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Chapter 125

January 7, 20XX (Monday)

The Palace Residency- Condominiums

Because Mei Li had jumped on him without prior placement, Yang was forced to hold onto her weight with his hands gripping her rear end, fingers spreading on her meaty bum . Aside from basically groping her backside, Yang could feel her chest pressed on his .

"What are you doing?" Yang hoped that his voice didn't give away the heat on his body . Mei Li, on the other hand, liked the way Yang had growled out his words making his chest vibrate . Her ears could hear the rumbling caused by his deep voice .

Mei Li wriggled her self to comfortably tightened her arms on his neck and said, "Hugging you?" She buried her head on the crook of his neck and mumbled, "You don't like it?"

Yang's face was pained when he said, "No, I like it but please don't wiggle your bum like that . "

"But something hard is making me uncomfortable . " Mei Li complained; her legs felt a circular-like wood thing in her thighs just below her nether regions .

"That can make you feel amazing too," Yang mumbled to himself but had, unfortunately, said it out loud .

"Really?" Mei Li leaned away from where she had buried her face to stare at Yang's eyes . She smiled when their eyes meet then demanded, "Then make me feel amazing, Yang!"

"You will be the death of me . "

Yang's hold on Mei Li's rear end tightened as she began to wiggle again . Mei Li grinned, "I won't kill you! But I would if you won't ask me to be your girlfriend while touching me everywhere, I will!"

Yang blinked multiple times as he registered Mei Li's words and the meaning it carried . Wasn't she already said yes to him? Yang felt like he was drunk too . He thought he had been a gentleman with her, but with all the intimate touches they have even without a label, he realized he wasn't a gentleman at all . In fact, Yang is too lacking and too impatient .

If Yue were in Mei Li's place, he would kill the suitor for touching his little sister's body without official confirmation of their relationship . Yang has failed Mei Li in this regard . He assured her immediately, "I will as soon as possible . "

"Why not now?" Mei Li asked while hiding her face to the nook of his neck to smell his scent that seems to drown her with tenderness .

Yang snorted, "I won't ask a woman to be my girlfriend when she's drunk . "

"Why not? People said I'm honest when I'm drunk . "

"Then . . . " Yang trailed while situating them in the sofa with Mei Li still on his lap . He made himself comfortable on the couch and took care with Mei Li's feet comfortably bent to straddle him before he continued, "I will ask you a couple of questions . "

"What questions?" Mei Li turned her head to look at his side profile, but a portion of her face remained buried on his neck .

"Questions like do you like me?" Yang grinned .

Mei Li loosen her hold on his neck to slap his shoulders while retorting, "Of course, I like you! I wouldn't reciprocate your romantic gestures if not . "

Yang's grin widens . He likes drunk Mei Li when he needs honest answers without filters . He asked her, "Would you want children?"

"Yes but not now . "

"What kind of wedding do you want?" Yang asked another question to tease her .

"A fall wedding . "

"What kind of wedding dress do you want?" Yang's wide grin could almost reach from one ear to the other . If she weren't drunk, she would not have answered these questions because she was such a goody two shoes .

"I'm not your girlfriend yet . You're thinking too advance . " Mei complained, making Yang touch his nose helplessly . It seems even when drunk she's still a conservative woman .

Mei Li pushed Yang to lay on the sofa; she then climbs on top of him . She sat on his thighs, her two legs straddling him . Yang had frozen dumbstruck minutes ago with eyes wider than a kitchen plate .

"What," Yang gulped with his Adam's apple bobbing down, "are you doing?"

"Sleeping . " Mei Li deadpanned . She began to lay on top of him .

"Don't sleep on me!" Yang hissed . He wanted her off of him, but his traitorous body stayed still and wanted more of her machinations .

Mei Li pouted while twisting and turning to make herself more comfortable in her makeshift human bed, "But you're comfortable . "

"Woman, are you trying to kill me?" Yang groaned, his entirety burned with discomfort and lustful heat .

"No, I'm testing you if you love me enough to let your morals win rather than your physical need . "

"Everyday, I am fighting my sexual desires for you . This thing you are doing is easy . " Yang uttered, holding in his urge to make love with her . He swore to himself that after he marries her, he'd make her scream so much she would not be able to speak the next day .

Mei Li promptly wiggled her body like a worm while making herself comfortable with his body as a bed, his chest as her pillow, and his warmth her duvet .

Yang's first tighten, and his fingernails dig through his palm . This night is going to be long and hard for him- diamond hard . At least he'll have her in his arms again . To keep away his perverted thoughts, he begun to expand on his plans to woo Mei Li .

Yang was too occupied with his thoughts that he hadn't noticed the devilish smile on Mei Li's face . It seems pretending to be thoroughly drunk is a handy technique to test a suitor's will and determination .

Mei Li closed her eyes to sleep without hesitation . She knew she is always safe in his arms because if he can keep himself from ravaging her, he can prevent anybody else . Mei Li knew that refraining yourself from a temptation offered to you in a silver platter is one of the toughest things to do . She admired this quality he had . No, she admired him for all the quality he had even his shamelessness is useful .

If this month had passed and he won't ask for her to be his girlfriend, Mei Li decided to stay away from Beijing for a few years and live in Milan . She wanted him too, dammit! She debated whether she should be the one to ask him to be his boyfriend instead . As she fell asleep, her thoughts were full of worries about Yang's inability to ask her to be his official girlfriend .