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Chapter 14

October 26, 20XX (Friday)

Centre Georges Pompidou, The Grand Royal Palace Hotel- Paris

Mei Li had been exercising her neck for the past 5 hours . She had turned her head left then right when she was queueing for tickets, she had turned her head left then right then back again as she entered the museum for modern art, even as she had explored the museum for 2 hours her head keep turning left then right then back again .

Why? she was expecting to see the dark-eyed CEO surprise her like he had been doing for the past days . She had even prepared to threaten him with Mother Zhao and Yue, although she was scared if Yang would figure out her bluff . He clearly knows how to gather information on her location seeing as she had not told Yue here plans yesterday yet he still spent the day causing chaos in her life .

Yet 5 hours had passed since she had left the hotel, and there were no signs of the stalker-like, sadistic, and somewhat scary CEO .

She was not disappointed, she told herself . It was good news that she would not see that annoyingly symmetrical face that just screamed for her hands to make a replica of whether it be a painting, a sketch, a sculpture, or whatever that can capture the essence of that overflowing charisma that simple fake smile can ooze…

Although he was annoying, Mei Li could not deny the good genes Yang, along with Yue, had inherited from their parents . Yang especially had a charm that exudes danger and sex appeal at the same time . He was someone that can make heads turn as he passed by and that is something Mei Li know was inherent to all Zhao, but Yang had the advantage of a more dangerous allure with his always plastered smile even amidst the chaos .

Mei Li stopped walking as she blinked her eyes repeatedly and muttering to herself, "I am not attracted to that guy!"

Although he was undeniably attractive, he was not Mei Li's type at all .

Although his clean kept hair made you want to run your fingers with curiosity, he was not Mei Li's type at all . Although his sincere smile made you want to smile in return, he was not her type at all . Although his charisma pulled her interest, he wasn't her type at all . Although his soft and subtle fragrance stock from her memory, he wasn't Mei Li's type at all .

He was Chaos, a handsome one . He was someone she would not have known if she was not the best friend of his sister . He was someone so far above her social standing . He was someone she should not be thinking of!

'Focus on the Art, Mei Li! You have been dreaming to visit this museum for years!' She slapped both of her palms into her cheeks softly, awakening her from his daydreaming .

Besides, he was not with her, why should she be thinking of him? She was glad that he wasn't with her now because she could marvel at the different masterpieces in peace . She was not disappointed at all .

Yet passing on a mirror, she saw the frown on her face full of gloom . She huffed at her reflection crossing her arms with a pout, only to remember that Yang would have stared at her bosom if she did . She tried to pry her arms off but remembered that Yang was not with her so she crossed it again with a huff .

She was not disappointed at all .

Of course, she didn't know about the two bodyguards that were in civilian and blending into the crowd, following her subtly according to Yang's specifications, reporting to him with photos secretly taken, and with a video camera in their breast pocket to record her activities . Just because he was busy with business doesn't mean he had already forgotten about her .

When she had returned to the hotel she received a call from Yue with Mother Zhao's voice in the background .

"Hello?" Mei Li answered immediately knowing Yue texts first before she calls . To call first before anything else, it must be important! What if something had happened to them? to Yang?

"Did something happen with you and big brother?!"

Mei Li's right hand, which was used to hold her phone to her ears, trembled . Did something happen with her and Yang? Had she annoyed Yang enough to rant about her to his family? Oh no, What is she going to do now?

"Why?" Her voice clearly wavered and high pitched .

"He just asked for your cell phone number!" At the background of Yue's voice was the squealing voice of Mother Zhao . Mei Li swore she heard the Zhao matriarch saying about grandchildren to someone, probably Father Zhao .

"… I don't know . " Honestly, she did not know .

"You sure? I was surprised when he called me first . It was usually me that calls him . " Yue laughed softly . "Oh before I forgot, Big Brother have your plane ride to Italy already arranged just ask him, maybe that's the reason why he asked for your number… Anyhow, I have a shoot so I got to go . See you soon!"

"Alright . " Mei Li smiled but her hands still shook with nervousness . Why did he ask for her number?

And suddenly a message popped into her screen from an unknown number .

「How was your day? I know you missed me . -Yang」

「It was great! You should stay away tomorrow too! Goodnight! -Mei Li」Mei Li was sure of her feelings . In fact, it had been a great day wandering around Paris, walking alone without anyone bothering her with useless questions, going back to the hotel without fuming in anger by a shameless man . She was not disappointed on the fact he was not there…

「Good Night, Dream of me . -Yang」

Maybe she was disappointed… just a little bit .

「I'll see you tomorrow . 」

The smile on her face as she stared at the two replies was like the sun as it rises, bright and warm .