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Chapter 153: 153
February 6, 20XX (Wednesday)
The Palace Residency- Condominiums

When they arrived at Yang's condo, the two people were silent . Yang had tried to explain himself, but Mei Li had given him the silent treatment that had shut all his effort for reconciliation . She had pushed his wheelchair and had readied him to bed . Mei Li had even made sure to settle him on his bed before going to the guest room to sleep .
Yang watched as Mei Li walked out of his room . He prayed that she would stay at his other room and not go back to her condo . Yang felt hopeless, but her behavior in caring for him showed that she cared for him more than her anger . This fact made Yang cling into that little thread of hope . He slept after he had prayed that tomorrow would be a better day .
Before the sun rises, Yang woke up with Mei Li creeping into his bed while crying . Her tears are streaming down her face like waterfalls . She looked ugly too with red-rimmed eyes, Rudolph-like nose, and frowning lips . He briefly glanced at the clock to see it was only five minutes past eleven pm .
"I am sorry," Mei Li hugged him, burying her face to the nock of his neck that had become familiar . Yang wrapped her in his arms to comfort her, and he ignored how much a turn on it was that she was leaning half of her weight to him .
Yang patted her back . Mei Li continued to cry and explain at the same time, "I was just so scared with the dungeon and suddenly what you do becomes real, and it drowns on me that you probably have sent someone to their deaths, and there is this conflict of morals against my growing attraction with you . "
Yang caressed her back and listened to everything she needs to say . He held back the need to make her stop saying, 'and . ' Mei Li sniffed and cried continually in her explanation, "And I felt jealous of the pretty guide, and I hate that you kept secrets from me including Mother Chen, and I hate you for letting me go to a meeting without being prepared, and I hate not knowing what relations Chang Min and I have . "
Mei Li began to bawl again . Her arms slid into Yang's neck . His right hand caressing her back did not stop . She looks up to meet his eyes before apologizing with little sniffs, "I'm sorry I shouted at you . I am sorry for being impulsive when my anger blows . I am sorry for cutting your time with your friends short . I am sorry for causing you trouble . I am sorry for not being understanding enough . I am sorry for crying on you . "
Yang heard his heart broke into pieces when she apologized to him . He waited for a while for her to continue her tirade, but when she didn't, he tried to explain his part as easy and understandable as possible .
"You don't have to apologize for anything, " Yang continued, "I understand what you are trying to say . Secrets are the main cause of a couple's misunderstanding that often leads to breaking up . I want to be as transparent with you as I can, but there are some things that I cannot say . Your Yang is a pillow, a crybaby, and a lovestruck fool with you, but to other people, Zhao Yang is an extraordinary person that knows more than necessary . "
Yang felt Mei Li bob her head to nod when still being held in his embrace . Yang's hand continued to careers her back, "Do you remember your personal file that I had given to you? Do you remember the inconsistency and lack of information?"
Mei Li nodded . What did that has got to do with her past and her issues of today?
"Do you remember that I told you hints about your past?"
Mei Li nodded against while mumbling a soft, "Yeah" that Yang heard as he felt her breath into his neck .
"There are things that I cannot tell you because I respect my friend and his family but know that I love you too much to cause you trouble . It was not our intention to hurt you . We did what we have done because we have to protect you at any cost necessary . " Yang explained while forcing Mei Li to look up to him and kissing the edges of her eyes that still have tears ready to fall . He gently kissed those little droplets away .
Mei Li sobbed again and said sorry, repeatedly . At the end of her numerous apologies, Mei Li mumbled, "I can't help my impulsiveness and my short-temper . Do you still want me?"
Yang smirked and kissed her forehead, "I wouldn't have you any other way, my fiery, overbearing, and miser girlfriend . I can't help but have secrets I can't tell you . Do you still want me?"
"I would want you to tell me, but I can compromise . I believe you are worth it . " Mei Li continued after a short while of silence, "I can't help but be jealous with every woman that comes near you . Do you still want me?"
Yang nodded and kisses her forehead again, "As long as you still want me and my possessiveness . "
Mei Li finally stared at his eyes then smiled . He heaved a sigh of relief . Mei Li giggled into the neck of her Yang pillow .
They went to sleep after Yang had told Mei Li a story of how they had met a cross-dressing hostess that had worked with Jin, the bartender on their favorite bar . The CEO expanded that the cross-dressing hostess had now become their guide because of his martial arts ability and quick mind . Mei Li finally slept after crying most of the night away .
He kissed her forehead again before going back to sleep .
He would love her even if she becomes a monster and a wife combined .