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Chapter 123

January 7, 20XX (Monday)

The Palace Residency- Condominiums

The sun rose to illuminate the dark room on the largest bedroom in the massive penthouse of the Building . A beautiful lady turned against then sun that begins to annoy her eyes to open . As the sun rises, the room grows brighter because of this the beauty's eyelids started to open like the fluttering of butterfly wings .

Wu Mei Li looked at her unfamiliar surroundings and realized where she was with a little time to think . She was at Yang's guestroom because her condominium was all cluttered with buckets of paints, boxes of unfinished pieces of furniture, and is still unlivable with all the construction in progress .

Chang Min had sponsored the change as a 'thank you' gift for buying the condo he had wanted to sell . Mei Li once again rolled her eyes and sighed secretly to herself when she heard from the construction workers that arrived on Sunday morning . She had tried to make them return because she and Trisha had plans for the condo . Mei Li had even called Chang Min with Yang's phone to explain, but she gave up after talking with Chang Min for hours . She felt as if she was talking to a wall, so she called Trisha and her friends to manage the construction instead of their plan to do just little changes . Thank goodness that Trisha has an understanding heart .

When Sunday ended, Trisha was adamant that she must not sleep in her condo for two days because of the smell of the paint and the dust scattered everywhere . Yang immediately offered his guest bedroom . When the CEO saw Mei Li hesitate, he quickly put a hand on his chest and robotically spilled a long speech of being a gentleman, respecting boundaries, and behaving himself .

Trisha had giggled on the sidelines while the rest of the people tried to hide their smiles and laughter but failed . Mei Li agreed to Yang's offer only because she wanted to shut him up . He can be so embarrassing, sometimes . No, he is embarrassing all the time .

Mei Li went out of the bedroom and into his immaculate kitchen . She had promised Yang that she would cook his food in repayment for the large amount of money that he had spent when her studio unit had burned . Mei Li familiarized herself to the layout and was surprised that for an unused kitchen it was amazingly complete . Once again, the orphan sighed to herself; the power of money is overwhelming .

She decided to make a chicken and green vegetable congee and steam buns stuffed with the chicken needed to make chicken broth . When she went inside the pantry to get more flour, her eyes rose with curiosity when she noticed a familiar looking button hidden by boxes of pancake flour . She pressed it with her left hand, and like the hidden wine room in Yang's office, it divided the pantry to show the secret room .

Mei Li's mellow morning look redden in anger . She took four bottles of expensive wine and decorated the table with it, putting it on the center as a masterpiece . She placed a bowl of congee on both sides of the table, then put a spoon on the middle of the bowl, brewed green tea and coffee, and the setting the bun to rise .

Mei Li opened Yang's door and saw him sleeping on top of his duvet with his laptop on his side . He must have fallen asleep working, again . She slapped her cheeks and reminded herself that she was supposed to be angry .

"Yang, it's time for breakfast . " Mei Li shook Yang's shoulder with both her hands .

The painter's hands twitched when Yang pushed her hands away from him and turned his back from her . With irritation, she poked the side of his waist with all the force her pointer finger could . Yang sat up immediately in surprise, clutching the place she had poked with surprised wide eyes .

"Get up; you said to wake you up at 9 am . " Mei Li told as she pulled Yang's left hand to signal him to stand up .

"Good Morning, " Yang greeted her with a full and happy smile . Mei Li's monotonous and stoic face did not move . Yang blinked numerous times before he touched his nose, helpless . What did he do now? Why was she angry at him? Wasn't he asleep just now? Did he slept walk into her room at night without knowing?

Yang watches with worry as she walked out of his room while saying, "Hurry up . " He scrambled to get ready, taking a bath in record time, and wearing clothes without checking at the mirror if he looked great in it or not .

Arriving in the table just a couple meters away from his open kitchen, Yang notices the bottles of wine he kept on his wine room . His face bleached and his lips whiten with horror . At least he now knows why she's mad at him .

"Sit down," Mei Li commanded him . Fearing the explosion of her anger, the tall CEO followed her instruction without pause . The chair he sat on in a hurry, wobbled when he had not realized he had used unnecessary force .

"Eat . "

Yang's right hand took the spoon with his left and immediately feed himself full of the congee with green vegetables . No complaints come out from his mouth .

"Which of these wine do you want to drink for breakfast? Tell me which you want for lunch and dinner too so I can prepare your junk foods to hasten your death rate . "

Yang gulped . Her voice was colder than the winter air outside . He prayed to the heavens, and he had just progressed so much with her! Yang wondered if going on his knees and apologizing would make her listen to his explanation .

Yang chooses to ignore how she had crossed her arms in front of her thus making her bosom more erect without the bra on . Didn't she realize that her nipples were standing erect?

Damn it to hell! He needs to be serious because the woman was already red with anger and making comments about that would guarantee his death .