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Chapter 158
February 12, 20XX (Tuesday)
The Palace Residency-Condominiums

"You don't have to offer your condo to Yue," Mei Li turned to the wide-eyed Yue and Hao Chen . She said as if she hadn't slapped Yang's face in front of them, "She can use mine . "
"Yeah," Yue scrambled to support Mei Li . It was embarrassing enough that her elder brother had the audacity to ask . Yue smiled at Hao Chen before adding, "Ignore big brother's shamelessness . "
"No, please, use it . " Hao Chen said while taking out a variety of keys in a large circle keychain . He took one of the keys and gave it to Yue, "I haven't stayed in it for a while though . "
Yue's blush spread all over her face making her look like a ripe tomato . Her eyes gazed at the key on his hand and then meet her eyes with his . She tilted her head and asked, " . . . . are you sure?"
Hao Che nodded without hesitation and confirmed, "I am . "
Hao Chen took Yue's right hand and placed the key into her palm . Poor Yue's heartbeats like a bass drum being played at a marching band . She would be a stupid person if she didn't take this chance . Yue knew it would also create more reason for them to interact . The female Zhao's eyes briefly connected with her older brother's smiling eyes .
Yue turned to Hao Chen to face him completely and beamed a dazzling smile, "Thank You! I might return to Japan after a week . Can we meet before I need to go so I can give the key back to you? I would leave it to my big brother, but I don't trust him . "
Yang rolled his eyes . Yue doesn't have any subtle bone in her body . What if Hao Chen asks her to leave it to Mei Li then? He needs to teach his little sister to be more shameless like him, but at least she had taken advantage of the opportunity that he had made .
"Hao Chen, how about giving her a ride to the airport after you meet?" Mei Li suggested causing Yang to grin . Matchmaker Mei Li is shameless, as expected of his girlfriend .
Yang supported Mei Li's plot like a good boyfriend, "If she wants to come back after, you guys can exchange numbers . Chen can get Yue at the airport instead of calling for our guards since the Hao Manor is just fifteen minutes ride to the airport . "
"No way! What if Hao Chen is busy? I can't infringe on him like that!" Yue immediately countered . Her face was flaming red . This couple was too shameless! She and Hao Chen weren't that close yet!
"That's alright with me, " Hao Chen beamed a blinding smile to Yue .
Yue gapped at Hao Chen's response . Didn't he realize that she was trying to help him against this shameless couple? She expected better from Mei Li! Although she was insisting otherwise, Yue kind of like the idea of being in the same car with Hao Chen .
"I'm still an heir and not a CEO, so I'm not as busy . " Hao Chen added with a shrug .
Annoyed that her help was left unnoticed, Yue scowled, "I have to go to a salon before going to the airport . You don't need to do it . I'll just hail a taxi . "
"Then I'll wait for you to finish in the salon," Hao Chen's smile is still brilliant . Yue's eyes twitch in annoyance . Hao Chen was too easy to scam! This is all her big brother's fault!
"Wait for me to finish? It'll take hours before I finish in the salon!"
Hao Chen chuckled, "I don't mind . I can sleep on the car or come back after your done . We can exchange cellphone numbers just in case . "
Yang smirked as gentleman Hao Chen acted like a compassionate and understanding man, but Yang knew that this man could snipe a man better than Chang Min and his men where all over Beijing . Yang deemed Hao Chen and Yue's excursion safe .
Mei Li had the same smirk as Yang's when Hao Chen wore Yue's insistence down . He had managed to get Yue's phone number and her agent's phone number, 'just in case,' as Hao Chen said .
When the dinner was done, Hao Chen nodded his farewell to Yang and Mei Li . Yang then pushed Yue's back to Hao Chen's direction and commanded, "Bring this lady out with you . We don't need her here . "
Jokingly, Hao Chen tested the waters of how far Yang would allow him, "I'll take her home with me then?"
Yue's red face returned, and Mei Li had giggled like a fangirl . Yang raised on eyebrow and retorted, "You can take her home if she follows you . "
Hao Chen laughed as Yue smacked her brother's shoulders before forcing his wheelchair to face the opposite side . Yang scowled at his little sister's childish behavior . Hao Chen, like a true gentleman, guided Yue to his condo and stopped at the door, saying his goodbye .
Closing the door, Yue sighed . A moment later of leaning her back at the door, she slumped into the ground as if she had the biggest problem in her shoulders . She had embarrassed herself with her crush, didn't she?
At Yang's condo, Mei Li was giddy with excitement . She could not believe how Hao Chen had said to every demand Yang made, but she was more surprised when Hao Chen had activity showed his interest towards Yue . Furthermore, Yue had not even realized the extent of her charm . Hao Chen had it bad . Mei Li clapped her hands in gratefulness to Yang's and her's shamelessness as a matchmaker . Truthfully, Hao Chen and Yue didn't need one . All that was left to do was push them to know each other, and all will fall into place .