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Chapter 165
February 15, 20XX (Friday Morning)
Hospital & The Palace Residency- Condominiums

When Dr . Zhang Li Xi opened the door to let Yang enter the room again, he was immediately asked by Yang, "What were you talking about?"
"Nothing, she was just curious about you . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi's smug look and Mei Li's red face made Yang green with envy . His curiosity showed on his face clearly .
"What about me?" Yang asked again with narrowed eyes at his friend, who raised his arms in surrender . Dr . Zhang Li Xi was not going to be the spoilsport that would ruin the best surprise a man could receive . Yang can wait, oh; He will wait with glad tidings if he knew .
Mei Li got off the bed in haste and asked Yang for help to get rid of his suspension and jealousy, "Yang, help me a little?"
Yang quickly rolled his chair's wheels to her and steadied her stand with his hands . He still turned to Dr . Zhang Li Xi and demanded after, "So what did she ask you?"
"You'll know soon . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi continued, "I need to leave, do you have anything else to ask me?"
"What did she ask?" Yang asked promptly .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi chuckled . He opened the don't and asked, "Anything else but that?"
"No, nothing else . Thank you . " Mei Li replied before Yang could ask the same annoying question .
The doctor nodded and turned to walk out but stayed for a while to hint at Yang, "I hope you enjoy your gift . "
"What?" A red face and a tensed body answered Yang's innocent question directed at Mei Li . He sighed in annoyance; it seems that there would be no answers today .
They went out of the hospital with Mei Li looking as if she had not been on an accident that had made her pass out . Her dress packed at the back of the car, forcing her to use the hospital gown that Dr . Zhang Li Xi had gave her .
When they arrived at the condo, Mei Li continued to take care of Yang . She settled him in the bed after calling the rest of the Zhao family to confirm her health .
Once sitting comfortably on the bed, Yang asked her, "How are you feeling? Do you need to sleep and rest? "
"No, I need to get some clothes at my condo . I'll be back . " Mei Li said with a squeak .
Yang watched her run to the door as if she had not suffered any blow from her head . It seems that she hadn't hit her head too hard, but that doesn't stop him from planning Ye Lan's demise . He leisurely laid on his bed waiting for Mei Li to come back . I wonder what took her too long? Is her closet a maze?
He was surprised to see Mei Li peaking only her head to see him . He turned to his side and stared at her . He tried to look at what she was wearing and could not see anything pass her head because of the door . She pouted and asked, "Yang, can you close your eyes for a second?"
"Why?" Yang asked confused . She was behaving weirdly . She must have really hit her head hard . He needs to kill Ye Lan soon!
"Please?" Her soft sweet and sultry voice sounded lacking air . She was breathing heavily, and the shifting of her eyes made her sexy but suspicious . Yang immediately closed his eyes . He waited for what she was going to do . Was she wearing something hot? He refrained from opening his eyes . He would see it soon so why hurry?
Yang heard the door open and close . Her light footsteps could not be heard, but he felt her coming nearer to him at the edge of the bed . Suddenly the cold feeling of his hands being bound and a soft click of a metal being closed and lock made him open his eyes in shock . Yang saw he was handcuffed and his jaw hit the ground when Mei Li took advantage of his surprised state and yank his cuffed hands into the wood designs of his headboard and locking the middle part of his handcuff into another handcuff that had been hastily locked .
"What are you doing?" Yang asked in horror . He had never been in this position before . Yang was surprised that Mei Li leaned under his bed to get something . He noticed what she was wearing; a black lacy see-through bra with a red ribbon on the middle pushed her breast up like twin watermelons with a corset that made her waist smaller than it already is, and a black lacy panty that seemed so small and so easy to take off .
"wah?! Mee yee-" Suddenly his mouth was gagged with a ball gag, and no words could come out clearly .
His eyes widen with anticipation . This is beyond his imagination . Was he the one that had hit his head and is now in a coma? He must be hallucinating because shy Mei Li was such a dominant woman underneath it all .
Mei Li climbed into the bed . Her nervous appearance before suddenly turned into a confident seductress . This woman was a femme fatale in the making! She licked her red lips and Yang could not do anything but watch . Slowly kissing Yang's cheeks innocently, she leans all her weight to his upper body . Her chest pressing with his . Damn, he could feel and see her nipples .
Her kisses change location every time . Her soft lips dragging into his face from the cheeks to his nose, then to his chin . When she went up to his forehead, Yang's face was smothered with her large breast . He decided that no pillow could rival the smoothness of her skin . The gag ball hindered him from sucking them, and his cuffed hands blocked him from pulling the bra down . He cursed himself for being taken off guard .
Yang did not even think twice to let his junior self stand erect . He mentally smirked when Mei Li went back to her previous location to kiss his cheeks again only to feel his hardness pressing her nether region as if asking for her attention .
His eyes stayed glued at her . He was curious about what she was going to do next . Since he was bound, she must not want him to go all the way . He let her be and trusted her to help him as much as she was comfortable . Yang had tensed when Mei Li shifted her weight to his side and slide to his right . Her right hand immediately pushed his shirt up and trailing soft, and lightly touched on his abdomen which made the heat in his body blaze with a larger fire . His third leg stained the cloth that held it in place .
Then her hand trailed lower and lower coming right on top of the garter of his brief . Mei Li put her head down to his neck and muzzling it while tracing the line of his briefs from right to left then back again . She kissed his throat on his Adam's apple before he felt her smirk .
Mei Li slowly lowered herself, being careful not to touch his cast . She signaled him to spread his legs, Yang gladly did it with a smile . His hands clenched when she pulled his pajama bottoms halfway, leaving only his brief . Yang's eyes fixed on Mei Li .
She smirked at him with that red lips he wants to kiss . Dammit to hell! Why is he tied?! He fucking wants to kiss every inch of that damn tempting lips . The need in him made his eyes blazed with unrestraint desire .
The petite nymph between his legs said, "A little late but my present starts now . "
Yang's eyes widen again when Mei Li pulled his brief and let his little self be free- not so little at all . He stood a proud ribbed seven inches . For a Chinese man, he was already massive . Yang saw Mei Li gulp at his glory and he suddenly felt proud of himself . He must be bigger than she had expected . Surprise, you beautiful woman! You aren't the only one that has them .
Mei Li reached inside her chest and pulled a square red packet . He gulped when she opened it and placed a large amount on her palm then spreading it all over hands and then dropping the rest of the think pinkish liquid to the head of his dick with a devious red face . He jerked his hands on instinct . He was suffering, but he was glad he was suffering .
Mei Li then grab the middle of his shaft as rough as she could . The gasp that made pass his bound mouth was loud . Her hands slowly leathered his dick with the lube, gradually stretching out the length . She pushed and pulled the skin while her other hand traced the veins she could see . Damn, her eyes were alight with curiosity and mischief together . It was fucking endearing!
He jerked his hands and was reminded that she had bound him . Fuck!
Yang could only watch while panting as Mei Li played with him . She then made two tight rings around his penis using both her thumb and index finger like an okay symbol, stacking them on top of the other in the middle of his shaft . She then twisted the 'rings' in opposite directions moving from center to the top with her left hand and to the base of his shaft with her right hand at the same time . Yang writhed from the amazing sensation . Damn! Where did she fucking learn to play with a man's dick this way?!
"Do you like it?" Did the damn woman had to ask? He fucking loves it!
Suddenly, she grabbed his dick with both hands and rubbed up and down . The warmed of her palms made him see the stars even if the windows were closed . She didn't shy away and tried to be gentle, in fact, she was rough and coarse .
Her left hand then slowly reached to touch his testicles, rolling the two balls with one hand, bouncing it and fucking exploring every part of it .
Yang could feel his composure losing and the end coming near . She was too fucking good!
Suddenly all the movements stopped . Mei Li met his eyes and said, "Happy Birthday . "
Fuck! Thank heaven for birthday gifts! Fuck all the gifts he received; this was the best! Mei Li made a "V" shape with her thumb and pointer finger to support his penis and added additional pleasure caused by the pressure . Yang's eyes popped out for the nth time as Mei Li kissed the head .
The kiss on the tip made Yang gave out and finished faster than he had intended . Fuck! He writhed, arching his back from the sensation . The liquid that sprayed out from him spluttered into Mei Li's face . He was too early, dammit! Do it again, Yang! Stand up! He panted with large gasps of air .
Mei Li then took the gag in his mouth, and immediately he joked breathlessly, "Mom said my real birthday is tomorrow . Do it again?"
Mei Li chuckled and kissed his lips . He eyed the cum on her face with a smirk . Next time, he'd do it on her breast or inside her . His hands were then freed .
Without restraint, Yang groped her breasts with his large hands . Mei Li gasped loudly and wantonly sighed when he kneaded it . He pushed the bra down roughly and kissed her left nipples, sucking it for a while and twirling his tongue on it before leaving it with a loud pop as he pulled back . Mei Li was breathless, unfinished, and a mess . He smirked; she deserves to know what he has been feeling for the past days she was teasing him .
He was satisfied, finally!