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Chapter 143

January 29, 20XX (Tuesday)

Y Building, Beijing

Upon arriving at the building, Mei Li hurried to Yang's office . She went to the private comfort room and took care of her problem before going to the meeting room . Secretary Bai was waiting patiently for her in his usual office desk with the rest of the secretaries . When she nodded to the Bai Yu Sheng, the secretary immediately got up and lead her to the meeting room with giant strides . Opening the door, Mei Li felt her heart beating loudly in anticipation . She had never been on a business meeting with investors so she was curious about what would happen .

"Mei Mei!"

Mei Li was suddenly bombarded with a grinning woman with long straight hair and black eyes . The painter felt the woman hug her waist and her face forced into a woman's bosom . Mei Li's eyebrows twitched . She looked up and said, "Ru Shi? I didn't expect you would be here . "

Li Ru Shi clicked her tongue before smiling her actress smile that made Mei Li doubt if it was sincere or not . Ru Shi swept her hair back while she said, "I'm an investor first before I was an actress, Little Mei Mei . "

"Stop calling me that!" Mei Li scowled at the actress' nickname for her . The two women had been continuously texting with each other ever since they have become friends with their trip to Milan together . Ru Shi has become one of her closest friends beside Zhao Yue .

"So how are you feeling, I was told that you would be the one to chair the meeting?" Ru Shi asked . She had been on countless meetings with Zhao Yang as the chair, and it has always been the meeting where everyone would sit still and listen . Having a scary Chair made everyone behave . If Mei Li is going to be the chair for this meeting and no Zhao Yang to control the crowd, Mei Li would have a hard job ahead for her .

"What?!" Mei Li turned to Secretary Bai with wide eyes and opened mouth in disbelief . She hadn't been told that fact . The painter's eyes narrowed to the flinching secretary . She hated that the person who is supposed to be murmuring things she has to do in her ears was also silent . They plan this!

"Don't worry . You only have to be intimidating . " Yang's voice came into her left ear .

Mei Li snarled at Secretary Bai but was talking to Zhao Yang through the device in her ears, "I will kill you after this for not telling me the truth!"

Secretary Bai was shocked when Mei Li threatened him but realized that it was Zhao Yang she was talking to when the painter murmured something softly that only she could hear as if she was having a conversation with herself . He leads her to the chair where the CEO usually sat and stood on her left .

Mei Li sat with nervousness that she masked with a practiced smile . She did not realize that her the first meeting is also the first time she chairs it! She would have to lead the session and control its flow; an important role she doesn't know she could fill! Mei Li vowed to break Yang's other hand in punishment or snap his little junior!

Every investor in the room became surprised as the petite woman threatened the stoic Secretary . Their palms sweated expecting the secretary to blow in anger but was once again amazed that Secretary Bai's face did not move and merely guided Mei Li to sit in a chair .

"First, greetings, introduce yourself and Yu Sheng, and say 'Let's get down to business . ' Be intimidating . " Mei Li heard Yang said .

Mei Li clenched her jaw as her lips thinned in annoyance . Yang's instructions were too vague . She shouldn't have agreed to this! How can she be intimidating? Clearing her mind from her doubts; she did what she usually does, fake it till she makes it!

"Good Morning, I am the CEO's proxy, Wu Mei Li . Zhao Yang is currently not available because of his stupidity and has demanded me to attend this important meeting in his stead . " Mei Li spat Yang's name in her anger . She pointed at Secretary Bai and continued, "This is his Secretary, Bai Yu Sheng . I'm sure you know him by now . Let's get on with business, so I can go home and choke your precious CEO Zhao . "

The man lying in the hospital listened in horror . He was scared not because of Mei Li's short speech but himself . Mei Li sounded powerful and overbearing instead of intimidating, but he knows it would work to controlling the crowd because she exerted dominance on the scariest person they knew, Zhao Yang . Yang knew he had angered her with his deception . He counted the days of the life he had lived; he wasn't sure he would see tomorrow .

Because the company was private, the board members were not as many as most companies . The board members suddenly remembered the petite woman that had tamed Zhao Yang's tongue in Zhao Yue's birthday banquet where they were all invited . They recognized that the pretty woman had brown hair and light brown eyes . Realization drowns on them; this woman in front of them was said to be someone Xing Hui Ying favors to marry Zhao Yang . They can not insult this woman because she has the whole Zhao family behind her .

The board member that was playing with his phone had closed it and set it aside . The board members gossiping with each other sat still and quiet . Ru Shi on the side was giggling at Mei Li . Secretary Bai vowed to himself not to anger the woman again especially on her period . He would have to put incense on Zhao Yang's grave after Mei Li would be done with him . Hopefully, Mei Li would take over the company so he could have quiet and shocked board members .