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Chapter 164
February 15, 20XX (Friday Morning)

Hearing the soft and sultry voice, Zhao Yang looked up to meet her eyes faster than his mind could register . He blinked in surprise . Seeing her smiling at him, Yang heaved a loud sigh of relief . He rolled the large wheels of his chair to come nearer to her . Yang held her right hand with trembling fingers . Now that he knows that everything was going to be alright, the reality of losing her bugged him . He, the man who was said to be a devil's incarnation, was afraid . When she had closed her eyes after the fall, Yang felt the world turn black and white . With her, life would be without colors .
"Do you need something?" Yang did not know that his words had come out as a whisper .
Mei Li smiled at him to ease his the worried lines of his forehead . She sat up with little help . Knowing how to operate the hospital bed because of being Yang' s personal nurse, Mei Li reached for the small lever to pull so the bed would fold and support her back . She swayed a little, but Yang had reached and steadied her with his hands on her arm . Her heart moved when he had to use his injured leg to stable himself too .
Zhao Yang cared more for her than his own body; the sudden realization drowns on her like a tsunami . It was a weird thought that came out of nowhere, but it gave her mixed emotions . Mei Li was scared at the thought of someone laying their life on the line for her, but she was grateful to his care and felt treasured . As an orphan, Mei Li did not expect this kind of deep love from someone . Yang had done many things for her that ordinary men would not . He had contained his pervertedness to light touches when his eyes blaze in his burning desire to ravish her . His control against all the teasing she had done to him was the most amazing . If he had done it to her, she would have already snapped way before . Mei Li had tested his patience every day, and she loves him for that .
Wait .
Did she?
Does she really love him?
Yang froze when he saw Mei Li look at him with an expression he had never seen before . Did she hit her head too hard that she would look like a lovesick fool? When Dr . Zhang Li Xi opened the temporary hospital room for Mei Li, he was greeted with a smiling patient and his friend's ears red . He smirked when he realized that Mei Li's deep stare must have affected Yang .
"We have analyzed the MRI results and saw nothing bad . She's free to go and rest at home if she is up for it . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi said with a grin . He was happy to deliver this good news . Hopefully the next news he would deliver from this couple would be news of a pregnancy . He wants a baby to spoil, and carry around while calling him Uncle .
Alexandre was already married for two years and no sign of movements in Li Ru Shi's stomach at all . Li Alexandre was a weak man, but Zhao Yang was definitely going to impregnate Mei Li as soon as he could . Dr . Zhang Li Xi, Doctor, specializing in general surgery, neurology, and internal medicine, son, brother, friend, and UNCLE . That would be one title he wanted to add to his list .
"Yang, Can you step out for a bit?" Mei Li's question surprised the two friends into awkward silence . Dr . Zhang Li Xi hated the glare that was sent his way .
"Why?" Yang gripped the armrest of his wheelchair with the largest frown on his face . Can't they do what needs to be done with him on the room?
"I will ask him something that you don't need to hear," Mei Li nonchalantly replied causing Yang's temper to flare, but Yang could do nothing when Mei Li pointed at the door with a stern face . He glared at his doctor friend as a warning before rolling the wheels so he can go out . Yang made sure to pout at Mei Li before he closed the door with a slam .
"So, what do you want to ask me that you don't want Yang to hear?" Dr . Zhang Li Xi pulled out the chair on the side and sat with a grin full of curiosity . He had a feeling this would be good .
"I really don't know how to start . . . " Mei Li shifted nervously in her bed .
Sensing the tenseness in her shoulders, Dr . Zhang Li Xi joked, "If you are going to confess your love to me, I am sorry, but my body belongs to every unavailable woman that my friends aren't interested . "
Mei Li loosened up with a loud snort, "No way . Your hair is too long, you're too wild, and we don't have anything in common aside from Yang . "
"True," Dr . Zhang Li Xi secretly congratulated himself for easing her awkwardness . This type of situations was normal for doctors .
"I was wondering if Yang is available to do physical activities even with his injured leg . " Mei Li asked with her medium length hair covering her red face .
The doctor blinked his eyes multiple times in surprise as his brain loads the meaning in her words . Immediately, Dr . Zhang Li Xi realized what she was trying to ask . He grinned mischievously; it seems that Zhao Yang was going to get some action later .
"His two walking leg is injured, but his man leg is doing just fine . You can just climb on top of him and do all the work . In fact, I would advise that Yang release his frustrations . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi said as he laughed loudly when Mei Li look up at him with wide eyes of horror .