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Chapter 168
February 22, 20XX (Friday)
The Palace Residency- Condominiums

"Mei Li, can I borrow a top?!"
"Sure," Mei Li throw the keys to her condo to Yue's hands . Yue caught it frantically and beamed a large smile of gratefulness to Mei Li before going out of his brother's condo .
Yang watched as Yue, his whirlwind sister, continued to cause chaos on his beautiful morning . The first time, she had asked Mei Li's opinion about her outfit then she went back to who knows where while running like a mad woman .
The next time, she had opened the door of Yang's condo with a bang and whispered something in Mei Li's ears . Mei Li had stopped preparing food for a while to get something in the guest bedroom . Yang had averted his eyes immediately when he saw Mei Li handing his little sister sanitary pads .
Now, she was borrowing clothes because apparently, her three thousand dollar sweater was not good enough . Yang sighed at his fashionista sister; the sickness she got with her job and being a wealthy person . Can't she be satisfied with the clothes she was wearing?
After they ate their breakfast, Yue had immediately returned her makeup and excitedly go out of the door . Yang was curious as to why she was so dressed up, where she was going, and who she was meeting .
Yang asked Yue before she had a hand off the doorknob, "Where are you going?"
"Nowhere," Yue grinned at him . She mischievously waved her hands to the two of them, "Bye!"
When the door closed, Yang turned his confused face to his girlfriend . Mei Li always knows everything, as Yang has now learned . She was like his mother, a keen observant who only use her knowledge when she needs . Yang asked her, "Where is she going?"
"She's going on a date with Hao Chen . They decided to meet and have coffee . "
"Oh, interesting . " Yang was surprised . He had not expected Hao Chen to work that fast to woo her . Hao Chen was even faster than him! It took him more than a month to ask Mei Li for a date while Hao Chen had only weeks! Yang smirked; if Hao Chen becomes his brother-in-law, he has more reasons to destroy Ye Lan . Maybe this was why his mother was adamant to make Ye Lan suffer for what she has done to Mei Li . Ye Lan had not only hurt Mei Li but could potentially hurt Yue through Hao Chen . He still has a long way to go to be on the same level as his mother .
Yang's thoughts were interrupted when Mei Li had slipped her hands on his cargo shorts' pocket to reach for his phone . She was so tactile now that Yang didn't have to initiate their kisses now . Yang's mind then went to the horrifying realization that Hao Chen might kiss his annoying little sister and take advantage of her .
Yang grinned at Mei Li while his thoughts were planning ways, "Let's stalk them!"
"Of course, I've already asked her bodyguards to put cameras and microphones on their person . " Mei Li grinned at him, the reason why she had his cellphone in her hands was for that reason .
Zhao Yang's heart melted into a puddle . Mei Li was the woman who understood him and let him be his real self without restrictions . To him, this woman epitomizes love . With her, he sees a brighter tomorrow and a more vibrant future .
He smirked, "What if she would stray from her bodyguards to be alone with Hao Chen . "
Mei Li's lips mirrored his smirk, "I put a small microphone in her bag that I found in your collection, we can hear them . "
A moment of silence broke through their conversation . Yang had stared at his girlfriend with awe and amazement . She had even thought about it this far?! His mother has a rival in subtle deviousness . Mei Li had behaved as if she would do nothing while Yue was scrambling around to get ready for the date when Mei Li had already laid all her plans .
Yang laughed loudly, "Did I tell you how devious you are?"
"What?" Mei Li pretended to have not heard him . She kissed both of his cheeks and teased him, "I know how beautiful I am, you don't have to tell me twice . "
Yang grinned . Before she was like a closed off clam; he had to pry her open so she would speak . Now, she was not only verbose but was also playful like a cat . Her true attitude unveiling as more days they spend together passes by . Times like this that Yang could appreciate the effort he had invested; how far he had come!
Mei Li had then pushed his wheelchair to the bedroom so they can stalk on the comfort of their- his bed . Yang had even prepared his laptop on the side in case he needs to hack at security footages from other companies . Mei Li brought with her some snacks which Yang hates like dried fruits, nuts, salad, and healthy shit . Can't she give him some junk food? The cons of having a nutritionist as a girlfriend . Mei Li needs to forget her nutritionist degree so he can go back to eating unhealthy .
"Hi," Yue's breathless voice echoed through the phone's speakers .
"You look beautiful," Hao Chen's voice followed after .
Mei Li's hands held the phone close to him so they can share . Yang's eyes looked at the small screen of his phone, and as if he was watching a drama unfold in his eyes, he concentrated at it . Hao Chen better behaves like a gentleman, or he'll taste the same kick Chang Min had did to him! If Mei Li could hear his thoughts, she would laugh hard because Yang's shamelessness and pervertedness could not be compared to the playful and cheerful Hao Chen . Both men were loyal, and that ends all their similarities . One was a devil and another was a saint .