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Chapter 166
February 15, 20XX (Friday)
The Palace Residency- Condominiums

"Yang," Mei Li tugged at Yang . Her breath still labored, and her face covered with his remnants . Yang wiped her face with the sheets . He righted her bra so it would contain her ample breasts . Yang then kissed her lips as his thank you . They both laid at the bed panting for breath .
"If I'm going to continue without being bound, I will eat everything you have," Yang said with a smile . His right hand caressed Mei Li's arm .
"Can't you do the thing with your tongue? Just that?" Mei Li still tugged at the hems of his shirt that he had hastily pulled down . She pouted cutely, acting as if she hadn't just made him lost his mind . One more begging from her, and he will eat her . Morals, be damn!
Thankfully his cellphone rang . Mei Li patted the side table near her as it was placed there because she had been using it beforehand .
"Hello," Mei Li immediately answered his phone . Yang touched his nose, helplessly . It could have been his business associate . He noted to buy himself a new cellphone or better yet, buy her a new one .
"Mei Li? Where is my son?!" Mother Zhao's voice echoed loudly on the speaker . Her voice sounded surprised to hear Mei Li's labored breathing
Mei Li hastily put Yang's phone in his ears, "It's Mother Zhao . "
"Yes, my dearest and most beautiful mother?" Yang drawled, controlling his breathing . His active lifestyle has finally paid off since his mother's reaction have been diverted and her suspicions cleared . Yang could almost sigh in relief when Mother Zhao said, "Why was Mei Li breathing heavily . "
"She ran from the kitchen to bring my phone to the bedroom . You know how easily she loses her composure with a little exercise," Yang smirked at Mei Li while wiggling his eyebrows at her .
Without waiting for his mother's reply, Yang diverted their topic, "So why did you call me?"
"I want to take care of Ye Lan . I won't kill her, but I want her to suffer a little . Maybe destroy her face?" Mother Zhao said .
Yang had been surprised two times this day . First by Mei . Now by his mother . Zhao neé Xing Hui Ying, known by all as Mother Zhao had a task force more massive than any bodyguard unit owned by a person in China . Being a direct descendant of the last Xing Emperor, she had also inherited the hidden guards that came with all the remaining properties and wealth that the royal family had amassed . Compared to any person in China, She was one of the most influential in the government . Second only to the President .
Yang immediately conceded to Mother Zhao and ended the phone call, helpless as his mother had reminded him to work fast in concern of her grandchild . When Mother Zhao hang up, Yang took the phone in Mei Li's hand and said, "What are we doing tomorrow?"
Mei Li slid into the covers as the cold February air bothered her . Yang was sad to see her outfit being covered by their white bed sheets . She shrugged before snuggling into Yang's arms and burying her face into his neck .
"We have nothing planned for tomorrow . Shall we go out?" Mei Li suggested with her mouth moving against his neck and her breast pressed at his side . He was going to eat all this woman is going to offer, but first, he must make sure she cannot escape from him . Putting a ring on her finger would be the best option . Soon, when the time is right .
"Where shall we go?" Yang asked .
"Let's have dinner with the Xue family . " Mei Li nonchalantly throw her true purpose .
Yang's hand on her arm tightened a little . He must have been surprised by her words . He must have thought that he was hiding it so subtly, but Mother Zhao's slip of the tongue had been so noticeable to her even when her ears were not as trained .
Yang spluttered to explain and ask at the same time, "Why? Do you know abo-" "I want to go out for dinner with them because Big Brother Chang Min's grandparents were the first people to come to my rescue when I bumped my head . I remembered his grandfather catching me . " Mei Li interrupted Yang .
Mei Li knew Yang was not going to tell her . He was too loyal to Chang Min to do it, so the best thing to do was go to the direct source . Maybe with doing this, Big Brother Chang Min would be encouraged to tell the truth . Maybe his grandparents would love her too much that they will force Big Brother Chang Min or they will tell her their side of the story .
"You want to have dinner with them so you can express your gratitude?" Yang asked, his eyes narrowed suspiciously at Mei Li . She was just as observant as his mother . Women, they were scary .
Yang sighed, picked his phone from where he had placed it, and called Chang Min's phone . Yang immediately went directly to the point, "Mei Li wants to have dinner with you and your grandparents to express her gratefulness to your grandparents for trying to save her . "
Chang Min choked at his saliva . He gulped and cleared his through loudly . Suddenly, Mei Li's pitiful and begging voice echoed into his speakers, "Big Brother Chang Min, please . "
The older brother's heart melted into a puddle of goo . Chang Min agreed immediately after that . Mei Li then set the restaurant that they will eat and hang up with a large, "Thank you, Big Brother Chang Min! You are the best!"
Chang Min then went to his computer, download Mei Li's voice as his phone was always set to record every conversation he had that was not encrypted . He sent the short clip of Mei Li's voice to his father, boasting about being the best .