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Chapter 134
January 14-27, 20XX
Various Places

Yang realized, in the past few days, that Mei Li was sometimes irritating because of her consistency . She had been asking him things that concerned her mentor . Yang hated the fact that she cared for her mentor and sidestepped all his kisses away .
He remembered, one morning, she barged into his room without knocking and said with dismay, "Yang, we have to take a car that is spacious at the back and not your sports car!"
"I have one, don't worry about it . " Yang had assured her then . At first, her frantic and worried state was entertaining to him, but it happened again and again .
At the night of the twentieth, Mei Li and Yang had received news from Trisha that her condo was done and she can move back anytime after tomorrow . Yang was disappointed; he wanted more time with Mei Li . Yang thought she would gladly go back, but then she knocked on his door that night to ask, "Yang, can I stay in your guest room?"
"Oh?" This surprised Yang . She had been somewhat conservative; they haven't shared a room nor did they kiss deeply yet . When he heard her, he knew that there must be a reason .
"I want to offer my condo to my mentor in case he doesn't have a place yet . "
How can he assure her that her mentor is cared for by Chang Min without telling her the truth? He can't say that's why Yang touched his nose helplessly . Of course, the whipped husband could only agree, " . . . Sure . "
One day, on their way to go to work at Y Building . Yang was driving and happened to pass an art store . Mei Li had immediately asked, "Yang, may we stop to buy art materials for my Mentor?"
Yang almost rolled his eyes, " . . . Sure . "
He is her new boyfriend, damn it! Why isn't she asking things for him? Things that are good for them like kissing, going on dates, and kissing . They need to kiss, damn it!
Later that day, Yang was once again asked something he doesn't know how to respond . Mei Li, who was cutting a carrot, had stop midway to ask him, "Yang, what food do you think my Mentor will like?"
" . . . I don't know . "
"Maybe he wouldn't be averse to Chinese food . " Mei Li said to him without looking on his way .
" . . . I don't know . " Yang touched his nose, helpless . He was already too nervous to meet the Bonaparte in disguise that he can't respond well to Mei Li's concern . Yang hated that she cared less for him than her mentor .
On the fated day of the twenty-seventh, Yang was dressed his best with hair slicked back and fragrance neutral . Mei Li knocked on his door and peeked her little head in while asking, "Yang, are you still available to fetch my mentor at the airport?"
"Sure . . . " Yang spread his arms to show him all dressed up as if he was meeting a president . If Mei Li forgot, he was a president/CEO of his own company too . The fact that she had been so worried about her mentor had not gone well with his pride . He had become friends with the green-eyed monster named Jealousy for the past two weeks .
Mei Li shockingly helped him with his cufflinks . Her small hands were tactile with little brushing of their skin . She spoke while she adjusted parts of his suit to tidy the little wrinkles, "You look amazing than usual . Thank you for understanding . My mentor has been like a father to me . "
Yang wanted to touch his nose because he wanted to shout the truth in her ears . The words 'He is your father with a realistic mask of someone's face' was on the tip of his tongue ready to be uttered but his teeth clenched and remained silent, out of respect to Chang Min .
The ride to the airport was smooth sailing, but Yang felt it was the scariest than any roller coaster ride . He was not only meeting his girlfriend's father but also a Bonaparte, a politician, a man capable of martial arts, a man who would rather shoot him first, and a man that survived with a terrorist group behind his back . Yang was a prideful CEO, but in comparison to the experience of Bonaparte, he was just a baby . Jerome Bonaparte lives each day without assurance that he would be alive to meet the next .
Yang stood beside Mei Li, body stiff and his face tensed with anxiousness . Their wait did not last for long because people began walking out of the luggage claim area and into the receiving space . Yang could be likened to a post since he remained immovable especially when a hunched back old man with a walking stick and a grey beard arrived together with a man rolling their luggage .
Unbeknown to them, a tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes watched them from the shadows . His eyes glinted with malice . It seems that Miss Wu had connections with France . He grinned when he saw the Zhao's car without guards .
Meanwhile, Mei Li ran towards the old man and kissed his cheeks before talking in French rapidly . Yang saw the happiness in her eyes which made him realize that he still has a long way of wooing her to cause the same amount of joy .
After a while, Mei Li beaconed Yang to them and introduced him with a happy grin, "Mentor Alfonsi, this is my boyfriend, Yang . "
Yang offered his hand for a handshake, "Nice to meet you . I am Zhao Ya-" "You mustn't hurry too much, Dear . You're still young . You can choose someone younger than him . " The old man interrupted by talking to Mei Li and ignoring Yang while subtly glaring at the CEO with young but tired eyes .
Both men did not expect the words that came out of her lips, "Yang is the only man I'll choose . "