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Chapter 163
February 14, 20XX (Thursday)
Zhao Manor

Yang could not measure the anger flowing in his bloodstream, like a deep river flooding the plains of the city . He was murderous . Yang and his friends had observed Mei Li and Ye Lan's talk; they were ready to defend Mei Li should they need to . He was only a few meters away just in case . Even Chang Min was sitting tensely on his chair, ready to bolt to Mei Li's rescue .
When Mei Li had talked back and dragged Ye Lan to the ground with her words, Ru Shi had even hollered a loud agreement of, "Preach Mei Li! Preach!"
Yang was grateful to Mei Li that she had defended him . She had done it most shamelessly and savagely too; he approved of her ways . Everyone near him had gasped when Mei Li had mocked Ye Lan about her deeds of the past .
He was smirking at Mei Li's total win when his face transformed into the devil . Ye Lan had pushed Mei Li's left shoulder hard enough to knock her down . Chang Min had stood up quickly and run to save her from the fall . Injured Yang, tried to do the same but ended up stumbling back into his wheelchair .
Nobody could stop Mei Li's body hitting the table with her back . Yang watched in horror as her head bounced like a rubber ball on the edge of the table, making the things on top of it fell and cluttering the floor of the banquet hall .
The first one to reach Mei Li was not Chang Min but the Xue Grandparents that were nearer to her . Chang Min forced Ye Lan into the arms of Mei Li's bodyguard that had also run before Chang Min had . Every guest knew then that the birthday party had only begun, but it had now ended .
Yang saw red . He did not see Dr . Zhang Li Xi running to examine Mei Li . He did not see Yue and Ru Shi doing the same . He did not see Chang Min beginning to clutch the gun hidden in his tuxedo . He did not see the Xue Grandparents fuming in anger . Yang was utterly overcome with his anger that his eyes were focused on Ye Lan's neck . One slice of any knife would do the trick .
"You have done enough!" Suddenly Grandfather Zhao's voice boomed into the hall . He stamped his walking stick loud into the ground, and his frown visible on his face .
"The Zhao Family refuses to associate themselves to this garbage woman named Ye Lan . From this moment onwards, the Zhao Family will cut off all ties with the Hao Family unless Hao Chen becomes the CEO . "
Aunt Qinyang and Mother Zhao had left the table to run to Mei Li's side, leaving behind their husbands to stand beside their father . Grandma Zhao then walked to Yang and pushed his wheelchair to Mei Li . It did not take long for Mei Li to be carried into a car with Yang and Dr . Zhang Li Xi and into the hospital .
"Ye Lan will not be allowed to set foot on any property that the Zhao family owns . She will hear from our lawyers about her assault to Mei Li . " Father Zhao supported his father .
At the hospital, Mei Li was still passed out when she was laid into an MRI scan to make sure she didn't have any brain damage, trauma, or anything that could cause potential harm . Dr . Zhang Li Xi had worked with Mei Li scrutinizing his actions when Yang had stayed in the hospital, but now the positions have changed . Yang kept on staring and observing Mei Li for any sign of movement .
At the Zhao Manor, Grandpa Zhao held the fort . He and Grandma Zhao had calmly thanked the guests for coming and apologized for the abrupt end . No guest had dared to stay after what had happened . The Zhao family guards dragged Ye Lan and the rest of the Hao family into somewhere the guests did not know where . They feared for her, but at the same time, they thought that she deserved it . Ye Lan had been rude and had continued to belittle Miss Wu as soon as she had entered .
"Why did you stop Yang's anger?" Grandma Zhao had asked her husband after the people that were unrelated to them had disappeared .
"Chang Min was ready to take his gun out and shoot . Yang's hands were ready to choke someone to death . " Grandpa Zhao replied . He sat on the chair and prayed for Xue Mei Lin to be okay . He likes to have her as his future granddaughter-in-law .
"Ye Lan will find herself living hard from now on . Our daughter-in-law had also looked at Ye Lan like she was ready to torture . The Zhao Family may be influential, but we cannot compare to the Xing family at all . I had never seen Yue's face that red too!" Grandma Zhao commented with a snort before he joined his husband to pray . She too hopes to give her business to Mei Li, and she knows that her husbands plan to do so after she marries their grandson .
At the Hao Manor, Father Hao was lecturing Hao Ren . He had even shouted at his second wife and had been grateful for Hao Chen's quiet nature . He stayed rooted in disbelief when he realized that their company's share will continue to drop . The Hao patriarch had cursed and thrown a fit . He finally realized the extent of stupidity that Ye Lan bore .
When the day ended and a new tomorrow came, Yang was found comfortably settling himself beside Mei Li's bed . Her eyes remained closed . Yang covered her in a blanket; she needs sleep for now . If only the heavens could let him be the injured instead .
"Yang," Mei Li's voice called out to him, suddenly .