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Chapter 154: 154
February 9, 20XX (Sunday)
The Palace Residency- Condominiums
These past three days is the most stress-free days Mei Li have had in years . The best thing she had done was saying the hurt and the doubts in her heart to Yang . In exchange, Yang had also told her the limitations of his secrecy . Mei Li was grateful that Yang was a guy who hated misunderstanding . Mei Li was on the kitchen chopping up the vegetables for her salad when her phone rang . The familiar ringtone of a boyband's song reverberated in the kitchen . Mei Li picked her phone up and answered without looking at the caller's ID, "Yue, is there something wrong?" "I'm going back to Beijing in big brother's birthday," Yue informed Mei Li as if she had dropped a bomb and was seconds away from death . Mei Li realized that Yue must be exercising . A moment later Yue's voice slowed, "Are you planning anything?" Mei Li froze . She hadn't been planning anything at all! She forgot about it! How can she forget Yang's birthday? How stupid of her! Her whole body tensed and she started to panic . "Guessing by your some silence, nothing?" Yue snorted . Mei Li could remember every person's face she had met, but other information goes from one ear and out in the other . "Nothing . " Mei Li slumped . She picked the bridge of her nose and replied, helplessly, "I forgot . " Mei Li heard laughter blasting through the speakers of the phone . Mei Li and Yue then proceeded to brainstorm ideas . Aside from that, Mei Li decided to tell Yue about her and Yang's misunderstanding . She was embarrassed to say to her best friend of her stupidity but saying it out loud, felt liberating in a way . The vegetables on the counter were forgotten as the two best friends talked . After almost two hours worth of catching up, Yue and Mei Li had both decided to go . Yue had work while Mei Li needed to make dinner . "I'll come back early to help you, but plan it first . " "Thank you . " Mei Li nodded even if Yue could not see it . She continued, "Message me when you have a flight scheduled . " "Okay, take care . " "You too," Mei Li smiled . In-depth conversations with Yue always made her happy . "Oh, before we hang up . I think you should be honest with your thoughts with my big brother like you do to me . Think of big brother as your best friend too . I'm not selfish; I can share . Bye" " . . . okay," It took a long time for Mei Li to process Yue's words . She smiled at Yue's words of wisdom . Sincerely, she murmured, "I love you . " "I love you too my bestest badest friend!" Mei Li hang up with a broad smile and an open mind . Maybe she has been holding back again without realizing . "That better be Yue or Mom, "Yang's voice interrupted her thoughts . Mei Li jumped to the side in fright . She glared at the man who had wheeled himself into the kitchen . Mei Li complained, "I thought with a wheelchair on; you wouldn't be this nimble . " "It's because of my extraordinary skills," Yang raised his chin, looking smug and arrogant . Mei Li rolled her eyes, but the wide smile did not waver, "Your ego is too big . " "My ego is fine the way it is," Yang pouted childishly . He whined like a puppy to tease her . Mei Li rolled her eyes again . Yang wheeled his chair to the kitchen . "I was on the phone with Yue . " Mei Li informed . She took her loosened hair tie and tied it again into a tighter ponytail . She turned to Yang and mockingly lectured, "Don't be too jealous . " "I'm still jealous . " Yang continued to tease her . Ever since she had cried and apologized to him, she has become easier to get along .
Mei Li ignored Yang as she thinks of a plot . She needs to plan something that would surprise him . Mei Li took a notepad and a pen and then wrote down her ideas . Curious Yang wheeled himself and tried to peek at what she was writing . Mei Li immediately moved the paper out of his sight . Yang cursed his bad legs for being useless . Like a Eureka moment, Yang thought of a beautiful idea . He looked at the hidden camera positioned just right to help his mischief . He took his phone and hacked into that camera, taking only less than five minutes . He smirked when he saw what she had written . A birthday party for him, huh? "I was you to plan me a banquet like you did with Yue's birthday . I want my employees to come as guests . " He told, surprising Mei Li again . Her eyes widen at her plan surprise being foiled . She started wide eyes as Yang shamelessly proclaimed, "As your gift for me? I want a handjob . " Needless to say, Yang had another red handprint when he slept that night .