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Chapter 124

January 7, 20XX (Monday)

The Palace Residency- Condominiums

Yang could do a lot of things . He found that with his brain and physique, he could quickly master physical activities and do any work . There are only a few things that he displayed no talent . Arts is the main thing he cannot do, and now, it seems that his ability to reason out is in need for improvements .

Yang gulped and swallowed his pride to beg, "Mei Li, I-" "Why didn't you tell me about your wine collection?" Mei Li interrupted him with her calm and stoic face that made his heart beats faster . His palms become sweaty in his nervousness .

"I forgot . . . " Yang almost facepalmed when he said words that were not intended to be said . His nervousness made Yang act without thoughts .

Mei Li glared hard at him . As if she would believe that he forgot about it! He had avoided telling her!

"I didn't tell you . . . " Yang admitted, slumping in his seat . Yang asked himself why he is behaving like a slave begging his master for forgiveness . When Mei Li's golden-ish brown eyes stared straight through his soul, he remembered that he is indeed the slave and she the master; she is his Master-Wife . At this time, the truth was better to be spilled .

"Does Mother Zhao knows?"

Having nothing else to reply, Yang shook his head . He knew to say excuses would worsen his situation, so he remained as silent as possible

"Am I that unreasonable that you won't tell me about it?" Mei Li bit her lips . Maybe she was interfering too much in their family matters?

"No!" Yang immediately insisted the opposite of what Mei Li said . Yang continued as Mei Li remained still on her sit, "I was afraid that you would ask me to give it away . Now that I think about it, I was afraid that you would react as my mother did . "

"How did Mother Zhao reacted?" Mei Li asked with more understanding now than their initial encounter .

"I was still an heir when she discovered my still small collection she broke every bottle . " Yang trailed while reaching out for Mei Li's left hand on top of the table with his right hand . Hoping to initiate tactile touches to lessen Mei Li's anger like he usually does with Mother Zhao .

The orphan sighed heavily, "I won't do that . . . I'm a miser, remember . I would either sell it and save the money or drink some with you . . "

"You," Yang stared eye to eye with Mei Li before he continued, "would drink wine with me?"

"Of course! I like drinking wine too especially when I'm on my period . " Mei Li scoffed . She had always believed that moderation is key to everything . Yang's eyebrows rose when he asked, Then why did you gave my wine collection away the first time?"

Mei Li admitted, "At that time, I was overwhelmed with my anger, and my actions were a little exaggerated . "

Yang touched his nose . A little exaggeration to her meant giving away half a million dollar . Yang would hate to know what actions defined exaggeration to Mei Li .

" . . . and, " Mei Li paused for a while . She processed the words she wants to tell him .

Yang eyed Mei Li placing her right palm on her right cheeks before continuing, "Your family had told me how worried they are with your alcoholic tendencies . . . You must admit that you used to drink at least three full glass a day . You can't lie to me about that . Secretary Bai confirmed that information when your Mother asked . "

Yang's face scrunched up and told Mei Li with the sincerest tone he could make, "If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have thought of controlling my intake . I drink every time I am stressed or bored, and happy occasions .

"Are there any wine collection beside this that I don't know? I promise not to get angry if you promise to limit your intake . You haven't even asked me to be your girlfriend, yet . You have to leave more years than I can . "

Yang smiled and immediately enumerated his wine collection and his vineyard and brewery in China, France, and Italy . When he did, he couldn't stop touching his nose helplessly . He had been borderline obsessed with his love for wine . He wondered if he could be considered a drunkard before or do people only consider drunk people as drunkards when they make unfortunate events for themselves and others?

Yang was also happy to hear Mei Li acknowledging the status of their relationship . Intimate but not official; they have something .

After a while, Mei Li returned to her condo and worked with Trisha before returning to their temporary residence . Yang had returned to work With a relieved smile . Mei Li had listened to his explanation and had him promise to drink wine three times of the month only .

Yang was glad that Mei Li offered to join him for a glass of wine to celebrate him honestly telling about his wine collections that he had kept for a while to Mei Li . He couldn't help but pray for time to go a little faster .

Yang did his work on his tall building- Y building of the present CEO of the Zhao . Mei Li had almost finished her interior design when she went up to Yang's condo to prepare their meal . She also popped a bottle of wine . Mei Li began to take sips of her wine as she nibbled on some nuts while she cooked Yang some western food as his per demand .

When Yang returned from work, Mei Li jumped into his arms . The painter startled him when she wrapped her arms on his neck, trapped Yang with her legs wrapped around Yang's waist, and her nether region so close to his . The CEO smelt the putrid smell of wine, and he could see the abnormal flushing of her face down into her neck .

"Yang, I missed you," Mei Li pouted at him . Placing small kisses in the space on his neck below his earlobe .

She is drunk, again! He should have remembered how lightweight she with with alcoholic content . Maybe if he had remembered, he wouldn't suffer an erection that felt hard enough to carry a car .