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Chapter 136
January 27, 20XX (Sunday)

Mei Li sat on the bench waiting for any news about Yang's injuries . The blood on her hands did not belong to her but to the man that had protected her regardless of himself . The first instinct he had was not to protect himself but to make sure she was safe . Mei Li regretted many things in her life, and this event made her regret holding herself back to truly appreciating Yang's efforts . He had not only saved a painting for her, but he had also comforted her when in her heartbreak and trauma caused by the fire, and now he had saved her life .
Suddenly, a group of nurse began to drag Yang's hospital bed to another location . Mei Li stood up to follow as she had done minutes ago . Her small steps grew large to catch up . When Dr . Zhang Li Xi saw her supporting the fast-paced nurses to the x-ray room, he called out, "Mei Li, Yang will be taken to have his legs x-rayed . You come here so I can check you for a concussion . "
Mei Li, stubbornly, shook her head and went to follow after the nurses . Yang had saved her life, making sure he was safe while he was asleep was not a hard thing to do . The Doctor sighed and followed after the woman that was both important to two of his closest friends .
"Mei Li," Dr . Zhang Li Xi continued while he walked, "I need to check you for any concussion . "
After stopping on a room that was for Radiology, Mei Li replied as she waited on another bench, "I did not hit my head . Yang had used his hands to block any blows . "
Dr . Zhang Li Xi was awed by Zhao Yang's love for her and felt terrible when he heard the slight weaver of her voice . He realized that Mei Li might not have a concussion, but she might have trauma . She was desperately keeping her tears at bay . They both stood silently to wait for the X-ray to be done . When a nurse had peeked from inside and gave Dr . Zhang Yang's x-ray film, the doctor brought Mei Li inside and observed the result with a specialized doctor .
Mei Li had begun to zone out again, but she still followed after Yang's body even when her mind was in disarray . The next thing she remembered was Mother Zhao and Father Zhao hugging her so tight that she almost lost breathe . She looked at the enormous private room they were in and blinked away her confusion . A man was on the bed sleeping soundly with his right feet and left hand in casts, and left feet bound like a mommy .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi went into the room with another doctor that specialized with Orthopedics . They began to explain that Yang needs to rest and must not bear weight on his feet since his tibial shaft was fractured . It was a relief that he had a stable fracture and did not need an operation and that it would heal after 4-6 months .
The doctors left the room after a while of diagnosis and had explained the dos and don'ts . Mei Li had turned to the Zhao couple and assured them, "Yang and I live near each other, I had even stayed at his condo for a while now . I will take care of him and his daily needs . I will push his wheelchair if I have too . "
Mother Zhao and Father Zhao gathered Mei Li into their arms and hugged the orphan tightly to comfort her, whose tears had not left her eyes .
"Mei Li," a soft mumbled was heard, suddenly . The two parents perked up immediately and gathered around Yang's bed with Mei Li following .
"She's here . " Father Zhao lead Mei Li to seat on the chair nearest to Yang . Mother Zhao placed Mei Li's hand on Yang's shoulders, where she knew had not been injured .
"I'm here . " Mei Li whispered . Her voice wavered, and tears began to gather in the edges of her eyes . To see a weak smile rather than the usual broad grin on his face, felt blasphemous . She had always associated his grin being synonymous to his moods .
"I kept my promise . . . " Yang weakly joked at her . Mei Li saw the prideful CEO hold the pain that was marred in his face . He softly whispered after a while, "I'm alive . "
"You are . Thank you for not leaving me behind . "
Yang tried to grin to comfort his parents and Mei Li, but the hurt on his legs and hands was too much which had forced him to stay still . He persisted on saying the last words of his joke so he can at least reassure the three people in the room with him, "You said you'd kiss me first . "
Mei Li's tears fell into her cheeks, she leaned in and pecked Yang's lips with hers without hesitation . The painter ignored his parent's soft gasps and knowing looks when she kissed his lips again and again in relief . She didn't count how much she had met her lips to his, but even if it were light and short kisses, her face still burned red afterward .
Yang's parents watched the two of them with worried eyes but relieved smiles . If he could take advantage of his injuries, they know that everything would be alright .
"Next time, no tears on the kisses," Yang grumbled his complaints as he started to fall asleep again, not able to rest the pull of sleep caused by the general anesthesia on his system .
Mei Li's voiced a soft, "Yes" before she wiped her tears and covered him with a blanket, careful not to put unnecessary pressure on him .
Mei Li prepared herself to stay at the hospital with Yang . She would gladly volunteer to be his nurse as long as he would guarantee that he would wake up .