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Chapter 151
February 6, 20XX (Wednesday)
Various Places

Early in the morning, Yang had sent Chang Min a message that had Mei Li's brother spamming his inbox with threats . 「I told Mei Li about the Black Market . She is curious about it . Can I bring her?」was what Yang texted .
When Chang Min's threats persisted on his phone, he poked Mei Li and asked, "Can I use you to threaten someone?"
Mei Li's hand with her chopstick froze as it was about to feed her mouth with leftover dumplings from yesterday . She nodded hesitantly .
Yang grinned and told her, "I'll video you saying, 'please . ' Can you do that?"
She nodded hesitantly again before she asked, "Why am I saying please?"
Yang trailed off, "I want to bring you to the warehouse with me, but someone opposed . . . "
Mei Li sighed and nodded more firmly . She acted, cutely, when he had started the video and even prolonged the word please like a child and pouted at the end just to add more drama . Yang sent it to Chang Min with a grin, knowing that he already won . After a while the one-word reply came, 「Fine」
"So did Big Brother Chang Min agree?"
Happy with his small win against Chang Min, Yang nodded his head eagerly at Mei Li . When his action had drowned on him, he froze to stare shockingly at Mei Li for his foolishness . He needs to have his life insured from stupidity; he was probably going to die because of it . She wasn't supposed to know that!
Mei Li rolled her eyes . He was so blatant about it that it was painful to watch . She continued eating as if she hadn't made Yang bite his nails because of nerves . Mei Li helped Yang get ready; she had the guards carry him to the bathroom to sit on his bathtub with his legs raised out of the low water . She had scrubbed his body like she usually does when she wipes it at the hospital . Yang used his right hand to clean the parts were Mei Li refused to do . He doesn't understand her; she has already seen and touched it .
When it came to dressing Yang, Mei Li had to help Yang while closing her eyes . Yang was tempted to tease her in these moments but refrained . It hadn't taken them long to get ready with Mei Li hurrying up because Yang was waiting for her . On their way to the warehouse, Mei Li had eyes wide open with their advanced technologies . She was especially awed when she had got into a black vehicle and got out from a grey vehicle without changing cars .
The guards carried Yang and the wheelchair into the flight of stairs and steps . An average person would look like a weird human when two large men carried him along with his wheelchair, but Yang had managed to look like he was an Emperor riding a sedan . She facepalmed when Yang had grinned at her and acted haughty by turning his head to the opposite side . When they arrived in a plane hallway, Mei Li pushed his wheelchair while following the guide they had who was wearing a traditional cheongsam .
Mei Li stayed quiet with her jealous of the tall and pretty Chinese guide . She eyed the guide that had her legs shown by the slit in the side of the dress . She briefly looked at Yang if he was looking at the guide's leg . Yang was merely smiling that annoying smile while closing his eyes and trusting Mei Li to push him with on the right place; this instantly soothed mei Li . She hadn't noticed the guide gulping his saliva, causing his unconcealable Adam's apple to bob, in nervousness when CEO Zhao had glared at him . The guide had thought to stop cross-dressing when his employers' girlfriends and significant others are visiting the base .
When they crossed the path and entered a large red door that looked too heavy for the woman guide to open, Mei Li gapped at the large room . It was luxurious and far too clean to be the base of the black market . Mei Li rolled his wheelchair to his friends, who waved them over . She smiled at every one of them and stared awed at the tall ceiling and immaculate floors . Yang and Chang Min had led her to sit on the chair that Yang usually sat, but her attention was still on her surroundings
"Is this really your base?" Mei Li asked the five friends .
"You don't like it?" Chang Min asked . He had been planning to renovate this place too . It was getting too dull after years of constant use .
"I expected torture chambers, rats running around, burly men, and an unhygienic place . "
Yang touched his nose, helpless at her . Everyone laughed nervously at her reaction . Chang Min snickered underneath his breath; maybe he'll renovate the base like what she described so that he can prove her assumptions right . His little sister was both cute and naive . He patted Mei Li's head and signalled her to sit down . When he saw her sat with proper poise, Chang Min said, "We have a torture chamber; that have rats running around, burly men as guards, and it's the most unclean part of the base . Do you want to see it?"
Mei Li immediately nodded . She has only been curious about those . Was it how they make it in the movies?
Chang Min smiled at her . The blood of the Xue and the Bonaparte was strong in her . He offered his services to his little sister immediately, "After the meeting, I will show you that place . "
The two half Xue blood and half Bonaparte blood smiled at each other; eager to spend time together while bonding over a common interest . The four guys in the background sighed with disbelief . Of course, Mei Li would gravitate with the torture chambers . If anyone had doubted their relations before, it was gone now .