chosen for Mother Zhao .

Yang told the painter, who had turned to him for his opinion, "Why not pick two more since it's not as expensive as Yue's . "

"Let's pick the other two on other stores…" Mei Li hoped that the next store's saleslady wouldn't be as nervous as this one .

She felt that if left alone, Yang would have already devoured the meek woman and would have been picking his tooth with her bones . Was it illogical for her to think that amidst his smiling face hid a dragon? No, she knew for a fact how scary Zhao males were . Zhao males were known to be sadistic and merciless especially with their peers . Father Zhao had been like a father to her yet it did not blind her from reality and the fact that all of their family and staff always says that the current CEO was scarier than Father Zhao, made her want to avoid Yang more . It had already been a miracle she wasn't brutally murdered with her previous behaviour .

'…Must be because of Yue and Mother Zhao . He knows they'll be angry if Yang does anything to me . ' Mei Li thought with glee, also thanking the two women in her thoughts .

"You think this saleslady is going to last long?" The abrupt question from Yang put her thoughts on hold .

Mei Li glanced at the cashier, Alice, the saleslady, had already begun scanning the barcodes of the scarf yet she did not ask for their mode of payment or at least stay for a while to ask if they need anything else .

"Let's go to the cashier, I think, she forgot to get how we are going to pay…" Mei Li tried to subtly manoeuvre the man still with a fake grin at everybody .

"I think she's going to buy it for us . " The sarcasm in Yang's eyes was audible even through his grin . Mei Li sighed again . Why did he have to smile even when he was clearly mad, it scares people more that way .

Upon arriving at the cashier, Yang tapped his card rudely on the counter to get the woman's attention while Mei Li said, "You forgot this . "

The said salesperson jumped and realize her mistake, "I am sorry, Monsieur . I am still new and-"

"I don't need your excuses . Just hurry up…"

Mei Li peeked at the expression Yang had and saw the same annoying smile that was too fake to be good . At least there were no tantrums thrown .

They, in this case, Mei Li dragging Yang, hurried to another store after their purchase was done . Of course, the packing was done under the watchful eye of Yang who commented sarcastically when the salesperson made mistakes . Mei Li knew the salesperson named Alice will have nightmares of smiling devils in her sleep tonight .

Arriving at the next store and hopefully the last, they were surprised to notice that no salesperson was at the door or near it to welcome them .

Mei Li felt that things are turning bad as two salesladies where conversing at their side, most likely fighting at whoever would accommodate them . She peeked again at Yang's face to see his reaction and found herself pissed off with the same annoying smile which she was beginning to hate .

"Excuse Me, Monsieur . How may I help you? I am Louise . "

Mei Li stared in horror as the saleslady was differently trying to show her cleavage off . She turned to the side, to where the two previous salesladies were and saw them sneering at the colleague in front of Yang .

'Oh no…' it shouldn't be possible for the already fair complexion of Mei Li's to turn paler but it did as she blanched white . Remembering the tale when Yue had encountered a girl that tried to seduce her brother, Mei Li had remembered shuddering when she heard that the girl was transferred to another country to live the rest of her life never to set foot in Beijing again .

"No, you may not help us . Button your shirt, that's not professional of you . "

Mei Li's eyes widen comically at the bluntness of Yang's words… and Yue dared to call her blunt when her brother was so much more tactless!

Mei Li scrambled to the two salesladies and told, "We're in a hurry and would like to ask for your immediate assistance . "

"No need, I've worked longer here than they have . " Louise, the flirt, told loud enough for everyone to hear .

"Clearly the mass on your head has transferred elsewhere . " Yang still had a smile on his face when he furthered destroyed the confidence of the said flirt, "Maybe the plastic on your body has damaged your brain?"

Mei Li had prided herself to be an understanding woman . She dare not judge first before actually knowing a person but right now, Yang's savagery was too amusing . She tried to contain herself; only when Yang turned to the direction of the other salesladies to ask for scarfs that she allowed herself to softly giggle .

"That was rude of you…" the laughter in her voice made her admonition void .

"I wouldn't have to be rude if she was doing her job right . As if I would fall for a little show of cleavage . "

"… so you're saying you would fall if she showed everything?"

The disgust that marred the CEO'S face was another emotion, Mei Li had not seen before . "And touch something many costumers have touched before? I like things with worth not trash . "

"Rude! Just because she flirted with you doesn't mean she doesn't have worth!"

"She had worth, just cheaper . "

Two giggling ladies stopped them from discussing the topic further . They continued to shop for two more scarfs and a pair of cufflinks for Father Zhao . Thankfully the two salesladies had prompted to work together since Yang decided to purchase 2 more scarfs and a loud comical shirt for his father .

"Why are you giving this to Father Zhao? He's not going to wear this . "

Mei Li was surprised when the fake gin turned playful as his eyes turned into upside-down crescent moons with his upward smile . Mei Li finally discovered the difference of his fake and sincere smile, although she couldn't help but ask herself why she felt happy with the useless discovery . Soon, this man would return to his busy schedule and she would be back to spending all of her time with Yue and the other Zhao being avoided by this young CEO .

"Mom would make him wear it just to laugh at him . "

Mei Li snorted knowing the truth in his sentence . Father Zhao's obvious weakness was Mother Zhao, as well as his strength . Mei Li could only dream of the same love .

After purchasing the scarf, the two quietly went back to the car and this time Mei Li could see the Eiffel tower drawing closer, meaning she was nearing her hotel .

"So why scarfs for Mom? Why not dresses?" The question was innocent yet Mei Li hoped that he would stop grinning even as he drove . It was weird and scary at the same time .

"She's started collecting scarves three months ago after she discovered Yue adding a Hermes scarf in her bag as an accessory . Mother Zhao thinks its so convenient to have a ready handkerchief or blanket when in need . Girls like those convenient things that are aesthetically pleasing . "

"Yet you don't have one . "

Mei Li had almost sighed in relief as her hotel came into view .

She answered quickly as she took the paper bags with her gift for Yue and her used clothes, "I have one, I didn't bring it with me . Yue and I were in a hurry to get here as you know . "

Getting off the car, Mei Li crouched a little to peek into the driver from the window as she said, "Thank You…"

"No, please, it was my apology to yesterday . " Without the fake grin, Mei Li couldn't help but marvel at the CEO's handsome face . As a painter, a face so symmetrical like his made her want to pick a brush or a pen or anything to create art in facsimile to his . If only he would be this serious and sincere with her every minute, she wouldn't be too against spending more time with him .

Mei Li seriously responded with all the truthfulness she could muster, "You don't need to apologize . I was the one out of line . " She was indeed out of line at the cafe . It was not her business when he died early due to overindulgence with alcohol .

"Then you should apologize to me . Dinner, tomorrow?"

'Shameless!' She stumped her red bottom shoes with force, turning away from the car with a large grumble of exasperation, and growing mad as she heard the loud laughter from the man .

Mei Li decided not to tell Yue she was going to sightsee at the Eiffel Tower tomorrow just so she could avoid a possible encounter with her annoying brother .