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Chapter 160
February 14, 20XX (Thursday) The Palace Residency-Condominiums For the past few days, Wu Mei Li and Zhao Yang had lived bored with their routine . Unusual to him, Yang woke up way before Mei Li did . At dawn and nobody to help him into the wheelchair, Yang stayed where he is . He did not want to go anywhere else because Mei Li was curled into his side and hugging his arm . "Good Morning," Yang greeted her . Mei Li blinked her sleep away . Her face brightens with her smile as she replied, "Happy Birthday!" "Thank you . . . " "What do you want to eat for breakfast?" "Steak," The CEO immediately answered . It has been a while that he had eaten his favorite . Mei Li got up, tied her hair, and went out of the room to defrost the meat . Yang stared at her back as it disappears; his arm was feeling the loss of heat her hold had caused . He would have like to cuddle with her more . People must be working in the living room to 'surprise' him . Too bad, they had a bad secret keeper . A million questions popped into his head while waiting for her to come back . What is Mei Li's gift? How is she going to distract him from the preparation of his surprise birthday party? Who was invited? What is Mei Li's gift? When will it be? How should he act surprised? He's excited to know what is Mei Li's gift to him . Mei Li had returned with a smile and started to help Yang get ready . When Yang was on the bathtub in all his naked glory with only a small towel covering his little self and his injured leg propped up, Mei Li had gently rubbed his scalp in slow motion . He closed his eyes and enjoyed this free service . Yang felt he was being pampered . Her hands had carefully scrubbed every part of his body . Although he silently throws his expectation for a handjob when he was done with his bath and had dressed in casual attire . "So how will you distract me from knowing the surprise?" Yang asked her with a smirk while he sat on his bed, leaning lazily on the headboard . He already knows about the surprise, of course, but it doesn't mean he won't let her be safe with complying to his whims . Maybe she will give him a handjob; she can take all the time she needs . "Breakfast in bed," Mei Li then went out took something from Mother Zhao's hands and locked their bedroom door . Yang snorted at the prepared food, "If I didn't know your surprise party for me, I'd know by now . You did not have the time to prepare for that . " Mei Li's face reddened, and she complained, "I was supposed to wake up earlier than you . " Yang reaches out to kiss her forehead as she leaned down to place the tray of food in his bed . He looked at Mei Li with a smirk that was growing every passing second . His hands did not move at all . "You can eat now . " Mei Li said, his phone in her hands . She was ready to read her unfinished web novel . "The birthday boy does not want to move his hands to eat . " Yang's shamelessness has come again . Mei Li's eyebrow twitched in annoyance . She realized what he wanted her to do, but she didn't move so he could clarify . Mei Li knew she couldn't escape from this task, but she can stall a couple of seconds to annoy him . Yang took a couple of minutes of silence before he had the nerve to say, "The birthday boy wants to be feed . " Me Li then sat beside him, took the fork and knife, and fed her grown up yet childish patient . Yang chewed the food as slowly as possible, counting to thirty before he swallowed His eyes remained locked into her actions as her blush worsen . She looks adorable with a ponytail and a red tomato face . "Why can't you feed me like this every day?" He asked her when he was done . "Because you have hands . " Mei Li deadpanned, killing the mood instantly . Yang snorted loudly . Next time, he'll pretend to have his arms injured . Who should he ask for assistance? He started to plot and had not realized that he was already done eating . Why can't moments like this be frozen in time so he can live in it forever? He realized that it was already fifteen pass right am in the morning . He had spent more than forty minutes being feed by Mei Li . He was confused that Mei Li had helped him to his wheelchair and then pushed his chair to the door . Were the people decorating already done? That's fast . "Remember to act surprise," Mei Li reminded him with a smirk he did not realize was there . When he lean to open the door and saw his parents talking comfortably and nobody else to surprise him, Yang's expectations went down the drain and turned into disappointment . He twists his waist to see the evil grin in Mei Li's face; he was fooled! No one has successfully fooled him as she had . Yang glared at his girlfriend, but he mentally applauded her for her cunning . She and Yue must have changed plans . "You evil woman . . . " He accused her . Mei Li stuck her tongue out, and said, "You wanted the same banquet as Yue, so I told Mother Zhao that . We will be going to Zhao Manor because of it . " Yang's horrified face slowly morphed into a coy smirk, "Does that mean you'll give me a handjob as my birthday gift?" His parents that were listening to them in the background had choked from their surprise . Mei Li pinched him on his arm . Yang pouted, it was just a question .