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Chapter 132: 132

Saturday 12, 20XX (Saturday)

The Palace Residency- Condominiums

On the next day, Yang woke up early because he was eager to see Mei Li again . Immediately he slide the ring on his night table before getting up . Yang went out of his room and drank a glass of water after he made coffee in the kitchen . He then sat like a slouching monster with a cup of coffee in hand, turned on the Television after he had placed the cup on the table and watched anything interesting . Admittedly, he was in a daze, so he didn't have the slightest hint of what he had decided to watch .

"You woke up early," Mei Li's voice broke him from his state between sleep and awake . She casually sat beside him after she drowns the rest of the coffee he had on his cup . Her eyes saw that his left thumb was unconsciously fiddling with the ring she gave him .

"I slept early," Yang turned his head and said before yawning like a beast with full-on sound effect .

Mei Li noticed the channel of the tv he was watching, "Why are you watching animal planet?"

Yang shrugged, "It's interesting . "

Mei Li snorted amusedly . When suddenly, Mei Li noticed something that made her irritated . Mei Li smacked his shoulders and lectured, "Put a coaster below your cup! It's a hustle to clean coffee stains!"

Yang grinned at Mei Li before he yanked her down to sit on his lap and then began to harass her face with kisses . Mei Li reddened in embarrassment and pushed his face away from her, making the CEO laughed out loud . He now has a method of shutting her up- kisses . It was something that he would enjoy doing too .

Mei Li struggled to get out of his arms that locked her to sit on his lap . She pouted "Let me out! I need to cook . "

"But I'll miss you . . . "

Mei Li promptly smacked Yang's shoulders with both her hands to display her displeasure . His grip on her body tightens before it loosened to free her . She scrambled to stand up and had almost run towards the kitchen to cook causing Yang to chuckle in amusement . She still shies away from his kisses . Mei Li needs to get used to him or else passionately kissing with her will be far too long for him to wait .

Of course, Yang's morning wouldn't be complete if he didn't tease her, so he went to the kitchen . He stood beside her and asked, "What are you cooking?"

Mei Li jumped in surprise when he appeared at her back without any sound . She glared at him especially when his right arm wrapped around her waist and connecting the sides of their body like conjoined twins .

"Just eggs, sausages, and bacon . " Mei Li ignored her after a while of trying to pry his hands off of her person, unsuccessfully .

Yang rolled his sleeves, "Want help?"

"Can you make rice?" doubtful, Mei Li asked .

Prideful Yang exclaimed, "Of course I can make rice!"

A moment later, Yang tugged on Mei Li's clothes to get her attention . When she turned to him after putting the knife down, he softly said, "I can't make rice . Help?"

Mei Li sigh, knowing of this outcome . Sometimes, he was too prideful to admit his shortcomings . She wordlessly took the pan for the rice cooker and pointed rudely in Yang's chest and then pointing for him to sit on their dining table .

Yang dragged his feet to sit on his usual seat while mumbling about being a billionaire and rice cookers that are too hard to understand . He proceeded to look at Mei Li cooking like a housewife- his housewife and nobody else! His thumb fiddled with the ring on his left ring finger, twisting it around in its place .

Mei Li placed his plate first and freshly brewed tea, and then went back to the kitchen to get hers . Everytime they eat, Mei Li would always take care of his food first before hers . This small act of kindness made Yang fall for her more . It showed how generous she was and how much she cared for him because she was a foodie like his grandfather . His grandfather had always first served his grandmother too .

Mei Li sat down on her usual chair, in front of Yang . After she said grace, she looked at Yang and grinned, "You can't cook too, I see . "

"The important thing is YOU can cook, " Yang said which was replied by a glare . If she was near him, he was sure she would smack his shoulder with her palms again .

"Do you have work, today?"

Yang shook his head as he said, "No, I'll spend it with you . "

"Have you told your mother about us?"

The CEO shifted in his seat, nervously . He wasn't looking forward to telling his family about them . It's not like anything has changed except a label between them . They both still acted like before albeit a little more tactile . "I've told her I planned to ask you, but I haven't called to report last night's events . "

"Let's go to Zhao Manor later?" Mei Li suggested .

Yang immediately agreed . He needed all the help when dealing with his overly excited mother and sister . Before that, Yang shameless stared at her cleavage showing through the v neck of her shirt . Horray for v neck shirts! May they be the new trend this year!

Yang ate using his right hand dominantly because his left hand was on the table resting while his thumb is caressing the ring or twisting and turning it . He likes the new ring he has .