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Chapter 142
January 29, 20XX (Tuesday)
Various Places

Inside the bulletproof Roll-Royce that was cruising on the highways of Beijing, Mei Li started reading the files that were saved in Yang's laptop so she could know the overview of the meeting . Feeling the thickness of the files, she cursed herself for agreeing with being Yang's proxy . Mei Li adjusted the earpiece dangling in her left ear; she glanced at her phone to monitor the muted device, so Yang could not hear anything from it, yet .
Suddenly, Mei Li felt something wet in her nether regions . She gritted her teeth in annoyance . Of all the time it would come, it would choose to be a nervous day like today .
Mei Li asked immediately, "Secretary Bai, would it be possible to stop in a drugstore?"
Bai Yu Shen sensed the urgency in her voice . He replied, " . . . We can if it's a brief stop . "
"I need to buy one important thing," Mei Li said without emotions in her face . She desperately hid her embarrassment from them . It was useless though because when Mei Li got off the car, so did her guards riding on other cars before and behind theirs, even Secretary Bai came .
Every guard's face turned red when Mei Li walked towards the woman's area and saw what their CEO's girlfriend was going to purchase . The guards had shifted their gazes on the people around them and tried to ignore where they were . Secretary Bai's face was just as red as any guards . Mei Li snickered at their embarrassed faces disregarding her own . Grown men and still shy around feminine products .
Her day was a roller coaster ride of emotions, and fate added an encounter with a woman by the name of Ye Lan who appeared strutting like a diva . Mei Li groaned when she saw her . The heavens have sent someone to sharpen the edges of her poisonous tongue . Mei Li turned on the device that connects her to Yang so he can hear everything .
Ye Lan approached her and asked innocently, "Oh, aren't you Zhao Yue's best friend?"
"I am," Mei Li confirmed, almost sighing heavily in frustration . She added a fact that seemed petty to others but glorious to her, "I am also Zhao Yang's girlfriend . "
On her left ear, Yang's soft chuckles were audible . Mei Li refrain herself from rolling her eyes . At least her situation amused the bored patient who can't walk for a while .
"Does Yang know you are with his friend?" Ye Lan sneered and eyed Mei Li and Secretary Bai . She was implying something that was not true by her tone .
The secretary visibly snorted and loudly uttered so everyone close could hear, "Idiots; they're breeding too rapidly . "
Mei Li allowed herself to chuckle and then chastised Ye Lan from her casual use of Yang's name, "It's CEO Zhao to you . I did not permit you to call his first name yet . "
"It's not your name . " Ye Lan scowled with her reply .
Mei Li fakely giggle, "Let this be a lesson to you; everything Yang own is mine too . "
"You're not married yet! He can still be stolen!" Ye Lan retorted causing the guards to tense as her body language showed her want to inflict harm on Mei Li .
"If he let himself be stolen, good riddance to useless men . If not, he'll stay shackled to me . " Mei Li grinned from ear to ear . She took the cheapest sanitary pad she could find and bolted to the cashier as fast as possible . One more minute with Ye Lan and she'd start a catfight .
Without Mei Li and her entourage's notice, Ye Lan took her phone and snapped a photo of Mei Li with Secretary Bai . She made sure that the guards surrounding Mei Li would not be seen and that the angle looked intimate . She hurriedly sent the image to the Zhaos, who she knew the contact details- Yang and Yue . Ye Lan knew she was doing something that damages a person's reputation but hearing the mockery in Mei Li's voice, Ye Lan's pride took a massive hit .
In Japan, Yue took a look at the new message on her phone while being surrounded by a make-up artist and a hair stylist . She rolled her eyes and ignored the text before blocking the number . The Bai family were the most loyal of their servants, so she trusted them more than an angled photo that is easily spotted by her trained eye . Aside from that fact, Mei Li was holding a pack of sanitary pads on her hand . It must have been an urgent need .
Meanwhile, in a hospital in Beijing, Yang zoomed the picture into Mei Li's hand and saw the thing she bought . The CEO nodded in approval; at least she did not buy those tampon contraptions . Her menstruation explains her moodiness for the last couple of days .
Yang looked at his feet; he can't buy her favorite strawberry cheesecake . He was in the middle of glaring at his useless feet and cursing his stupidity when suddenly an idea popped into his head . Yang quickly texted someone who could, Xue Chang Min, 「Mei Li needs comfort food for her menstrual pain . Later, can you buy her some? She'll love you, especially if there are strawberries . 」
An immediate response came not a minute later, 「Okay . 」
Satisfied with securing Mei Li's snacks, Yang teased the woman, who was wearing the earphone set to hear the sound from the small mic on his other hand . He growled out the words, "Master-Wife, your bullied husband will choose to stay shackled to you . "
On the middle of the car ride to Y Building, Secretary Bai saw a tomato head in the backseat of his car through his rearview mirror . He concentrated on the road; he doesn't want to know what the CEO was saying to make Mei Li blush that red . His stomach was already bloated from overeating dog food .