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Chapter 161
February 14, 20XX (Thursday)
Zhao Manor

The thirty-three-year-old man sat well-behaved beside Mei Li with his feet propped in her lap as Yang had nodded to every word that came out from his mother's mouth . Father Zhao merely smiled at the scene while Mei Li was still blushing all the way down her neck .
When they arrived at Zhao Manor, Yang had his ears lectured off of his head by Mother Zhao . He had also bowed his head and apologized to Mei Li as per his mother's instruction . He cursed himself for blurting his perverted thoughts when his parents were present .
After getting off the car and into his room, Yang called Hao Chen .
It only rang twice before Hao Chen answered, "Happy Birthday! How may I help you, birthday boy?"
"Get Yue from your condo . I left her there so you can be her chauffeur . Don't take this chance for granted . " Yang immediately hangs up .
Once done, Yang sat dazedly as his Mother had commanded his guards to change his clothes to the formal wear that she had prepared . It did not take long for him to be ready and the clock struck at eleven . It was time for him to go .
Yang waited for someone to take him to the banquet hall as Mother Zhao had instructed him to do . He placed his elbows on the armrest and then rest his chin on his open palm, bored waiting for that person to arrive . It was probably his Father or Yue that would take this long . The slow ticking sound of the clock became a lullaby that made his eyes grow heavier . He closed it completely after a while, taking a short nap .
"Yang? Are you alright?" Mei Li's soft voice interrupted .
Yang immediately sat upright and tense; his seat felt like hot iron . He looks up to meet Mei Li's eyes .
" . . . Wow . . . " Yang uttered like a whisper that tickled Mei Li's ears . His eyes widen as his jaw dropped . She looked like a goddess with her hair tucked at the back, and small ringlets framed her face like she had come out from a book of Greek Myths . There was only one woman that Yang could comfortably compare Mei Li with, Aphrodite . Looking down, Mei Li was wearing a long blue sheath dress that hugged her hour-glass figure well .
She was drool-worthy .
"Yang," Mei Li called out his name and then pointed at the corner of his lips signaling that he was, indeed, drooling at her image . He needs to take a picture of her before this day ended . No, they need to take a picture together even if he couldn't stand properly . Who cares if he breaks his feet again in the process?
Yang wiped the corners of his lips, only to feel nothing wet . He glared at Mei Li when she laughed . She has learned how to fool him . In fact, she has learned how to handle him quite well . Without any words, they went to the event . Yang was looking smug in his wheelchair because he had the prettiest woman at his back .
"And now, let us welcome my son and his girlfriend, Zhao Yang and Wu Mei Lin . " The voice of his mother bolted them into attention . Their masks both plastered into their faces fast .
Everything would have been perfect if not for one woman who was replying to every positive feedback about them with negative and scathing remarks .
"She looks so beautiful in that dress . " a woman had praised .
"Anyone would look beautiful in that dress," the sneer in Ye Lan's remark made every woman that heard be surprised . Nobody dared to agree with her .
"That must be expensive! The Zhao Family must have spent a large quantity to obtain that . " another woman praised, trying to break the awkward silence that threatened the peace of the evening . The banquet had only begun, and this no-name person had dared to anger the Zhao Family with her thoughtless words!
"The Zhao Family had to try their best to present her beautifully," Ye Lan commented, implying that Mei Li could only be beautiful if she wore expensive material possessions .
Both Mei Li and Yang had heard every word . Yang's friends, who were sitting together had also heard it as clear as water from an untouched spring . Chang Min's scowl promised someone a painful tomorrow . Mei Li smirked and continued to push Yang's chair to the front near the microphone .
Mei Li cleared her throat before standing with the elegance of a Bonaparte and announced, "I am pleased to welcome you to Yang's thirty-third birthday . We are sorry that we are a little later than expected of us . This dress by Michael Cinco is a little heavy for me, and I was afraid to make my necklace destroy the dress when I move too fast . "
Everyone' eyes followed to where Mei Li was pointing . First her dress and then to her large diamond necklace . They realized that a Filipino designer who is known to make dresses that could total in millions had made Mei Li's gown . The necklace was one of the largest teardrop shaped diamond as the pendant they have ever seen in China .
All women applauded Mei Li loudly . The best way to counter a woman's jealousy was to make her more jealous with what could have been hers without dirtying her hands in the process . Mei Li displayed class like it was a birthright, no wonder the Zhao Family supports her!
Yang's laughter echoed for everyone to hear . He took Mei Li's hand and kissed her knuckles . Then his loud voice could be heard even from the back as he supported Mei Li, "Let's not forget that you are with me . I am your most expensive accessory . "
Everyone's mouth hangs open with the birthday celebrant's shamelessness, but they were more shocked by his love-struck expression . They realized that the 24th Zhao Family Head and the youngest billionaire in China has met with love .