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Chapter 162
February 14, 20XX (Thursday) Zhao Manor Zhao Yue snarled at her family, "Who invited that woman?" "Did you?" Aunt Qinyang turned to Mother Zhao, who had organized the event . "I didn't!" Mother Zhao immediately denied to defend herself . Why would she invite trash? She also hates that woman for hurting her son! "She came with the Hao Family," Grandma Zhao replied to silent them all . It is evident that they will bring her because they think of her as the new Hao matriarch . "Then she should zip her mouth like that rest of the Hao Family!" Yue continued to fume in anger . The Hao family does not deserve the kind and handsome Hao Chen at all! The Zhao family watch the happenings with eagle eyes . After Yang had greeted the guests and allowed himself to be pushed to go to his friend's location by Mei Li, people started to gather around them . Wanting to get close to the both of them, people had praised them endlessly . Suddenly, the woman that had caused Yue numerous pain walked into the circle of women surrounding Mei Li . "It's nice to meet you again, Miss Ye Lan," Mei Li smiled . Inside her was a beast ready to pounce . Ye Lan gazed at her from top to bottom and then turn to Yang as if she was air . Ye Lan said with a smile, "Happy Birthday!" Because she had ignored Mei Li, Yang naturally ignored her too . He visibly turned his wheelchair to face the woman at the back and said, "Push me to Chang Min's side . " "You can wheel yourself!" Mei Li rolled her eyes . "I want to be pushed," Yang insisted . "No," Mei Li deadpanned . She was smirking at him, measuring how much he would go to ask her more task in the face of everyone watching . Mei Li should have known by now what kind of person Yang was when it comes to her . "I'm the birthday boy! Roll me to my friend's side!" Yang demanded loud enough to surprise every one of his childishness . All four of the Zhao women had laughed when they heard what the couple was fighting about . Mei Li blushed at the scrutiny of the people . She took the handle at the back and slowly positioning the wheelchair to go in the right direction . Before walking out, Mei Li scanned Ye Lan's dress and snorted, "Next time have the Hao family buy you a grander dress . As you said before, the family must try their best to present you . " Mei Li turned to the ladies on Ye Lan's other side and nodded her head in acknowledgment, "If they won't, I can give this dress to you . Honestly, it's not that expensive, just a couple of dollars . " Father Hao grabbed Ye Lan's arm, and hissed at her in warning, "Don't make another scene!" Ye Lan tried to watch the events happening in the sidelines, but when women from affluent families surrounded Mei Li, she grew jealous . She should be the one being fawned . Ye Lan ignored Father Hao's warning and sneakily slide into the conversation, again . "Would it be fine if I asked you questions too?" "Of course!" Mei Li continued with a smile, "How may I help you, Miss Ye?" "Is it true you are an orphan left at the doors of the orphanage?" Ye Lan immediately asked about her past . If she were Mei Li, it would be the first thing that she will hide . "Yes, I am proud to come from the same orphanage that Grandma Zhao came . She was one of the greatest women who had revolutionized the predominantly men business world . I aspire to be like her . " Poised and elegant, the women who were listening likened Mei Li to a princess . "So you want to marry into the Zhao family to start a business? Grandma Zhao had built hers without help . " Ye Lan tried to anger Mei Li again . "Starting a business is a huge undertaking, I am not sure I will ever be confident enough like Grandma Zhao . If I am, I am sure Yang will help me every step of the way . " Mei Li calmly replied . She turned to the front and gazed at the family that had been with her even before Yang had shown interest in her, "I am proud to have the Zhao family at my back if I use their connections or not will depend on their decisions and not yours . " "What kind of business do you plan to start?" Ye Lan insisted in asking . By saying this, she implied that Mei Li was using the Zhao family . "Again, I don't plan to start a business," Mei Li almost snarled her words in annoyance . Some people are too close-minded realizing the truth . "But if I do, I will start with a pleasure house . Do you want to volunteer? I'm sure Hao Ren can share you as he had before with Yang . Isn't that what's good with you?" "You! How dare you bring that up!" Ye Lan was instantly in defense, guilty for all charges . "Hao Ren and I are in love! No Zhao Yang could hinder that!" Mei Li snorted and mocked, "The fact that you were Zhao Yang's girlfriend first should have hindered your love . If you were a decent woman, you should have broken off with Yang before having continuous sex with your lover . " "That's because your boyfriend is a control freak and a possessive bastard!?" "I know . " Mei Li continued with a drawl, "I like his possessiveness most of the time . It's wonderful to have his eyes all on me and not on any other woman loose enough to spread her legs to other men . " Overcome by anger, Ye Lan became impulsive and pushed Mei Li's shoulder with her hands cause Mei Li to sway . Everything happened too fast . The last scene that Mei Li remembered as she passed out was the Xue Grandparents rushing to her aid .