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Chapter 141
January 29, 20XX (Tuesday)

Secretary Bai entered Yang's private room carrying the CEO's laptop . When he handed the rectangular device to his employer, he informed, "You have an important meeting . "
"I can't attend like this," Yang said while pointing at his feet bound like a mummy . He waved his hand to signal Secretary Bai could go out after saying, "Have Yue attend it on my stead . "
"She's still in Japan for work . "
Yang choked on his saliva with surprise, "Her brother is in the hospital, and she hadn't even visited, but she's off gallivanting in Japan?!"
"That's not the issue," Secretary Bai deadpanned before he rolled his eyes and then said, "The issue is who will attend? Your mother said she was busy and your father has a meeting too . "
"Reschedule it," Yang casually said .
"Foreign investors will be there . " Secretary Bai's glasses were covered with selected light . He adjusted the frame to go up with his left hand pushing the frame in the middle, above his nose .
Yang sighed, "Why can't you be my proxy like before?"
Bai Yu Sheng's face went lax and his body tensed . Both the Secretary and the CEO grew up together; they trusted each other to protect each other's back, but when Hao Ren had sprouted off nonsense about the difference in their status it was Yang that had slowly distanced himself . When the CEO had realized Hao Ren's damage in his life, he begged Bai Yu Sheng for forgiveness . He did everything he could to be forgiven . Nevertheless, asking for forgiveness and being forgiven are different stories .
Zhao Yang stared at his childhood friend with a face that was unusual . Bai Yu Sheng shifted his head down and stayed silent . He couldn't accept it, not yet . He had told Yang the truth of his college classmate and was hated, but when he showed Yang the fact, he felt he could forgive the CEO from all the hurtful things he had uttered to him . Secretary Bai admits that he was too prideful of their friendship before to believe that Yang would replace him with Hao Ren . He still can't believe it even now . Would someone believe a man they knew for only months against someone they knew for years? They were basically raised as brothers in Zhao Manor!
"Why are you both in tensed silence?" Mei Li asked after she opened the door and came in, breaking the awkward atmosphere between Yang and Secretary Bai . She looked at the Secretary's tensed shoulders and Yang's frowning face .
"Am I interrupting something?" She asked, feeling as if she had become a middle man . Mei Li remembered that these two were like two peas in the pod before Hao Ren came and destroyed their trust for each other .
"No, you came at the right time!" Yang beam, suspiciously bright at her .
"What?" Mei Li looked at Yang then to Secretary Bai . What are they talking about? Her eyebrows rose up when the two male nodded to each other .
Suddenly, Secretary Bai went out of the room, and Yang asked her, "Can you be my proxy in the meeting,"
"No!" Mei Li refused immediately, knowing where this was going . "I don't have any knowhow about business!"
"I can dictate what you will do on an earpiece that you will have to wear," Yang pleaded .
"No, " Mei Li deadpanned, "Let someone do it . "
Minutes later, Mei Li was holding the stack of papers in her hand with a scowl in her face . She looked down at her business attire that Secretary Bai had Yang's guards rushed to buy . She can't believe that she said yes to Yang .
Yang eyed her from head to toe, stopping a while in her bosom area . The buttons on that area looked to be struggling a little to keep her ample boobs inside . Secretary Bai cleared his throat, making Yang snap out of his daze . The CEO scratched his head, gave her the laptop, and said, "Okay, here's the main thing you have to do . "
"Wait!" Mei Li exclaimed . She clutched the laptop close to her so it won't fall and gritted her teeth to stop herself from shouting, "I thought I was going to sit down, take notes, go out, and come back here?"
Yang's eyes widen at her loud voice, "Basically, yes, but-" "But? What do you mean but! There shouldn't be a but! I quit! I won't do it!" Mei Li interrupted with a voice . She felt annoyed with him all of a sudden . Mei Li glared at Yang with the fiercest glare she could do in her arsenal before she drops the laptop on the side table .
Yang tried to stop her from walking out, "Mei Li, wait-" "Hump!" Mei Li crossed her arms so Yang could not reach them to yank her down and shower her face with kisses .
"Oi woman listen to me!" Yang touched his nose helplessly as his hand had failed to grip her wrist . Why did he have to be bedridden? He would have already wrapped his arms around her with ease . He would have already convenience her to do what he wants with his kisses!
Yang sighed before he swallowed his pride and begged, "Mei Li, please . . . "
Meanwhile, Secretary Bai watched in the sideline . Why is it that even when they were bantering, he still felt as if he was eating dog food? They need to stop or else he might be the one who won't attend the meeting .