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Chapter 159
February 13, 20XX (Wednesday) The Palace Residency-Condominiums Yang and Mei Li had perfected their daily routine . Mei Li would wake up first and would go to the kitchen to take the frozen meat she will cook to defrost while going back to wait for Yang to wake up . Most of the time spent waiting was used by reading e-books and web novels which were purchased online through Yang's phone . When Yang opened his eyes in the morning, the first thing he does is look to the side and greet Mei Li, "Good Morning . " The next moments later was spent with Mei Li helping him into the wheelchair, helping him wash his face, change his clothes, etc . After Yang is done and out of the bathroom, Mei Li would prepare herself for the day in a hurried . Honestly, She had seen every part of him, and she should be used to it, but every day she would still blush the same shade of red . After that, Mei Li would cook while Yang would watch her and tease her sometimes . Today was like every other day for them . They did their routine and stayed bored while flipping through tv channels after they ate their breakfast . The only thing different today was Mei Li's deep contemplating expressions that bother Yang since she hadn't been concentrating on him . "What is it?" Yang turned off the TV and played a soft piano medley using his cellphone and connected to the large wireless Bluetooth speaker on both sides of the TV stand . Mei Li's face did not turn to look at him, but her iris moved to the corner of her eyes to judge him . She sighed, "Seeing Hao Chen and Yue, makes me remember the first time I was supposed to be introduced to you by your parents . " The answer that left her mouth surprised Yang . His interest peaked, and he eagerly listened . Zhao Yang knew how much of a jerk he was before . Well, he still hasn't changed to the rest of the world except those close to him . "I was like Yue back then," Mei Li said while her eyes gazed into space . She continued after a short pause to inhale deeply, "I was giddy with the thought of meeting you . I had admired your capabilities and had been a fan of you . " Yang thank the heavens that he was not drinking nor eating because he would have choked . The woman that hated him in Paris actually admired him before? He touched his nose, helpless with the regret that weighted his heart . Yang remained silent . "I was so disappointed when you didn't show, but I consoled myself because Mother Zhao had been greater than expected . Yet, I did not expect that you would continue to avoid me for almost ten years, " Mei Li trailed . She leaned her head into Yang's shoulders . Yang spread his right arm to slide into her back, and his right hand gripped her shoulder . He pulled her close to him and confessed, "If you had met me then, I would have despised you . I hate a woman who fawns and idolizes me like I'm a greater human than them . These type of women expects too much from me, and I loathe that the most . " "I know now . " Mei Li nodded . Her pointer finger spinning circles on the fabric of his top that rested on his chest . "Is this the reason why you scolded me when we meet at the cafe?" Yang had been meaning to ask her this but had not seen the perfect chance except now . He refuses to believe that Mei Li would hate him only because of his rumored alcoholic beverage . When Yang felt Mei Li nod, his hand on her shoulder tightened . Suddenly, they realized that fate had brought them to meet at the right time when both their hearts were freed and opened . Any other time, they would have butt heads . Fate always leads people to their destiny using coincidences . "I was mad at your alcoholic tendencies too . " Mei Li continued even against the affronted look in Yang's face, "You can't fool me . I know you drank wine like it was water . " Yang pecked her forehead and appeased her, "I'm drinking responsibly now, that's the most important!" Mei Li giggled before she had once again stared into space . What is she thinking now, still? He rubbed his hands to his nose . He could not wait for her to finish her thinking and outright asked, "Mei Li, you have something more to say?" "What am I to Chang Min?" Zhao Yang promptly choked on his saliva . How blunt! His heart felt as if it stopped beating for a few minutes to start and new construction of his life . This time he hated how she was so observant . How can he answer her question without offending the Xue while satisfying another Xue, who had become Zhao Yang's girlfriend? "Give me time to convince my friend to tell you . This story is not mine to tell," Yang gulped . Hopefully, she would give him more time . "Okay," Mei Li smiled- the kind of sweet smile that made Yang want to suffer in her blinding light . Yang placed a kiss on her cheeks as thanks . Yang was now scared to ask more from the Xue Family, and he might not see the light of day again especially when Bonaparte is in the same place and building . Mei Li was glad that Yang's hands had refrained from touching elsewhere . She was amazed that he had instantly answered and complied with her wants even if it will take time to do so . Mei Li felt that he spoils her too much . "Is there anything else?" Yang asked . "No," Mei Li hid her face on the nook of his neck . "Thank you . " She added after a while . Yang sighed and looked down . Her t-shirt had shown a large portion of her cleavage again .