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Chapter 126

January 8, 20XX (Tuesday)

Various Places

An average workday for Trisha Fuller is waking up at seven thirty, getting ready for an hour, traveling for fifteen minutes by train, spending an hour or two at her office, and then going to Y Building to start managing the work onsite . When arriving at Y Building, the first thing she needs to do was report to Secretary Bai then to CEO Zhao . The next thing she needs to do after that is to call Miss Wu Mei Li or meet with her if she was in the building . After all the big three, as Trisha had labeled them, is contacted, she would then return to her plans and blueprints or check on the progress of the work done .

This day, when she arrived at Y Building, Miss Mei Li is the first one she encountered . Trisha was waiting for an elevator when Miss Mei Li had tapped her shoulders with a smile and said, "Come with me, I can get you to any floor you want faster . "

Trisha's eyes widened when Miss Mei Li took an ID card that had a QR Code for the private lift used only by CEO Zhao and his secretaries . What surprised Trisha was not the ID card itself but the owner of that ID card . She had seen the small 2X2 ID picture on the middle left side of the card, and it was a picture of the handsome CEO Zhao .

Trisha could not believe that this woman has tamed that cruel beast of a man that had the scariest smile that Trisha had ever met in all her life . She could still remember how much she had tried to avoid having a conversation with CEO Zhao just because of that smile of his that made her question if she was going to live to see tomorrow after their meetings . Trisha had celebrated when the CEO had told her that someone was going to help him with the interior design decision and that she should mainly refer to that person instead . Trisha Fuller had gathered her foreign friends and partied the night away in her happiness . Having to deal with any person was better than dealing with CEO Zhao .

"Let's go!" Mei Li dragged Trisha by her hands into the private elevator . Trisha stiffened when she saw the CEO waiting for them while pressing the button for the elevator to remain open so they could enter it without danger of being confined by the elevator's automatic doors . The interior designer could feel the eyes of the employees focused on them .

"Thank you for waiting for us!" Mei Li's right hand tugged on the hems of the CEO's tuxedo's left sleeve . Trisha watched with amazement as the scary CEO bent his waist so his cheek could be the same with Mei Li's height . He then smiled so elegantly after Mei Lii had smacked her lips in his cheeks with a loud kiss . Trisha looked to the side in a hurry to avoid the CEO's side glance her way . She can deal with Miss Wu Mei Li; in fact, she preferred Miss Mei Li than the CEO . She still hated meetings with CEO Zhao if Miss Mei Li was not there . He's only comfortable to talk to when Miss Mei Li would be there to temper his impatience and rudeness with her gentle understanding .

When the elevator doors opened, and they arrived at the correct floor, Secretary Bai's eyes widen when he saw the terrified Trisha was left behind the elevator after Miss Mei Li and CEO Zhao had gone out . Trisha rolled her eyes at the tall secretary with those frameless glasses that made him look more mature than his age . Although he looked handsome, he was far too reserved and aloof for Trisha to get along .

After a while, Mei Li had dragged Trisha to the CEO's office again . Trisha sat on the sofa like a well-behaved lady . Far from the loud-mouthed, horse riding, and wild behavior that she usually had . She dare not cause ruckus inside the sadistic CEO's office even when Miss Mei Li is present . She and Mei Li started discussing the furniture they had ordered and how Mei Li would want the same chairs in her dining room .

Mei Li pleaded to Trisha if she could also order four chairs for her condo . Trisha immediately agreed, the glared the CEO had sent her way when she had hesitated was telling enough that if she hadn't, she'd die . Call her a dramatic woman, but everyone employed at the Zhao Conglomerate knows that CEO Zhao is law . Although now Trisha realized that is CEO Zhao is law then Mei Li is the exception to every law . She learned that for you to get on the good side of CEO Zhao, people must first charm Miss Mei Li . Trisha's prayers for a guardian had been finally answered by God especially when she was in danger of losing her job to her CEO's daughter, and Miss Mei Li had defended her which made CEO Zhao demand for her to come back . When Trisha was called to go back to work, and then Secretary Bai had told her the events that had happened, she had bent her waist like a Japanese and gratefully said her thanks with head bowed as low as possible to Miss Mei Li .

"Trisha, by the way, how was your new year?" Mei Li interrupted her thoughts with a question she had not to expect her to ask .

"It was great . It's my second Christmas here in China, so I'm not that familiar with everything yet . I'm used to Thanksgiving, so I'm still adjusting to the culture . " Trisha opened up .

Mei Li nodded and offered her help without hesitation, "If you need some help, you know where you can find me . I'm thankful that you're doing the interior for my condo without prior notice . "

Trisha denied Mei Li's thanks right away, "Please, you don't have to thank me . I should be the one being grateful to you for helping me keep my job here . "

"I didn't do anything," Mei Li countered out, "It was Yang that talked to your CEO . "

Trisha followed Mei Li's gaze to the CEO's direction . She found the CEO cocking his head in acknowledgment and said, "You both are thankful with each other; now, please exchange phone numbers so Mei Li wouldn't have to steal my phone everytime she needs to talk to you . "

Without hesitation, Trisha pulled her phone and grinned at Mei Li who had also done the same . CEO Zhao had shaken his head at them . Trisha wondered why he shook his head . Did he disapprove of Mei Li and her budding friendship? Whatever it is, Trisha couldn't care less . Texting with Mei Li with CEO Zhao's phone number was weird and had always put her in a nervous wreck because she had kept on the possibility of CEO Zhao replying personally .

Trisha ended her workday at the Y Building with Secretary Bai bullying and teasing her all the way from the elevator to her apartment . The Secretary had given her more paperwork to do for the budget and had teased her about her frightened face whenever CEO Zhao would stare at her . In truth, if hiding behind Mei Li were an option everytime the CEO would glance her way, she would .

Secretary Bai had brought her to her apartment with a large grin after she had slammed the door . She had grown annoyed with the secretary but had wanted a free ride, so she bared his remarks . When she arrived in her apartment, Trisha scanned the documents that the secretary had forced in her hands .

Suddenly an envelop feel from the stack of papers . Trisha opened it and gulped nervously after recognizing CEO Zhao's handwriting . On the card was a command,「I'm going to ask Mei Li to be my girlfriend this Friday . Distract her tomorrow and the day after and then clear her schedule for Friday . My little sister, Mei Li's best friend, could not do it since she is in Japan, so I'm placing this task to you not as your employer but as Mei Li's friend . Message me your agreement without stating the reason because Mei Li might read it . 」

Trisha squealed like a fangirl . Even if she is scared with CEO Zhao doesn't mean she didn't notice how he was gaga over Miss Mei Li . They were a great couple too! Besides that, Mei Li can finally temper CEO Zhao more so her work can be as smooth sailing as possible .

She took her phone and typed, 「CEO Zhao, good day . I agree with the proposed budget . 」

She was surprised when a quick reply came, 「This is Mei Li . He said that he expects you to be patient with the budget because it might be small and would cause a temper to rise . 」

Trisha smirked for many different reasons . First, the fact that Miss Mei Li had the CEO's phone was proof enough of how whipped the man is . Second, how the CEO had subtly implied to her how gentle and careful she should be with Mei Li . Lastly, for how oblivious Mei Li is .

Now she knows why that annoying Secretary had forced the papers in her hands . This week is going to be good!