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Chapter 147
January 30, 20XX (Wednesday) - February 3, 20XX (Sunday)

The days went by fast, and Mei Li had only gone out of the room when Yang was also with her . The CEO had even gotten used to his wheelchair that Mei Li had put a cute keychain of a chibi cartoon character that was crying . That keychain had been the bane his existence especially when Yue had visited for a few hours and had found out the reason behind it . Mei Li had repeatedly reminded him of his stupidity when he had not drunk his medicine and had cried like a baby .
Besides that, Yang enjoyed the days where Mei Li would be at his beck and call . What was also the most fun he had was when Mei Li wipes his body . His little junior would always show himself everytime Mei Li would wipe his tight area . He laughs everytime that happens . It was so entertaining when Mei Li's face would turn so red and would try to continue cleaning his body, trying to ignore his bulge .
They have developed a routine every time he needs to take a pee too . When he would finish eating, Mei Li would ask him, "Do you need to pee?"
"Yeah," Yang would answer, and then the Painter would give him the plastic white jar-like urinal for men . She would turn back and cover all her face with her hands .
Yang had joked about allowing her to take a look if she was curious once . Mei Li had merely murmured an embarrassed, "I've already seen it . "
Zhao Yang had laughed so hard when she turned red after she had scrambled to get the urinal only to see that Yang had not finished and had once again seen an eyeful of his member . Mei Li had run to the bathroom so fast that Yang felt she could win an Olympic race with her speed .
One day, Yang and Mei Li also discovered how animals would mate . Yang had been flipping on the TV to look for an interesting channel when he saw a lion and a lioness having sex and the title Bazzare mating rituals appeared . Yang put the remote down and watched .
Mei Li snorted, "Why are you watching Animal Planet again?"
"It's the only channel interesting . " He shrugged . Yang watched while he forced Mei Li to sit beside him . Apparently, Hippos have to take a shit to attract potential mates . When the Bonobos Monkeys came and the narrator exposed that these monkeys have sex as a greeting, Yang turned to Mei Li and said, "We should follow those monkeys' example . "
Later that night, Dr . Zhang Li Xi had asked why Yang had a red handprint mark on his cheek, the same size as Mei Li's hand . Mei Li had blushed so hard while Yang had answered vaguely with, "I had suggested the best way of greeting her . She didn't appreciate it . "
Dr . Zhang Li Xi closed the door with a giant sigh as he walked out of the private ward with a painter lecturing a CEO about decency . The doctor rolled his eyes when he heard Mei Li shouting for Yang to let go of her . Yang needs to heal his feet fast because the doctor doesn't know how much more sugar he could eat .
On another day, Yang had discovered a red patch on his bed and was frantically searching where his injuries had bled . Mei Li had walked out of the bathroom and saw him looking at injuries with a curious face and asked, "What are you searching?"
"There is blood on my left side . I think I might have bleed somewhere . " Yang answered, honestly concerned about his injuries . He had learned the hard way about not following doctor's orders .
Mei Li blushed and realized that her period must have leaked when they were sleeping . She was thankful that she was wearing black yoga pants and the stain on her back was not noticeable like the white sheets of his bed . She stopped Yang's hands from searching his body and told the truth, "That my period stain . Don't touch it . I'll call the nurse to change the sheets . "
Yang watched her with wide eyes and open mouth . He glanced at the small blood stain and stared with curiosity . Their period blood was the same color as the blood when he bled from his injuries so he had not thought of that possibility . When the nurse came to change the sheets, Yang had made up a lie about eating spaghetti in secret to save the red-face Mei Li from explaining .
When Dr . Zhang Li Xi had heard of Yang eating spaghetti in secret, he went to his room to demand an explanation of to hear Mei Li thanking Yang for her period stain . Being a bright man, Dr . Zhang Li Xi had pieced these pieces of information together and had come to know the real reason . He returned to where he came back with sugar forcefully swallowed down his throat .
Yang had made the most of the days he had with Mei Li on one room . They had spent every waking and sleeping hour together . Even when he takes a shit, she isn't far behind . She was like an angel, willing to take care of him even through all the embarrassing stuff but what Yang enjoys the most was when they go to sleep at night . Yang's hospital bed had been large enough for them to sleep in together . Yang was always on the right side and Mei Li on the left .
"Mei Li," Yang would call out to her . Mei Li would look up . Yang would then kiss her forehead before he says, "Good night . "
Mei Li would kiss his left cheek before replying, "Good Night . "
It was these small moments that made Yang's stay at the hospital memorable than he expected . It was because of her that every small thing became something grand . She is amazing that way!