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Chapter 145
January 29, 20XX (Tuesday)

Zhao Yang laid in his hospital bed watching a drama that involved a prince that had fallen in love with a commoner that was actually a general's daughter . His eyelid felt heavy, and he was beginning to fall asleep . Yang forcefully closed his eyes then opened them wide . He still wants to wait for Mei Li to come back . Staring at the television without knowing what happened next to the story; he laid there with eyes on the tv but mind asleep .
"Yang . . . " Mei Li walked in with an expressionless face . Yang's sleepiness disappeared from his eyes when he heard her voice . Suddenly, he blanched white . He remembered he had lied to her about the meeting and what she was supposed to do in it .
"How was it?" Yang asked . Her expressionless face made the CEO shift in his bed . She wouldn't kill him when he just saved her life, right?
"I'll kill you," Mei Li's reply scared Yang at first . When the painter took the edges of his bedsheet and started to climb into the bed on his left side like she has done multiple times already, Yang knew she likes him too much to kill him .
The CEO joked instead, "Are you're going to kill me using my bedsheets?"
"No," Mei Li curled into his side, careful not to touch his injuries on the legs and hands . He moved the bandaged left hand with the IV drip attached to lay on his stomach so she can rest beside him with ease . She put her head beside his on one pillow and mumbled close to his ears, "I'll kill you after I sleep my cramps away . "
Yang moved his right hand freely to sweep her hair back and out of her face before he asked her, "Do you want some pain meds?"
"I'm not going to drink your medicine for you . . . " Mei Li retorted before yawning loudly . Her eyelids closing far easier than Yang's did before .
"You silly girl, we can buy you especially made for women's cramp . " Yang flicked her forehead softly . He was thankful with his right hand staying out of injuries and going almost scratch free from the incident .
"No need . I just want a hug and a Yang pillow to sleep with . " Mei Li refused . She pecked his left cheek before laying sideways on her right . She closed her eyes and her left hand sneaking into his body to hug his waist .
"Yang Pillow is at your service . " Yang turned his head to kiss her forehead before resting with her; a smile evident in his lips . He likes how tactile she has become . She wasn't afraid to touch him like she used to before the accident . He was not glad that the accident happened, but he was thankful that the crash had caused a more intimate relationship with Mei Li than the opposite . Yang was afraid that with his worst injuries, Mei Li would take a step back and control herself more . He had been so happy when she did the opposite and started to open herself instead . They had fun testing each other amidst the somber atmosphere of the hospital .
Yang opened his eyes to look at Mei Li's sleeping face, only to see Mei Li looking at him . Their eyes meet, and suddenly Mei Li beamed at him and buried her face into his right arm . Yang smile turned into a happy grin . Times likes these with her is the reason why his stay in the hospital bearable . His right hand laid on top of Mei Li's left hand on his waist . On a sunny winter day, one man laid with bounded feet and a silly grin while a woman laid beside him with red tinted cheeks and a happy smile . It was in this position that Xue Chang Min discovered them . He walked into the room carrying a white box and a box of menstrual pain meds from Dr . Zhang Li Xi . He knocked three times, but no one had answered . Panicking because of negative possibilities, he opened the door of Yang's private ward to see them sleeping peacefully . He sighed in relief before his blood began to boil in anger . Chang Min knew he should be grateful to Zhao Yang, but he was so jealous of him that he couldn't think straight sometimes . Chang Min sat down on the chair on Yang's right side after he placed the two things he bought for his little sister . He took his phone out and shot a picture because even if he was jealous with them, he still likes them to be together . After that Chang Min picked the remote control and flipped through the channel, looking for something interesting . Chang Min spent theee hours watching the tv while waiting for the two people to wake up . When he saw Yang stir and his eyes fluttering open, Chang Min casually said, "You're too close . "
"She wanted comfort from the pain in her stomach . " Yang shrugged . Chang Min stood up as he pointed towards the two boxes he had bought . He nodded to Yang before he began to go out of the room, feeling like he had done his job and was not needed anymore . Chang Min hated being the third-wheel too .
"Can you stay for a while?" Yang asked before Chang Min could place his hand on the doorknob . Chang Min turned to him with a curious look . Yang defended himself immediately, "I'm not comfortable with sleeping without someone I could trust . "
"There are guards outside," Chang Min deadpanned .
There was silence for a long while before Yang gulped and pleaded, "Chang Min, I'm already swallowing my pride in asking you . "
"I know . " Chang Min returned to the chair . He knew that fact . It was probably why Yang could only sleep two or three hours before waking up again . Chang Min just wanted to know if he was capable enough to ignore his ego to ask .