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Chapter 140
January 28, 20XX (Monday)

When Mei Li had closed her eyes to nap, she did not realize that all attention was on her, waiting for her to enter into deep sleep . Yang kept his body as still as he could without tensing awkwardly . Because Mei Li was laying on top of the blanket, Chang Min took Yang's part and covered Mei Li with it . Yang's right hand immediately touched his nose, helpless with Chang Min's behavior .
Jerome had adjusted the electric heater and lowered the volume of the tv, which nobody was watching . Mei Li continued to snooze beside Yang even when half an hour had passed, and his friends remained standing while the Bonaparte sat comfortably on the seat with his agents sitting, feet wide open at the sizeable couch-like bed . It felt so much like a king and his knight surrounded by awkward nobles .
Yang asked, pitying his tensed friends, "How is the investigation?"
"I traced the owner of the van and discovered that the 48-year-old man has been missing for three weeks now . I searched for clues in the van, found nothing . The large semi-trailer was stolen from furniture shop downtown where almost no CCTV is found . " Hao Chen immediately reported his findings first, "I examined your damaged Mercedes Benz S-Class, I could not find any harm on it . "
Everyone's eyes widen at his news especially the Bonaparte's . Jerome had spit spluttering as he exclaimed, "There was oil leaking to the ground!"
Hao Chen wanted to snort at the old man's expression . He knew someone younger was hiding beneath the old front; it was weird because his mask looked so real . Hao Chen turned to Yang and clicked his tongue to show his disappointment, "It was oil deliberately spilled on the ground to make the Mercedes appear useless because of engine trouble causing Yang to change his mind and ride another car that was not as fast and agile as the Mercedes S-Class . "
Yang clenched his right hand in anger . His blood felt like it was going up to his head as it begun to boil and turn into steam . He was so stupid to fall for it! Such a simple way to trick him and he had fallen into the trap like a moth to a flame! His stupidity almost cost him Mei Li's life .
Elizar muttered, "Whoever it was, he knows what he's doing . "
Whoever this person is, Yang had vowed never to underestimate again . This man had staged an elaborate scheme using simple methods of playing with his mind . If they had ridden on the black agile Mercedes Benz S-Class, Yang would have swerved out of the way quickly . Yang glanced at Mei Li's sleeping figure on his side; he mustn't endanger her more . He had let off her former boyfriend that would come back for revenge, and now she was involved in this assassination attempt . Of all the things he hated, It was when people hurt someone he loves .
"I have also disciplined the guards that were with you . They noticed nothing out of the ordinary; there were too many people to see every detail . I've taken the liberty to ask them for you," Chang Min said while taking his phone out and snapping a picture of his sleeping sister before saving it on a locked folder . The rest of his friends almost facepalmed at his understatement, Chang Min's version of asking was torturing for answers .
"I had more luck than all of you then . " Alexandre blurted out . He gave Yang a small USB flash drive and said, "I have gathered all the security footage from the airport for the week . My team found a tall blonde man suspiciously looking at you four at the airport . We searched for more of him in Beijing and discovered that he also lives in the same building as Mei Li's burned condo . We are trying to track his name, but our sources are limited and could only find that he is living on a studio under Father Chen's name . "
"Do you think he was connected with the Chen matriarch?" Chang Min perked in astonishment .
Alexandre nodded, "Ru Shi believes that this man is our Arcadia member . All we can do now is speculate . Unless he begins to do business in the black market, we have nothing . "
Jerome listened with mixed emotions, these young men were both promising and dangerous . He could see why Chang Min was friends with these men .
"You can try on hacking private data," Dr . Zhang Li Xi suggested to Yang . Even if they have no more leads to follow in their territory, Yang could always check on private business' transactions done by the man they were looking . Yang nodded and noted to himself to ask his wonderful secretary for his laptop .
"We also discovered the same man talking to Chen Zhong after his mother was taken . " Alexandre's news made every hair on his friends' body to stand up . These events do not bode well for them . They had been lax with their security, Zhao Yang most especially .
For the rest of the hospital visit, everyone was talking again about countermeasures and ways to help with the lone terrorist of Arcadia . His friends went home feeling annoyed that it would take many brains to counter out one psychopath . Yang called Secretary Bai and then waited for a nurse to deliver his medicine as per Dr . Zhang Li Xi's order .
When Mei Li woke up from her nap, she felt amazing and well rested . The painter was unaware of every news they had discussed, but she could recognize the anger in Yang's eyes . She asked, "Did something happened?"
Yang immediately drove her attention to another direction, "Nothing . A nurse came to give me medicine . Don't worry; the nurse was male . "
Mei Li blushed . She ignored his apparent change of topic and snuggled into Yang's side . He can keep his secrets; she had some of those too .