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Chapter 167: 167
February 16, 20XX (Saturday)
Restaurant Xandre

Yang and Mei Li arrived at the French Restaurant as early as they could . Mei Li had a skip on her steps with a massive grin on her lips . Yang had laughed out loud when she wore a cute long sleeved Sunday dress as opposed to her usual jeans 'to look pretty so the grandparents will love her' as she had said to Yang . Mei Li had even sprayed Yang and herself perfume . Yang had tried to wrestle it out of her hands when she had pointed her feminine floral fragrance to his neck but was forced to concede when Mei Li glared at him like Medusa .
When they arrived at a familiar french restaurant that Yang had chosen to take Mei Li before and was cockblocked in 'accident' by Chang Min, Yang turned to Mei Li with a smirk . He said after a few moments of contemplation, "Did you pick this restaurant because you know Chang Min owns it, and he would foot the bill for you?"
Mei Li grinned at him like a cat that had eaten the canary . She patted his arm, showed her large bag, and denied his accusation, "I don't know what you are talking about, I even brought my wallet . "
Yang rolled his eyes at his girlfriend's deviousness but applauded it secretly . Her move was pure genius . She had used the excuse of being grateful so she could meet the grandparents who showed concern for her . It has been how many days they have met? Yet, she still surprised him with her actions and reactions .
Entering the doors of the restaurant, the guide led them to the private room where the three members of the Xue Family waited . All three greeted Mei Li with a smile and just nodded their heads to Yang . Yang saw the difference of warmth between their greetings . He could only touch his nose in helplessness .
Chang Min led Mei Li to seat on the right side facing their grandparents . Chang Min then sat beside Mei Li and placing Yang on the furthest seat as he had done before . Mei Li giggled loudly when Yang had to helplessly maneuver his wheelchair to comfortably fit on the table's height . The Xue grandparents stared at Chang Min's jealous behavior in horror; he had inherited his jealous side from his father, most definitely .
"Grandma, grandpa, this is Wu Mei Li . " Chang Min immediately introduced Mei Li to his grandparents, ignoring Yang all the way down the opposite side of the 20 seater long table .
"Mei Li this is my grandmother, Xue Bi Yu, but you can call her Grandma Xue as you do with Grandma Zhao . " Chang Min gestured at the old lady that smiled at her like she was the best person she had seen for a long time . Mei Li returned her smile with a smile of her own .
"This is my grandfather, Xue Jian Jun, but you can call him Grandpa Xue . " Chang Min then turned to the elder with no facial hair and a smile that mirrored the largeness of Grandma Xue . Mei Li was full of nervousness; her eyes shifted to Yang raising his fist and pumping it down to show his support and tell her to do her best . She nodded to her boyfriend before returning to speak to Chang Min, "Should we order food?"
The Xue Family noticed her brief interaction with Yang . Chang Min had frown unhappily while the Grandparents had smiled at their cute actions . They were happy to see that Yang had fulfilled his promises and continued to do his duties as a great friend and a more magnificent boyfriend . Zhao Yang would be an excellent addition to their family .
The food came fast after they had ordered . Mei Li was somewhat eyeing her bag when it arrived . She was a miser, and she hated to pay for all this food . Chang Min had immediately assured her after he noticed the way she had scanned her bag and opened her wallet, trying discreetly to count the money she had withdrawn beforehand .
"Don't worry about it . " Chang Min whispered, unknowingly falling into his little sister's trap, "I own the restaurant . Eat everything you want; it's all on me . "
"Really?" Mei Li clapped her hands in gratitude and grinned widely at Chang Min, exposing all of her teeth as a child . The elder brother puffed up his chest with pride .
"But this was supposed to be my treat for your grandparents who responded to my aid so fast . " Mei Li said to the older couple, bowing her head low and acted pitifully . She bowed her head and bit her lips .
Grandma Xue immediately scrambled to comfort her, "Don't worry . We are merely grateful that we can go out and about to exercise these old bones we have . "
"Right," Grandpa Xue agreed as fast as he could .
"Then," Mei Li looked up, and her crocodile tears showed to them clearly as she continued, "If you ever need someone to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with, you must not hesitate to call me!"
"Of course!" The Xue family granter her words with an instantaneous nodd of their heads . Mei Li laughed and showed a joyful expression that left all the Xue family beaming in happiness again . She continued her spiel about trying different kinds of food from different countries . The Xue grandparents had noted to invite her to different high-class restaurants that they know; they were sure she would enjoy it .
Yang smirked to himself . He watched entertained at Mei Li's acting . She was a force to be reckoned with even ending the day with a warm hug to each of them . Yang was amazed at how cunning she is . She had not only let Chang Min pay for everything that she had planned, but she has also secured herself future sponsor of her foodie lifestyle utilizing her grandparents' willingness to be close to her .
No wonder he fell for her!