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Chapter 156
February 12, 20XX The Palace Residency-Condominiums In his boredom, Yang played with the large wheels on his chair causing him to turn or move forward erratically . Mei Li giggled at his childishness . They had little to do in the condo . Although Yang still did some paperwork, it was not enough to fill his day . Mei Li too had grown bored with nothing else you do but cook and prepare their food . Right now, Mei Li was spaced out while watching Animal Planet with Yang . "So where are you going to hold my 'surprise' party?" Yang interrupted Mei Li from her daydream . "Secret," Mei Li smirked at him . He has been continuously asking for details and thankfully, she had not written much on the notepad that he had read through the camera . Yang scowled, "Please tell me it is not going to be held here . " "If it will be, are you going to be angry?" Asked Mei Li with a soft and nervous voice . She had not considered that he would not like a party on his immaculate condo Yang laughed with glee . Jackpot! He finally got her! Realizing that she was played, Mei Li click her tongue in annoyance . She needed to learn to be more coy and secretive so she can be on par with Yang's schemes . Now, he knows almost everything! Mei Li was, indeed, a bad secret keeper . "When the surprise came, you better act surprise!" Mei Li lectured . "Yes, Ma'am . " Yang snickered . Her lectures were useless because her soft sultry and lethargic voice made it sexy rather than scary . Suddenly, the doorbell rang . Yang had a feeling that he wouldn't like who would arrive . The CEO watch as Mei Li excitedly opened the door . Yang was not surprised to see his little sister barge in and dramatically throw herself into Mei Li's arms . Yang wheeled himself to the two women still hugging and jumping around in reunion . He pried them both by inserting both of his hands in between their stomachs and pushed on the opposite direction . Yue pouted at him making Yang smirk . "Mei Li, can I stay in your condo while I'm here?" Yue's words made Yang blanched . Cockblocker number 2 is back! Yang stared horrified as Mei Li took out the keys of her condo and enthusiastically gave it to Yue while saying, "Come by to eat whenever you are around . " Yue smirked at her brother, "Why are you lonely here? Bored with my big brother already?" Mei Li shook her head and defended Yang while satisfying Yue, "He's fine . I just miss you . " Zhao Yue turned to her brother and looked so arrogant that Yang rolled his eyes at her childishness . Mei Li giggled with the sibling's interaction . Yang slowly took his phone out and dialed a number . Yue and Mei Li continued to speak with each other . He put his phone on his ears to wait for his call to be picked up . When it was answered, Yang immediately responded, "Hao Chen, You busy?" Immediately, Yue's attention shifted to him . Her cheeks were turning a little pink . Yang smirked . He wasn't blind with his sister's attraction just as Hao Chen was evident with his . The Hao heir would always choose to sit beside him or would ask his opinion first then everyone else . His attitude has baffled him for a while until Yue had shown up to one of their meetings . The ordinarily quiet Hao Chen had turned into a stuttering mess . Because of Hao Chen's family circumstances, Yang had to hold off asking about it . Yang felt guilty with disapproving of Hao Chen when Yang had realized his feelings for Xue Mei Lin . Hao Chen must be suffering a lot with keeping it a secret . Yang couldn't hold his love for Mei Li even if the world shackles him to the ground . Deeming Hao Chen an okay candidate for Yue, he had noted to himself to be the matchmaker of the two . Only because Yue had done it for him with Mei Li . Aside from that Yang looks forward to being a cockblock like Yue does . Seeing the opportunity now, Yang was glad to start his schemes for a grander revenge plan . He pressed the speaker button so everyone can hear . "I'm not busy, why?" Hao Chen's voice reverberated in the room . Yue's jaw dropped . She mimed her brother to end the call with redder cheeks than before . "I have something for you to do . Come and eat here . " Yang demanded . "Okay, " Hao Chen agreed without any hesitation . He did not know that once he arrives at Yang's condo, a devious owner and a red face model would be waiting for him along with an amused Mei Li . Once Yang had hung up, Yue squealed and hurried into the bathroom to check herself in the mirror . She bought her make up bag just in case she needed to retouching . Mei Li turned to Yang with an amused face, "Of all the people that can be their matchmaker, I did not expect that it would be you . " "It's not going to be me," Yang trailed, "or do you not agree with me?" Mei Li snorted, "I'll help, but if it's not going to go well then I'll sacrifice you . " Yang nodded without hesitation . He'd do anything for Mei Li even become a sacrificial lamb . His eyes stared at her bosom and scanned her body from head to toe . She's so sexy even when she wears a large apron .