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Chapter 16

October 27, 20XX (Saturday)

On their way to Lunch

Alexandre watched in amazement as the normally quite yet smiling Yang, chatted and bantered with the Painter . Yang, among their group of friends, has always been the person who observes everything and only talks when needed . To see and hear him talking, even starting a conversation first, with a woman especially was rare . In fact, he could count in one hand the women he talks fluidly with .

In front of him was not an ordinary woman, that he could see in her bearings . Alexandre had seen many beautiful women, especially when he married his also beautiful wife and then become CEO to a company that is predominant in the Entertainment Industry, but Wu Mei Li's beauty wbecome unforgettable one . She was fairer, her lips were redder, her cheeks were rosier, and her voice was the main head turner for him . If he can personify a voice, the best way to describe it was noble . It was soft and gentle, almost as if the lady hated to pronounce every word properly . And her playful reactions to every teasing remarks left any man interested . It must be her voice that made her appear playful even when irritated .

It was easy to see why this woman could capture Yang's interest .

"So, why don't you join us for lunch?" Alexandre interrupted their conversation, eager to return to his wife, who was waiting for them at a restaurant, with the news . Now he knows why Yang had demanded them to stop in this bookstore . Yang must have already hacked into this lady's phone . Problem is, did she know about it?

Mei Li turned towards Alexandre with a conflicted look . She looked like a woman who is not swayed by Yang's looks and money . Li Alexandre almost snorted out loud as Yang gave him a thumbs up that passed unnoticed by the woman .

"I hate to bother . "

"No, please come with us . My wife, Li Ru Shi, is also a fan of yours and there are no secrets between us… I think it would be better you come with us just for your identity as Miss M . I don't want to be the one to tell her so…" Alexandre insisted with Yang nodding to every word like a puppy .

Mei Li stood tense with anticipation after hearing the name Li Ru Shi, who know once the heiress of Luminary Group, one of the big names in television, an influencer, and is also a fan of the same red bottom shoes that Mei Li was a fan of . It was Li Ru Shi, in one of her interviews, that somewhat persuaded Mei Li to buy one for herself .

This time, wanting to meet Li Ru Shi, Mei Li could only accept the invitation with an, "Okay . "

Yang immediately showed a grin larger than his usual and proceeded to drag Mei Li outside with Alexandre following, amused .

After a 20-minute car ride into their 30-minute long destination did Mei Li abruptly asked Alexandre, "So did you figure out the hidden paintings on Friends and War of Emotions?"


The confused look in Mr Li's face mirror that of Yang's . They have seen that 3 pieces canvass vertical painting named War of Emotions and all they could see was an abstract painting of a woman in black full of colourful flowers and flowing lines and the painting named 'Friends' had two women playing on the beach . To hint that there was something more in those paintings made them curious .

"All of my paintings have something hidden beneath it . War of Emotions is one of my special pieces . In fact, most of my second collection was inspired by his parents . " Mei Li said while pointing at Yang, to the amazement of Alexandre .

"I didn't know about that, I only know that your first collection was based on Yue . " Yang defended himself when Alexandre glared at him again for the nth time .

Mei Li nodded, she would have not explained further but the eager eyes of Alexandre were plastered in the rearview mirror as he drove carefully hoping for her to expound . This was one of the reasons why she didn't want her identity exposed . She did not like answering questions concerning the stories behind her art especially when Yang could easily tell Mother Zhao everything .

"The best way to see the message is to buy a UV light, that's the only clue I will give you . " Which was already an obvious clue and if they still can't figure it out then they should give her painting back . She'll gladly return their money in exchange for her unappreciated paintings .

"Does the paintings that mother bought also have something hidden?"

Mei Li turned to look outside the window, ignoring anymore of his questions . Yang raised his eyebrows in suspicion . Did his mother know about it? Did Yue know?

"Your mother already figured it out . The reason why I don't want Mother Zhao to know about my identity is so she could figure it out for herself . She was the reason why I picked up painting in the first place, She is also one of my muses . So don't tell Mother Zhao, please . "

Yang's face was full of surprise and if Mei Li had merely turned towards the man, she would have seen another sincere smile, the one where his eyes also twinkle as it almost close with amusement . It was a tender smile, far from the fake grin he usually has .

Alexandre could only gape in amazement at their interaction as he peeks at the rearview mirror . Never had he seen Zhao Yang hidden notorious merciless CEO, look so tender .

This woman might really be the one for him .

Alexandre felt that someone is going to be married soon . Wait till he tells this new to their other friends in the capital, they'll go crazy .