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Chapter 139
January 28, 20XX (Sunday)

"Do you know who caused the accident?"
Zhao Yang eyed Jerome Bonaparte sitting on Mei Li's chair . He could see the nervousness and guilt in his eyes . Yang pitied him for his life and his inability to be part of his children's . The young CEO vowed not to let it happen to his family in the future . He couldn't imagine life without Xue Mei Lin .
Yang replied after a while, "My friends are working on it . If we cannot find anything, my mother would . "
"Oh, that woman . " Jerome deadpanned . Xing Hui Ying, who was Xue Mu Lan's best friend, was one of the people you mustn't piss off . She has plenty of connections with the government and could gather information in a second . Even if young people couldn't discover the culprit, Jerome was assured that 'Mother Zhao' would .
"What is the likelihood of the target being me?" Jerome asked with uncertainty in his voice . He wouldn't know what he would do if the reason for the accident were him . He had been silently debating whether he would go back to hide in France or not .
As if reading the Bonaparte's mind, Yang answered, "Highly unlikely . The target was most likely me . The culprit had time to rent a white van . If it were you, it wouldn't happen with that much preparation . "
"They could have discovered by guise," Jerome pointed out .
"True . I don't think they have time to plot that elaborate scheme with you, who have been slippery like an eel . I think if they did, the terrorist would rather kill you with sniper gun or bomb everyone in the airport . You're their number one hit list . "
Jerome blinked and saw the young man in another light . Maybe it was because of his poor initial impression on him that killed all of his expectations, but the young man was intelligent .
"You two should stop talking for a while . This room might be bugged . " this time it was Elizar that had spoken .
Yang shrugged, "One of my friends prepared the room . He'd already made sure of everything . "
As if on cue, Alexandre's voice interrupted their conversation while opening the door with a slam, "Yang, my friend!"
Every head turned to the handsome foreign man with broad shoulders and a grin that showed all his perfectly line teeth . One by one, Yang's friends went into the room . After Alexandre was Dr . Zhang Li Xi, followed by Hao Chen, and at last was Chang Min carrying a plastic bag while talking with Mei Li on his side .
Jerome blinked his eyes and happiness bloomed in his heart to see his children talking in soft voices . Both his children's voices had Xue Mu Lan's lazy-like voice . He remembered that his late eldest daughter had his loudest voice . Jerome snapped awake when he heard Mei Li called Chang Min, 'Big brother . '
"How is being bedridden treating you?" Hao Chen grinned while wiggling his eyebrows .
Shameless Yang grinned back, "Amazing with Mei Li as my Nurse . "
Jerome and Chang Min gritted their teeth in unison . Alexandre coughed to hide his snickers . Ever since they knew the story of the Xue family, they have had fun using Mei Li as leverage to Yang and Chang Min . The day where the two bullies are the one to be bullied has come!
"Oh, " Alexandre turned to Mei Li and wiggled his eyebrows and mocked, "Big Brother Alexandre wants Mei Li to take care of him too . "
Mei Li rolled her eyes at the foreigner and said, "I'll tell Ru Shi!"
Everyone laughed when Alexandre acted to stiffen, mimed as if there was a zipper, and locked his mouth shut . Mei Li facepalmed; why did Li Ru Shi fall in love with this large child-like foreigner? Yang snorted when Chang Min had subtly poked Alexandre's back with the grip of the hidden gun in warning . This time Alexandre stiffened for real . He was joking, dammit!
"Mei Li, did you eat your breakfast?" Yang interrupted, pitying the paying Alexandre . Suddenly the stiff body of his foreign body relaxed when Chang Min walked in front to give the plastic bag to Mei Li . Yang's eyes shoot up when Mei Li took out seven pieces of large bread .
"You plan to eat that all? I can't eat your leftovers, right now," Yang couldn't help but ask . He knows how much Mei Li ate and most of the times she couldn't even finish a bowl of rice . He wasn't worried about it because Mei Li likes little meals in between . She would eat a salad two hours before dinner; a salad was a snack for her .
Mei Li beamed, "I'll eat one then save the rest for later . "
Everyone eyed how the painter had sat on Yang's left side bed, turning her back to the bed wouldn't have crumbs as she ate . Jerome Bonaparte wanted to separate Mei Li from the Zhao male especially when his daughter finished her bread and laid on Yang's side, carefully . Eyes almost popped out of its sockets while Yang looked at his friends with smug eyes . Chang Min's hands itched to take out his hidden gun .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi cleared his throat, realizing the tense atmosphere and the deathly auras of two Bonapartes . He checked the files on the side table and asked Yang, "How's the pain? Do you want higher pain meds?"
"No need . The pain is bearable . " Yang turned his head to Mei Li and requested, "Please adjust my bed again?"
Chang Min watched in jealousy as Mei Li adjusted the bed, help Yang sit properly, fluffed his pillows, and run her fingers to tame his hair back so he could see properly . Chang Min debated whether his sister would take care of him if he had an accident . Maybe, he should stage one . Seeing Mei Li's smiling face as she pecked Yang's cheeks, Chang Min embodied the green-eyed monster named jealousy like a well-done cosplay .