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Chapter 127: 127

January 9, 20XX (Wednesday)

The Palace Residency- Condominiums

On a winter morning of the ninth day of January, a man woke up as the sun rose in the east . His eyes fluttered with annoyance when the sun's rays hit his face, illuminating his skin to glow . He covered his eyes with his arm and turned to face the door, waiting for his human alarm clock by the name Mei Li to come inside and wake him up as she has done for the past three days she had moved to his guest bedroom . He had been enjoying the perks of being Mei Li's neighbor with opened arms . If he would get his wish, he'd want her to be his neighbor in bed too .

Before meeting Mei Li, Yang would sleep late with work then wake up late to go to work . He had this kind of routine for more than three years . It was a trying and stressful routine, and that is possibly the reason why he drunk so much wine to unwind and relieve stress . Yang admits drinking wine first thing in the morning and ending the day with wine again was not the best decision he had made, but it was the only way he could feel warm and satisfied .

After meeting Mei Li, Yang would sometimes sleep late because of work or fell asleep early because she needed for him to wake up early . If Yang's work were not urgent, he'd sleep earlier so that he could wake up earlier to see her . Because she didn't like him drinking wine, he avoided it like the plague and then he realized that his wine drinking was indeed bordering him into a drunkard . Yang admits that meeting Mei Li had been the best gift he had received last year . He prayed to the heavens that she would also be the best gift he will win this year too .

Yang closed his eyes hurriedly as he heard the doorknob slowly turning and then the door opened . He tried to even out his breathing so he won't alert Mei Li his true state of alertness . Yang felt her close the laptop near him and putting it inside the black case that he usually brings to work . She piled the papers properly and placed it on the bedside table nearest to him before shaking his shoulders to 'wake' him up .

Slowly moving his head and opening his eyes, fluttering his eyelids as he had done when he had woken up every day . So he will be exposed to the difference of temperature Mei Li uncovered his duvet with a wild yank as she demanded, "Wake up . "

Yang immediately opened his eyes to grin at her . Mei Li rolled her eyes when he drawled out his words of greetings, "Good Morning . "

"Morning, get up and get ready, Breakfast is nearly done . " Mei Li pointed to his bathroom before going out of his room .

Yang stood up and started stretching his muscles . He went to the bathroom to follow Mei Li's command while holding the urge to tug her with him so they can shower together . Yang had been in constant war with himself ever since he had met her, but it was a war he would gladly participate in so that he could stay with her .

Going out of his room, the smell of a fantastic homecooked breakfast greeted him once he opened his door . Yang eagerly sat on the right end of the table as Mei Li placed the Hot Dry Noddles with a small bowl of egg drop soup in front of him and hurried to get her portion . He got up from his seat hastily as he took two pieces of chopstick and a soup spoon for the both of them . Yang places their chopsticks on its chopstick holders before he sat again while waiting for her to finish so they could eat together like they always do .

This routine is something that Yang is not accustomed to, but he is willing to make this routine his normal every day . Having someone wake him up, take care of him and his things, prepare breakfast for him, pack his lunch, and if he were running late, would help him get ready . Yesterday, Mei Li had tied his necktie for him as he put his cufflinks on and it made Yang's mood brighter than the sun .

He didn't know that normal and mundane reasons such as these things could make him so happy . It is only with loving Mei Li did he realize that these small things that busy people take no notice off were one of the best parts of living . It is in these little acts of everyday life that makes people want to get up every morning with a smile because they know they aren't alone, and that being two is a greater force than being just one .

"What do you want to eat for breakfast tomorrow?" Mei Li asked breaking his emotional thoughts .

Yang looked up from his noddles and into her waiting eyes . Yang's dark eyes locked with her light browns causing intensity between them unseen by a person's naked eye but only felt by them . He smiled, "You can decide . I'll eat anything . "

"Even when it's vegetables?" Mei Li grinned while rising her left eyebrow to mock him .

Yang's smile twitched and slowly turned into a severe frown . He instantly blurted out, "I want a full English breakfast! Sausages, bacon, eggs, and black coffee are the best but with rice, not bread, please . "

Mei Li almost growled her frustration . She shouldn't have asked! Yang always favored meat than anything else . Mei Li took the palm-sized notepad and wrote 'black coffee' since Yang drinks it every workday mornings religiously, and he was close to finishing his which worried her, but since he didn't drink it every day, she just swallowed her complains .

"Are you buying groceries later?" Yang asked after he took a peek of the notepad and had read a portion of the list . He was nervous when most of it was vegetables .

"I'll go with Trisha after work," Mei Li asked after chewing the food on her mouth and swallowing it . "Do you want to come with us?"

Yang placed his bowl down and picked up her hand, then kissed it before saying, "I have urgent work to do . Take your bodyguards with you, alright?"

Mei Li nodded and tidied up the table with Yang hurrying to stuff the papers into files that can fit it . He needed to do more work as much as possible so he can have time to make something for her . He noted to himself to increase Trisha's salary; she works fast!

Friday is fast approaching . It would be a lie to say that Yang wasn't nervous . His heart begins to beat fast every time he thinks about it and the different possible outcomes .

Why did his little sister accept a modeling job when she knows what his plans are?! Why isn't his mother not helping at all?!