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Chapter 157
February 12, 20XX (Tuesday) The Palace Residency-Condominiums Mei Li has been friends with Yue for more than ten years . In that time, she had only seen Yue unnaturally nervous twice- now and two years ago . Both times have the same reason, Hao Chen . Mei Li smirked when Yang grinned at her . They both enjoyed watching a skittish Yue, instead of her usual mischievous self . Two years ago, Mei Li and Yue were shopping in Grand Center Mall . Back then, they weren't as successful as they are today in their chosen careers, but they had more time to bond with each other . They had a game of sitting in a cafe that had glass windows where they could look at people passing-by outside so they could comment and judge men . They would giggle and laugh, depending on the men's caliber by their taste . It had been a stroke of fate that Hao Chen had passed by when Yue was commenting on how handsome he was . Mei Li had laughed out loud when, by coincidence, Hao Chen had turned his head to look at Yue . Mei Li remember teasing Yue when the two had stared at each other's eyes as if communicating without words . That was the time that Mei Li knew Yue was starting to notice her brother's friend, and that was also the time that Mei Li had seen Yue blush so red as she evaded her eyes and covered her head with her jacket to hide . Hao Chen merely smiled and walked away . Mei Li had been surprised to see her loud, and playful friend with a shit-eating grin turn into a shy woman . "Is he really coming, big brother?" Yue asked Yang with a giddy voice that sounded like a squeak . Her legs pictured elegantly kept and slanted together like a slash . Yang blinked in astonishment . Yue was one of the most playful and informal women he knows, but now it felt like a 180-degree turn . Yang nodded, "He'll arrive soon . His condo is not as far as Zhao Manor from here . " As if on cue, the doorbell rang . Yue had clutched the edge of the dining table to stop herself from getting up and answering the door . Yue reminded herself, 'Calm yourself, Yue!' Yang watched his little sister's small ticks and observed every action . Mei Li got up and answered the door with an excited smile . She was excited to see how Hao Chen would react to seeing Yue . She opened the door, welcomed Hao Chen, and lead him to the table were the two Zhaos were seated . Hao Chen's steps halted when he saw the feminine back of the familiar lady . When the heir saw the CEO's dark eyes staring at him as if he came to judge his path to hell or heaven, the heir gulped . Hao Chen immediately continued as if his red ears did not give away his embarrassment . "Yang," Hao Chen greeted his friend first before he sat down on the available seat beside Yue, and in front of Yang . "Yue, when did you came back from Japan?" Yue placed her palms on top of each other on her lap after adjusting her knee-length skirt . She shifted her bum on the comfortable chair as if it was made on nails . Yue never saw a man as handsome as Hao Chen wearing a turtle neck . "Just today," Yue uttered softly . A short awkward silence filled the two, while the other two that was watching was filled with excitement . It was broken when Hao Chen asked without thought, "How are you?" "I'm fine, You?" Yue squeak with a high-pitched voice that made her want to facepalm herself . She looked up into Hao's waiting eyes with a helpless smile . The blush on her cheeks easily seen by the Hao heir . Yang grinned at their awkwardness . He knew how that felt . He noticed how Yue had sat calmly and moved without large gestures . It seems that Hao Chen can tame this beast-like female Zhao . Hundreds of ideas run through his mind . He could make use of this relationship, all right . Zhao Yang briefly glanced at the woman beside him . Mei Li was grinning too, but he knows her happiness was because of Yue having the chance of love while he was because he had the opportunity to tease while making money as a result . Mei Li was too soft, but that's okay since he was too cruel . They balance each other well . Yang placed his hand on Mei Li's thigh and said, "Let's eat . " Yang's hand grew bold as its location reached further than she was comfortable . Yang yelp verbally when Mei Li used her chopsticks to poke his hand causing two red dots to appear later on . It was worth it, though . He had felt her inner thighs even for a second . "Is something wrong?" Hao Chen and Yue both chorused in asking Yang . The two turned to face each other in shock . They blushed in embarrassment and then turning their attention elsewhere . "Nothing's wrong with him . He's just too hungry . " Mei Li sighed . Yang was a matchmaker now, but his pervertedness still showed like a glaring sun in the middle of a dessert . Yang's hand returned to rest on her thigh . Luckily, it did not move again . Mei Li smiled as they enjoyed the food she had cooked . Yang is happily eating while Yue's red cheeks were the same color as Hao Chen's red ears . "Chen, I remember that you have a condo in this building too . Can my sister stay in yours?" Yang's request made Yue spit the juice in her mouth . Mei Li was almost splashed with it . Yue could not believe her big brother! How embarrassing! "Of course, " Hao Chen immediately agreed . "Your keys will be given to her, and I will have the spare key so you won't do anything to my precious baby sister," Yang demanded . Again, Yue could not believe her big brother's shamelessness! She had been proud of having a brother like him before, but now she loathed him . How dare he demand things like that to her compassionate Hao Chen?! She fumed as she glared at her brother . Yue signaled Mei Li for help . Mei Li shake her head in helplessness . Suddenly, the perverted matchmaker's hand took advantage of her lowered guard and slipped his hand in between her thighs, near her womanly place . Mei Li gasped with shock . Yue and Hao Chen watched in awe as Mei Li slapped Yang's cheek with all her might . They both were left with jaws dropped on the floor when Yang had only chuckled in amusement . They both look at each other in confusion, what had happened? Was it something Yang said?