Published at 6th of January 2019 12:15:05 AM
Chapter 130: 130


I am here to announce that I have signed a contract with Webnovel last December of 2018 . I signed the contract for various reasons; like better security, finances, and the contract makes me work hard on updating every day .

I already have an 8-hours work with guaranteed 2-hours overtime that can sometimes extend to 3-5 hours . Because of this, I am not as concentrated on writing, but because of the contract, it makes me update and be consistent with my two chapters every day .

I am also announcing that I will be going PREMIUM soon . I have been extending my plan to go premium because of you guys . This is my first time sharing my original work with the public, and honestly, I am scared to lose readers when it does go premium .

But going premium has its pros too aside from the apparent cons of losing readers due to payments and being cursed by readers as a money-grabbing author .

=Pros of Going Premium=

1 . ) Readers are guaranteed updates . I don't know about other novels, but this author feels obliged to finish the novel because of paying readers .

It's weird how much I am incorporating writing in my daily life, but I decided to sign the contract, so it is my responsibility to finish it .

2 . ) You will have 16 chapters in a week instead of the usual 14 chapters . I will add more chapter releases on the weekends .

3 . ) You will have a MASS RELEASE of 5 chapters on the second Sunday and Last Sunday of the month, you are guaranteed ten chapters additional .

4 . ) The author will know who the loyal readers are . I want to communicate more with them too! That's why I now have a discord account even when I didn't plan on making one . Although I can't chat all the time, I do read everything there .

5 . ) The author can earn more to support her dream house she is hoping to build in Cebu .

=Commonly Asked Questions=

a . ) This novel will span only 500-800 Chapters but this author is leaning on stopping around the 550th mark .

b . ) This novel have 9 Arcs that denotes the timeframe of their relationships like Arc 1 is their time as Acquaintances, Arc 2 is their time dating, Arc 3 is their time in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, Arc 4 is the next stage after that .

c . ) Each chapter will span from 800 words to 1700 words .

d . ) I hope to finish this novel before August 2019 .

Thank You! Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I hope you will continue to read my work . I pray for your continued good health and for more blessings to come on your way this year . I will also pray for you, girls, to find your Yang, and for you, boys, to find your Mei Li .

Happy Reading!

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