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Chapter 121

January 4, 20XX (Friday)

Xue Manor

"What?!" Chang Min's voice echoed loudly on the living room at the Xue manor . The Xue grandparents were already old, but they had flinched because of Chang MIn's loud voice .

"I want to ask Mei Li to be my girlfriend," Yang repeated, carefully enunciating every word .

Chang Min was red, livid with his fast actions . They each about each other for more than ten years, but they became acquainted just two months! He asked with narrowed eyes, "And how long do you know each other?"

"Of course, you can, dear child . " Grandmother Xue said without caring about Chang Min's outburst . She knew how overprotective Xue members were, add his Bonaparte blood, and you'll get a jealous and vigilant brother .

"Grandma! You can't agree with him . " Chang Min fumed with nostrils flaring .

"Of course we can . " Grandfather Xue defended his wife .

Grandmother Xue pointed out the fact that Chang Min had missed, "He is willing to come here and ask for permission from us . It shows how much he respects you . "

Grandfather Xue added the fact that pierced Chang Min's heart, " . . . And we have no right to decide anything for Mei Li . We gave her up on the orphanage; she raised herself and, for her, the Zhaos is her nearest family . "

"But she is my little sister . " Chang Min helplessly argued . Yang felt pity for his friend . If Yue had someone, he'd give that person a hard time too . That is why he respects Chang Min a lot . It was hard enough to protect your sister while talking to her properly about her protection . Chang Min had to protect Mei Li while keeping their relations a secret, that is the hardest job for a big brother .

"I know it is hard . We hated giving away our daughter to a foreigner that has a dangerous job, and we've had to be the one to bury her instead . " Grandfather Xue continued while caressing Grandmother Xue's back to comfort her, "We learned that you could not stop love . We hope that you will protect her . "

"With my life, " Yang immediately agrees . Protecting her is always a priority . When he knew he loves her, Yang was ready to lay his life on the line for her, but he is not stupid enough to be careless and leave her to suffer the consequences .

Seeing the Xue grandparents were not against Yang, Chang Min dialed his father's phone . He cared not if his father was still sleeping, they need to threaten Yang before anything else . Chang Min needs someone to back him up . Yang can't have it this easy! He pressed the speaker button so every one of the room could hear .

After the fourth ring, someone picked up, "Is something wrong? You called without texting is this an emergency? Did something happen? Have you found more leads with the Arcadia member in Beijing? Did something happen with Mei L-" "Yang wants to ask her to be his girlfriend . " Chang MIn interrupted .


Chang Min nodded when he heard his father's loud voice boomed from the speakers . That was his first reaction too!

"You have to stop them! Two months! They have only met properly for two months, and he wants to act like he is ready to love my baby girl! He can have any girl in the world, but not my baby girl! I ought to go to Beijing early and murder that Zhao in his sleep! Where does he live? Does he live in Zhao Manor, I know where that place is located! Prepare my gun, no, I'll use a knife . I'll skin him alive after pulling all of the fingernails in his hands and every toenail in his feet . How dare he touch my baby girl!"

Yang touched his nose; this is the first time he had heard Mei LI's father's voice . He sounded too bloodthirsty for Yang to sit comfortably in his chair; he shifted in nervousness and his eyes looking around in every corner of the room . This future father-in-law of his is hard to get along well . Yang subtly hid his fingers in his pockets .

Chang Min noticed his actions which brought a massive grin on his face . Chang Min knew his father would be the best back up! Yang, the sadistic bastard, looked like a cornered rabbit . Suddenly Chang Min realized that his prideful friend swallowed his pride for Mei Li . Maybe, he is a little too harsh .

"If the two of you continue this way, Mei Li will hate you when she knows . " Grandfather Xue interrupted .

"That is right . Mei Li looks happy to be in the arms of Zhao Yang, are you bad enough to take away someone that makes her happy when you were already bad enough to put her in an orphanage?" Grandmother Xue reprimanded her son-in-law on the other side of the line .

Both Xue Chang Min and Jerome Bonaparte stayed quiet for a long time . Yang mentally applauded the grandparents; hooray for wise elders! He knew including the Xue elders was the best way to ease the two protective Bonaparte .

"Protect her," Jerome Bonaparte's voice broke the silence left by the grandparents .

Chang Min stared in horror at the phone in his hand, is his father going to accept Yang? Chang Min stood helplessly in the sideline as Yang charmed the pants off of his father and when it was time for Yang to go, his grandparents were even treating him like their new grandson . He started to bid his father goodbye but was stopped when Jerome Bonaparte had said a series of demand, "Acquire a new condo unit on the same building they will stay for my stay in Beijing . The nearest to Mei Li's . "

Chang Min smirked . His father may hate being of Bonaparte's blood, but he is showing his bloodthirsty side like one . Yang may have won this battle, but he hasn't won the war .

Yang went back to Zhao Manor with a giant smile on his face; he can finally say that the date Mei Li had spent her money to treat him is the last date they will have without any official label . That was the last date that Mei Li will spend her money . He hated the feeling of Mei Li treating him; he wants to be the provider .

What use are his billions if she won't use it?

. . . And to think this year has only just begun!