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Chapter 122

January 7, 20XX (Monday)

Zhao Manor

Early in the morning at Zhao Manor's dining room, Just two people once again occupied the circular table that has a lazy susan on the center . Mother Zhao and Father Zhao were the only ones on the table .

No other family members were chatting with each other while eating breakfast . There is no Yang that will suddenly appear to drag Yue's chair, then sit in between two best friends, and would bother Mei Li . There was no Yue that would stick her tongue out to his brother in the table . There was no Mei Li that would act shy or bully their son, and no Qinyang that would act like a spoiled princess .

This is the normal every day like of Father Zhao and Mother Zhao . They would eat in the morning on the large circular table and occupying only two seats on the table capable of seating twelve people . The two of them would eat sharing their food; sometimes they felt terrific, but most of the time they feel lonely .

Mother Zhao still remembered the two days that seemed to pass like a whirlwind . First, the Zhao elders went away because they had a trip scheduled to a tropical country . Second, Yue had work in Japan and went off logging a small roller bag . Next to go was Qinyang and her brother-in-law because it was time for them to prepare for the first day of work after the holidays .

The last to go was Yang and Mei Li . Her son had helped Mei Li pack and carry her things into the cars like he had done when she had moved back to her studio . Mother Zhao had been so proud of Yang at his gentleman-like actions with Mei Li until she saw him eyeing Mei Li's backside whenever the painter would turn her back at him . Mother Zhao couldn't help but bury her face into her palms in embarrassment for Mei Li . Her son is too shameless, sometimes .

Aside from her son's perverse actions, Mother Zhao was a little happy to bid Mei Li and Yang goodbye . Since they would be staying near each other, it would give them more opportunities to spend time together without interference . Hopefully, their progress will go faster than she expects it to especially when the protective father is going to come in February! They need to hurry before that time comes .

When it the time to say goodbye to Mei Li, Mother Zhao couldn't help tearing up . The painter had hugged her for a long time and whispered in her ear, "If you're too lonely in Zhao Manor, come visit us . I'll make sure Yang's condo is ready for you to stay the night . "

Yang, who was beside her, acted as if he had not heard Mei Li's whispered words, but Mother Zhao knew he had . Mother also knows that his son must have fallen in love with Mei Li deeper because his eyes softened so much .

When it was Yang's turn to bid her goodbye, he hugged her just as tight and just as long as Mei Li's . Unlike Mei Li's hug, he loudly said to her, "I'll prepare one of the guest bedrooms for you and dad . The other bedroom is for your future grandchild . Right, Mei Li?"

"Huh?" The painter, who was in the process of sitting on the passenger seat of Yang's Maybach, had not heard their conversation .

"Just agree with me and nod your head," Yang grinned at Mei Li after subtly winking at his mother . Mother Zhao covered her smiling lips with her right hand so the younger woman wouldn't notice .

Mei Li stared suspiciously at Yang for a while before nodding to Mother Zhao with the most visible face full of hesitation . Mother Zhao giggled and smacked her son's shoulder softly for his joke .

Mother Zhao watched them drive off with a heavy but hopeful heart while praying to God that Yang's plan to ask Mei Li will succeed .

Suddenly, Father Zhao hugged Mother Zhao with his right arm . Mother Zhao's shoulder thumped when it hit her husband's chest . She looked up with a curious and surprised face .

"You're deep in thought again . " Father Zhao kissed her cheek softly and gently that made it feel ticklish than usual .

"I miss the people that made this table so busy in the mornings," Mother Zhao mumbled .

Father Zhao's stern face softened, but his one-arm hug tightens, "I am here . I will always be with you . "

"You go to work for eight hours," Mother Zhao deadpanned .

"I'm the CEO . I make my schedule . " Father Zhao repeated the words he heard coming out from his son's mouth when wooing Mei Li .

Mother Zhao snorted . It seems like this old man is learning shamelessness from his son . She got out from her husband's hug and stood up then proceeded to walk to their room to water the plants she had on the balcony .

Father Zhao's eyes followed the figure of his wife's sulking facade . She had always been a person that hides what she feels, and only when the two of them is the only ones left in the Manor that she shows how much lonely she felt without the famous people in her life .

Father Zhao pinched the bridge of his nose . He called Butler Bai and told him to clear his schedule for two days so he could stay with his wife . Father Zhao loves family gatherings and looks forward to them . But at the end, he hated the consequences that it would bring to them- the ones left behind .

He ordered all the servants to leave their room for a couple of hours, loosen his tie, and prepared himself to comfort his wife the best way he knows he could .

Father Zhao locked their door, thinking, 'Yang needs to give his mother a grandchild as soon as possible . ' A child's soft footsteps inside the Manor would be the best present Yang could give to his parents especially his lonely mother .