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Chapter 146
January 30, 20XX (Wednesday)
Mei Li sat on the left side of the bed with a smile on her lips and Yang's head on her lap . Her right hand combed Yang's hair while the man was trying to sleep . She flipped the book's page awkwardly with the same left hand that was carrying it up for her to read . She had went out in the afternoon to buy herself more food and something that could entertain Yang and herself . Mei Li could still remember, vividly, Yang's shocked face vividly when she brought card games for children for them to play . He had immediately called one of his guards to provide a go board he would not touch the cards . Mei Li had been so amused when Yang had looked at the cards of Legends of the Three Kingdoms she had in her hands as if it would cost him his life . Mei Li was snapped into reality when Yang sat up and his face scrunched up in pain . She blinked surprised and started to panic when tears began to stream from his eyes . This was the first time she saw him cry . She grabbed Yang's shoulders and asked, "Why? What's wrong?" "Call Li Xi . "
Mei Li scrambled to the button to call a nurse and shouted hysterically at the mic then opened Yang's phone and called Dr Zhang Li Xi immediately .
"My leg hurts," Yang mummbled through all the pain that weighted him down . He had been punched and beaten black and blue by Chang Min . He had even been pushed and pulled by his martial arts teachers when he was a young boy . He had also gone circumcision and survived it without crying but having one broken leg was actually how much it took to make him cry . Mei Li let him fry on her shoulder as his support . Her heart grew heavy with every tear that drops from his eyes . He was such a strong person and intimidating man that she sometimes forgets that he was just like everybody else . Yang was still an ordinary man amongst his titles and fame .
To Yang, it was the longest three minutes for the nurses to respond . They had injected something on his legs that made it numb and he could finally breathe without pain again . After five minutes or so, his friend appeared huffing and puffing for air . Dr . Zhang Li Xi grilled Yang about his pain, his legs, the medicine, and everything he could think of that would cause pain like that . He ordered for an X-ray to be done tomorrow in case he missed something wrong with his legs when he saw a tablet Oxycodone lying on the side table .
Zhang Li Xi's veins on his forehead was minutes away from bursting when he realized Yang might not have drunk him pain medication! He knew Yang hated the feeling of medicines that effect his mind and sleeping pattern but he never realize that it was to the extent of causing himself immeasurable pain . You can't just grit the pain of a broken bone! The doctor narrowed his eyes and asked his stubborn and stupid patient, "Did you take your pain medicine?"
"I think I did . . . "
Zhang Li Xi sighed . He knew Yang wouldn't admit his mistakes that easily . The doctor picked up the medicine on the table and showed it to everybody . He turned to Yang's weakness, Mei Li, and asked her in case she knew about his behavior, "Mei Li weren't you with him? Why didn't you make sure he drinks his medicine?"
"She wasn't there! Don't be angry at her!" Yang immediately defended Mei Li, who was now realizing the reason of Yang's pain .
"I am not angry at her! I am angry at you for not listening to me!" Dr . Zhang Li Xi rolled his eyes . He pushed the table on Yang's hand and made him drink it with the help of Mei Li's glare . The doctor noted to give the medicine to Mei Li instead of handing it directly to Yang . A grown man and still not willing to drink his medicine! How laughable! If only everyone could see him now!
"I won't go out of the room now unless he is with me . " Mei Li assured Dr . Zhang Li Xi . She glared at Yang, who laid back on his bed and hid his embarrassed red face with his blankets . He never thought it would hurt that much! For such a small table, it sure could do so much . He knows someone who is small and could do so much to him too . "I'll make sure that he will drink everything he needs too . " Mei Li said, her eyes glinting from the fluorescent light in the ceiling . Her voice promised Yang a lot of pain . She pulled the blanket out of his face and scrubbed away the tears on his cheek with rough stroked . Mei Li sneered with a baby-like voice that had the doctor chuckling, "Crybaby Yang will have to take his medicine on time . " Yang scowled and tried to be scary to regain his dominance, but Mei Li merely slapped the towel to his face and wiped his face again . She pinched Yang's cheek and babbled to him as one does to a baby, "You need to lay down, Crybaby Yang!" Dr . Zhang Li Xi hollered with laughter when Yang instantly laid down without complaints and the scowl on his face gone, replaced by helplessness . He deserves all the teasing Mei Li would dish him! Finally, someone who could control this stubborn man he calls his friend! Yang can move mountains with his money, but Mei Li can move someone that can move mountains . It was easy to see that Mei Li will always be the head in their relationship .