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Chapter 169
February 22, 20XX (Friday)
Various Places

Zhao Yue, a twenty-six-year-old model and the current heiress to the Zhao fortune, had gone to many charities and events . In all those, she had never been as nervous as she is now . Yue had climbed the ladder to being a no-name model to an international model that had walked the runway of luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, and so much more . She had become an international model without bringing the Zhao name for her support . Yue had been known to be just that- Yue .
Amongst all her trials and tribulations, this date was the most nerve-wracking she had ever experienced .
She and Hao Chen had been cutely flirting with each other way before her big brother had met Ye Lan, but it was through emails, text messages, and private calls . They could not bring it their blossoming relationship in the front in fear for the Zhao family's reaction as Hao Chen was the brother Hao Ren . Only Mei Li and her mother knew about their secret . When Yang had tried to set them up together, Mei Li had nodded for them to go along . Yue was relieved that they can now, slowly, let the world see their attraction to each other .
Yue went out of her car; she crossed the street with her bodyguards on both of her side . Hao Chen was waiting for her on the side of the movie theater where they were planning to watch a new movie that Li Ru Shi had released . Yue had honestly hated watching rom-com movies without Mei Li's snide comments, but it was the safest movie choice for their date .
"Hi," Yue's words were uttered breathlessly . She had hurried to meet him . Hao Chen was wearing another turtle neck that showed his leaner built than her big brother .
"You look beautiful," Hao Chen smiled at her . A smile which she likens to the sun, bright and blinding . Her heart beats with nervousness . She was wearing a pastel pink long sleeved shirt that she had borrowed from Mei Li that was probably brought by her brother and faded skinny jeans with black boots with heels longer than her pointer finger . Yue cursed her decision to wear long heels because now she was the same height with Hao Chen . What if he would hate her for being a giant woman?!
"You are handsome," Yue grinned . With her station and status, she had mastered taking control of her thoughts and facial expressions .
Hao Chen's face flashed a shock expression before turning to bashfulness . He stuttered, "I-I mean you are be-beautiful . You don't just look beautiful, but beautiful inside too! W-what I was-" "I know what you mean," Yue grinned at him .
Hao Chen was too cute . He tried to act cool in front of her, but when he loses his composure with only a little teasing, it made her distrustful heart awe with his cuteness . Yue had never seen a man this handsome and cute at the same time . Her big brother was a handsome man, but he could never be cute, only shameless . Ony a more woman like Mei Li, who can quickly adapt to another person's attitude, could match him .
"Let's go inside?" Yue said . She intertwined her hands with Hao Chen and dragged him inside the theater . Her bodyguards followed after them like their tails, both wearing black tuxedos and looking intimidating as they queue .
Yue sighed when people had started taking photos of her and Hao Chen . Some people had even begun gossiping about them . Yue had merely brushed her shoulders and swept her hair to those useless gossip mongers .
Hao Chen smiled at her casual actions of ignoring the people that surrounded her . Her vibrant and no-nonsense attitude has been the most attractive trait that attracted his attention to her . Aside from being beautiful, she was also amazingly easy to get along .
Yue then dragged Hao Chen to the side of the toilet so she could pee . She dumped her new Hermes bag that was gifted by her aunt to Hao Chen's hands and told, "If you aren't going to pee, don't move anywhere . "
Hao Chen smiled at her and nodded like a dog . He was so easy to get along too! He wasn't one to complain nor was he the one to be choosy . His attitude must be because of the earlier neglect of his father as he and his mother had suffered from his father's mistress . Yue had never wanted to slap someone's face as the second wife of the Hao family .
When Yue was done, they watch the movie in peace while the bodyguards still tailing at them . Yue had taken advantage to lean on Hao Chen's shoulder, causing the man to move his arms to circle at her . She smirked at him when he casually took advantage of he too .
As the movie continued, Yue could not help but steal glances at Hao Chen . She had not realized that Hao Chen always catches her looking away . He might not be as easily tactile like Yue, but that doesn't mean he was not as deeply attracted to her as she does to him, hopefully .
Yue kissed his left cheek when Hao Chen had teased her with a reprimand, "If you look at me too much, you won't be able to concentrate on the movie . "
Meanwhile, on the Palace Residency- Condominiums, Mei Li was snickering as Yue and Hao Chen stared back to the large screen which made Yang show an ugly expression . She cleared her throat and asked, "Something in your mind?"
Yang's eyes shifted to her briefly before returning to the small screen in her hands, "I was worried that Hao Chen would take advantage of Yue, but now, I'm worried about the opposite . Yue is an opportunist, alright . "
Mei Li laughed out loud when Yang mumbled about threatening Yue instead of Hao Chen . Pitiful Hao Chen was already whipped .