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Chapter 148: 148

February 4, 20XX (Monday)

Various Places

After three weeks of being closely monitored by Dr . Zhang Li Xi, Yang has finally been approved to go home with the condition that he stays near the hospital in case anything happens . It meant that he cannot stay at Zhao Manor as it takes more than thirty minutes to travel and could only stay at his condo since it was just a three minutes ride . Mother Zhao had sulked that Mei Li and Yang could not attend Chinese Lunar New Year with them on the 5th .

Yang had pacified his mother by whispering to her, "I'm working on your future grandson . "

Zhao Yang touched his nose helplessly when he heard his Mother whisper back to him, "I need grandchildren . Make sure that she has at least two . "

Yang had turned to his father for help, only to see him nodding along with his mother . Yang wanted to remind them about his useless feet, and he can't do anything about it unless Mei Li would be the one on top and doing all the work . He filed that thought process to the side and continued to watch Mei Li arranging their stuff in a large suitcase his parents had bought with them .

It was terrific to be rid of the dull white hospital room finally, but at the same time, he felt a little sentimental parting with the place where he and Mei Li had stayed for more than three weeks and spending every hour with each other . Yang was sat on the wheelchair and had learned how to wheel himself with his right hand although Mei Li liked to push him .

His parents had dropped them off at their Condo . Mother Zhao had made Mei Li promise to care for Yang with her utmost best . Yang watched as his mother dramatized her concern for his health more than necessary . Mei Li had helplessly fallen for Mother Zhao's acting and had vowed to stay at Yang's condo so she could still be his personal nurse just like when they were in the hospital .

When the Zhao couple had left, Yang turned to Mei Li and asked seriously, "Did you really mean your promise to Mom? That you would take care of me the same as you cared for me at the hospital?"

Mei Li nodded without hesitation .

Yang's lips slowly smirked as he asked slyly, "Does that mean you will sleep in my bed?"

Wu Mei Li had never seen nor heard a man more shameless than Zhao Yang . He wasn't even capable of moving every part of his body, and he dares to think about doing the dirty thing with her? She sneered at him after she rolled her eyes, "I'll sleep on your bed so that I can tempt you and would return to my bed after you are healed to stop you from doing anything else . "

Zhao Yang watched as Mei Li walked to his laundry room while sashaying her hips to let him see how tempting she could be . Yang gulped as his throat had begun to dry out . How many times had he told himself not to tease her because he was the one to suffer in the end?

Later that afternoon, Yang listened to Mei Li ordering some guards to buy some things she had listed on two pieces of notepad when he asked her about what she was making that it involved three guards to buy everything .

Mei Li had turned to him while she deadpanned, "It's Chinese new year tomorrow . I'm cooking for the rest of the guards and us . "

Yang blinked, realizing the date . He saw her take out the needed kitchen utensils and cleaned the living room . She was already acting like his wife, and she wasn't even wearing a ring like he was . Yang looked at his platinum ring with a smile . She was a more excellent gift than this ring she gifted him .

Meanwhile in a small room in a studio apartment near the slums of Beijing . A certain man with blonde hair and blue eyes known as Fool rested on a midclass mattress with a flight attendant that he met when he first arrived in Beijing . He had been running around Beijing to avoid the eyes of Zhao Yang . The Fool has so angry that Zhao Yang was capable enough to swerve the useless car he had set up to lessen the damage that he had intended . Although he had come out with a broken leg, it was small enough that he would walk again after months of rehabilitation .

The Fool had also discovered that Zhao Yang's friends were also affluent and capable enough to find his tracks and uncover his relation with the remaining Chens . He had underestimated him thinking they would be an easy target due to their fame . The David in him smirked as he had not had this much fun before his mother's countless assassination attempts chased him .

At least he had found out Zhao Yang's weakness; Wu Mei Li, the woman who he had met on the hotel in Paris months ago . David had been attracted with her on first sight, but he hadn't made a move on her because of her commoner and boring status . He could still remember that he had described her having skin like a pearl, lips like roses, and gravity like a sun . In his opinion, she looked hotter now than before . The Fool waked the woman beside him to have another round of sex before he walked out of the building and leaving behind a dead woman .