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Chapter 150
February 5, 20XX (Tuesday)
The Palace Residency- Condominiums

Yang's eyes were openly staring at the ceiling . Where should he begin to tell Mei Li? Which part should he keep silent? He cannot tell her everything in case she would be afraid . In fact, he is so scared that she would leave once she knows the true extent of his power . Yang was also frightened that he would be the reason why Mei Li would hate Chang Min .
Yang wants Mei Li to know everything he knows . It did not feel right to keep secrets from her . If he could, he would have spilled even his bank passcode to her . Keeping secrets from the person you love makes him scared of misunderstandings that could potentially blow up their relationship .
At the same time, Yang knows many secrets that can endanger Mei Li . He knows scandals that should be kept quiet . These secrets that are harmful to Mei Li must be kept locked so he decided just to answer the questions that she would ask, "The Warehouse is the base for our control in the Black Market . "
Mei Li's hands that were playing with the hems of Yang's pajama top stopped . She must be surprised that he had chosen to let her know . A moment later, Yang felt her hands playing with the fabrics again as she asked, "What's inside the warehouse?"
"We mainly use it for meetings, but some goods are also there," Yang answered, robotically . His iris moved to see her head . He wondered what expressions are in her face . A normal person would be scared to know her boyfriend controls the trade in the black market .
"When did you manage to control the underground? Should I call it Black Market like you did?"
Yang deemed the answer to this question safe, so he immediately answered without hesitation, "My friends and I took total control three years ago after Ye Lan and Hao Chen were exiled . "
"What does total control mean?"
Yang smirked, Mei Li was an intelligent young woman . She knows what and how to ask her questions .
"It means that no mid to large trade will happen if it does not involve us . Smaller trade like money that doesn't reach a thousand are not included, but some are still in our area of control . " Yang explained, "To make everything short, we connect the seller to the buyers . "
"So if I sell my organs, you could connect me to a buyer?"
Yang growled at the possibility of Mei Li selling her organs . He forced Mei Li to look up to him with his right hand and bent his head to kiss Mei Li angrily . His legs did not move while his waist turned halfway to trap Mei Li in between his arms, using it as leverage in exchange to his hands, and his elbows to his hand as support .
Yang tilted his head to the other side, causing their nose to bump and he rejoiced when Mei Li adjusted her head to the right on instinct while her lips remain slightly open for his tongue to continue ravishing . Yang's soft tongueless kisses became quick, and, suddenly, Mei Li's right hand crept into his cheek . Encourage by this; Yang locked their lips so that her lower lips would be between his and then he swept the tip of his tongue to lick it . He pulled away for a short while but their lips still grazing, waiting for her response .
Mei Li pushed her head up to meet his lips again and this time with a mouth more open and head titled comfortable . His lips then forcefully opened Mei Li's lips wider, and his tongue sneaks into her mouth . Mei Li's eyes flew open with surprise and meet with Yang's eyes filled to the brim with desire . She felt the heat of their kiss; her nether regions become wet, and her heart pumps blood all over her body . Suddenly an aching need to do more of it awakened Mei Li's desire .
Yang's tongue was suddenly bitten, and her hands wandered to his back pushing him further to her . She pulled back a little to tilt her head in the opposite side, and her kisses turned faster and deeper, with her tongue tangling with Yang's . Her lips pushed harder into his, and her chest without her bra poked his . Yang's reason snapped, making his tongue wilder . It darted to rub the back of her teeth and twirling his tongue to hers . He heard him moaned when he sucked on her tongue a little before going into a hard and deep pressured kiss .
They had not counted the minutes of how long their kiss lasted, but Yang remembered cursing his inability to use his left hand to its maximum capacity . He might not be able to use his two legs, but his third was hard and ready to work .
When Yang felt the heaviness of his body wearing down his arm strength, he pulled away . His tongue and hers extended out and then string of saliva breaks as their distance grew . Mei Li has turned red while his shirt had been crumpled by her tugging and fisting the fabric . He laid back to his position before, but Mei Li had buried her face into his neck to hide her shyness .
"Don't ever joke about selling your organs," Yang said, his voice deeper and more growl-like in quality . The CEO felt Mei Li nodded her head .
After a moment later, Mei Li broke the silence that bordered into awkwardness by saying, "Yang, let's do that again soon . "
Zhao Yang groaned as his slowly softening member became alert again . She is such a tease! He forced Mei Li's left hand to touch his member and teased back, "Only if you will nurse this little me too . "
That night Yang slept with a red print of where Mei Li had pinched the skin of his right arm but with a silly smile of his lips .