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Chapter 15

October 27, 20XX (Saturday)

At a Bookstore

The next time they meet, It was not what they had expected . Mei Li was just reading the back cover of the book she was hoping to buy when there was something in the window beside her that made her stare outside . She observed nothing; there were neither a person nor things and events out of the ordinary . But there was this uncanny need to look up and do something . What that something was, she didn't know . A fact she did know was that it was a great mystifying need that burned her curiosity like a moth to a flame .

"Is something wrong, ma'am?" the cashier asked beginning to scan the books she had placed in front of her .

Mei Li shook her head and resumed to pay for her purchase and suddenly she felt it again . It was the same mystifying need and this time when her gaze landed towards the other side of the glass window, she was startled to meet dark eyes again .

The young CEO had a friend with him, just as attractive with blonde hair, a goofy smile, and bluer eyes than Yang's . She saw this man once on the television for sure . He might be one of his CEO friends from S City . Yang had four close friends who were the same stature .

She remembered reading a magazine about their group, one was a European national who married a Chinese heiress, another was the heir to a pharmaceutical company that was exporting and importing worldwide, the other was a world renown doctor that had three specialities in surgery, and last was the CEO of a company that deals with weapons and military technology . Their group of five in S City had always been the gossip of all people since there were nobody richer and more handsome than they were . This friend with Yang must be the European National that married into the Li family, who was one of the big leaders in Mass media with their Luminary Group . Mei Li could not remember his name but she knew he took his wife's surname when he became CEO instead of his wife .

Yang had paused for a while, both of them staring at each other eyes . Only when the European man, who Mei Li had decided to call Mr Li, pull Yang inside the bookstore did the painter scramble to pay for her purchase before Yang could .


Mei Li narrowed her eyes to the soft greeting, Despite Yang still smiling that same annoying smile, it was the first time where he looked uncomfortable . Did something happen to him? Normally, he would drag her into a banter . Was it because he had his friend with him that he didn't want to talk to her? Why did they come inside to meet her if so?

"You need anything, CEO Zhao? CEO Li?"

"I just want to meet the lady that had Yang staying in Paris for a week . "

"What?" Mei Li was a little shocked at how fluent the foreigner was with Mandarin, almost like he had been speaking it from childhood but was more shocked at his statement concerning her and Yang . Did he really stay in Paris for her?

Mr Li was prevented from replying as Yang elbowed him obviously causing the European CEO to shut his mouth and rub the side of his arms . Mei Li could not help the giggle that went past her lips as the two CEO glared at each other . She could not believe that two CEOs in their 30s were fighting like teenagers .

Mei Li, who was busy giggling with her purchased books covering her mouth, did not notice the way Yang's eyes soften as he stared at her . Unfortunately for Yang, Mr Li did and Yang knew everyone in their group was going to learn about Mei Li's existence soon .

'Of all my friends, Mei Li had to meet the most talkative one . At least he's married . ' Yang thought with mixed emotions, conflicted with gloom for himself and glee .

"So, you are?" Mr Li asked at Mei Li's direction stopping the lady from her giggling stupor immediately .

"Wu Mei Li, painter . " Mei Li offered her right hand for a handshake .

"Li Alexandre, and that's a hard profession to make money from . " Mr Li, now she knows as Alexandre, took her offered hand and firmly shook it once . Mei Li inwardly noted to herself, successful people always had a firm handshake .

Mei Li shuffled in nervousness before replying, "Yes, it could be . "

Yang snorted, "Don't believe her, she's the one behind the three canvass painting on your living room . I remember you and Ru Shi paying almost 2 million dollars for it . "

"She's Miss M? I thought she was Italian! She's only selling her art in Milan!!!" Alexandre rudely pointed at her causing the said painter to throw a glare at Yang . Doesn't he know she was keeping that a secret!

Seeing Yang shrugged nonchalantly, Alexandre turned to Mei Li and insisted "You should sell your collection in S City too! My wife and I are big fans! We have always been on your exhibits . We have your paintings 'Friends' from the First Collection and 'War of Emotions' from the second! We will also be going to the third too! Are you going there soon? It'll be starting next Tuesday! I should have known you were Miss M…"

Mei Li stared as Alexandre continued to talk about her paintings, rambling about the location, her way of painting, how the first collection's model resembled Yue, how much she could earn if only she started showing her art worldwide and not just in Milan before selling it, how she should auction it and not the first come first serve service they had .

"He's a blabbermouth, don't mind him," Yang whispered loudly, making sure that not only can Mei Li hear but also the rambling CEO causing the said man to stare miffed at Yang .

"You! Why didn't you tell me sooner about her! You know how much Ru Shi loves her art!"

"It was supposed to be a secret . " Mei Li once again turned to glare at Yang and continued with a sneer, "I beg to differ, you are the blabbermouth . "

Yang smiled that same irritating fake smile, "Couldn't help but flaunt your talents…"

"I'm sure you know what a secret is, CEO Zhao . "


He wasn't sorry at all!

Mei Li huffed loudly, and habitually crossed her arms in front of her again, and true to his perverseness, Yang stared at her breast with no subtlety .