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Chapter 137
January 28, 20XX (Sunday) Hospital It was in the middle of the night that Yang woke up . He felt his bladder was going to burst any moment now . Yang tried to sit up which woke the sleeping woman on his bedside . "What are you doing?!" Mei Li exclaimed that the stupid patient was trying to stand up as if his legs were still in good shape . She placed a hand on his chest to stop him while glaring at him when she hissed, "Go to sleep now!" "I want to take a piss!" "Oh," Mei Li's anger deflated as she continued, "I'll call the nurse . " "Don't . My right hand is still usable . " Yang instantly stopped her . His pride may let Mei Li see him this useless, but he can't allow more people to see! "You can't walk to the toilet with your right hand!" Yang promptly flicked her forehead at her suggestion and deadpanned, "I'm going to use the urinal . Get it for me?" Mei Li scrambled to the small table a few meters from Yang and took the white jar-like male urinal . She handed the plastic slowly to Yang, making sure not to touch his injuries in the process . "Do you want me to raise the head part of the bed?" Mei Li asked and softly suggested at the same time . Yang nodded and swallowed his pride . When Mei Li turned back and covered her face with her hands, he spread his legs, enough to put the white plastic between his legs . He put his flaccid member and discovered that it was very convenient to use . Yang mentally praised the heavens for modern medicine and inventions! After a while, Yang slowly keeps his little self hidden and placed the lid on the urinal before he said to Mei Li, "I'm done . " The beautiful woman took the urinal between his legs as gentle as possible and then disposed of the contents in the toilet . Yang smirked at how red her face had turned . He eyed his feet and smirked; he could use this to his advantage . Since he was bedridden for a while, might as well make it fun . Yang waited for her to come back before he pleaded softly, "Mei Li, can you give me a damp cloth to wipe my body?" "The male nurses had wiped you while they were putting your leg in a cast . " Mei Li sat down beside his bed to the left after putting the urinal back to where she took it . Yang could not help but notice how malicious her eyes glinted when she had spat the words nurses . He feels the need to ask his doctor friend for anything that had happened to him and nurses while he was asleep . "I still feel unclean . Please? " Yang pleaded, making sure he looked the opposite to how he usually looked . He frowned softly, and his eyes downcasted to his legs . "Alright," Mei Li searched to a towel of any kind and saw one on the sink folded beside the hanging cloth . She wet it a little and saw Yang fighting sleep . His eyelids closed then opened repeatedly . "Can you call a nurse to wipe my back?" "Sure," Mei Li pressed the help button on the side and asked, "Can a male nurse help us with wiping our patient's back?" A reply came immediately, "The nurses stationed on this floor are all female . The male nurse's working hours start on eight in the morning . " Yang could almost jump in joy when he heard the news . Hopefully, Mei Li would offer to do it for him . It would be glorious to feel her small fingers on his back . As he expected, Mei Li took the damp white towel on his hands and reached to his back wiping the nonexistent sweat caused by the unreal heat on the winter months . Yang tried his hardest not to let a grin let slip on his lips . Her soft touches were the best anesthesia to the pain on his legs . True to her nature, Mei Li did another unexpected act . She wiped his arms, hands, and torso; then she pulled his pants down and cleaned his thighs, the part between his legs that had the urinal before . She was centimeters away from his little self . Against his will, his little junior decided that it would introduce itself to Mei Li . Yang had tried to force his raging hard-on away, just until Mei Li is done with wiping his lower body that had not been covered by bandages . He began to think desperately of disturbing images . Yang tried to do everything he could to tame it down, but everything was worthless . Mei Li's eyes widened when it had become evident then she glared at Yang . She quickly went to the bathroom before shouting, "Control that!" Yang stared at his left injured hand and then sighed as he lowered his right hand to pet his hardness away . How many times had he told himself to stop teasing Mei Li because he was the one suffering in the end? He can't help it . Her blushing face was too cute to leave alone . On one winter night at the hospital, two people's faces were like ripe tomatoes ready to be eaten . To them, winter has gone early, and spring had come because the beating of their hearts felt like the heat of the sun in their skin and their thoughts filled with beautiful scenes of lovely flowers .