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Chapter 17

October 27, 20XX (Saturday)

Sheng Palace Restaurant

Suddenly the car stopped and a building built in white stone that looks like a grand French chateau came into her view . The gate was open and a large double door with black runway carpet welcomed her eyes to the entrance that have two guards stationed at either side of the door .

Mei Li could only gape at amazement, feeling like a princess when the guards opened the door for her to enter .

Seeing her awe, Yang decided to take a gamble and pulled her closer to him, grab her hands, and hastily intertwining their fingers . Fortunately for Yang, the taciturn painter was too in awe at the French baroque style interior to notice what Yang had done .

Mr Li also gape, but not because of the interior like Mei Li did, but because of the utter shamelessness of his close friend .

Yang had put a lot of effort into this woman, that is another first . Yang had never been one to exert effort especially to a woman, he had always been the one who was chased and not the other way around .

This time it was different .

Amazing! Yet Mr Li could not help but sympathize for Yang because Mei Li looked like the type of woman who doesn't like to be deceived and would rather be told upfront . If he keeps up with being shameless, he's going to be slapped in the face soon .

Mr Li observed Yang and Mei Li's interaction as they walk towards the restaurant that had his wife, Li Ru Shi, waiting for from for more than half an hour now .

Mr Li knew he was going to be glared at but he had already prepared a reason as to why they were late . The reason is right in front of him, holding hands… and suddenly Li Alexandre couldn't help gawking like a fool when Yang, in the most shameless manner he could imagine, kiss the hand he was holding making the lady's head turn so fast into Yang's direction that Alexandre couldn't believe it did not fall .

Mei Li tried to pull her hands out from Yang's grip but unfortunately, her strength was no match compared to Yang's .

Powerlessly, she could only glower at him with a demand, "Unhand me, CEO Zhao . "

"No, I like holding hands with you . "

Mei Li left eyebrow twitch in annoyance . "I don't . "

"Why? I don't have sweaty hands . See our hands fits perfectly together as if it was made for this purpose . " The fake smile still plastered in his face made Mei Li's eyebrow twitch again .

Mei Li asked, clearly livid, "Are you going to unhand me or am I going to resort to other methods?"

This statement made Yang curious, "What methods?"

Swiftly, Mei Li poked Yang's side with her other hand causing the CEO to yelp and let go of her hands, ticklish from her attack .

Yang stood with horror as Mei Li pointed and then wiggled her pointer finger at him goofily smiling . He did not expect her to know about this fact .

Yang, helpless and happy at the same time, frowned, "Who told you I was ticklish?"

"You forgot who my best friend is, Mr . Zhao . "

Mei Li then strutted towards another door that was once again opened by the guards . Yang could only watch in horror and glee; horror because she cared enough to know one of his weakness and glee because he had discovered, when he ogled her sexy behind, that Mei Li was curvy even below her waist .

Alexandre smirked as Yang's eyes were glued at the woman's back . He knew Yang would have a hard time wooing Mei Li just as he had a hard time with his now wife, Li Ru Shi . He followed after Mei Li after throwing a large grin in mockery at Yang's dazed state, which woke the said man from his daydreaming and smiled insincerely in reply . Prompting Alexandre to roll his eyes .

Arriving inside the restaurant, Alexandre guided them towards a table with 4 seats but one already occupied by a gorgeous woman wearing a royal blue off-shoulder dress and the same shade of royal blue but with bottom red shoes . Alexandre's stride grew larger as he approached his wife, he bent forward to kiss Ru Shi's checks then sat beside her after dragging his chair closer to his wife's . Without prompt, Alexandre interwinds their hands with thoughts silently mocking Yang's actions .

Mei Li followed and choose to sit at the right side of Ru Shi, who was eyeing Mei Li with unconfined curiosity . Yang following behind her, still ogling her back .

'for a petite woman, she sure is sexy . ' Yang thought while he sat down beside Mei Li on his left and Alexandre in his right . He tugged his chair closer to Mei Li at the same time causing the painter to glare at him which Yang replied with another smile Mei Li hated .

Turning to Ru Shi, Yang said, "I'd like to introduce you to…" Yang hesitated for a while, although Mei Li didn't notice it as she was too busy staring at Ru Shi but the Li couple did, which brought raised eyebrows from Ru Shi asking a silent question to Alexandre . "…my companion . This-"

"I can introduce myself . " Mei Li interrupted Yang with a roll of her eyes . "My name is Wu Mei Li, Painter . "

"Li Ru Shi, nice to meet you . I would like to shake your hands but I'm not sure if this foolish husband of mine would let go of my hands for me to do so…" Ru Shi meekly smiled at her .

Ru Shi added after a while with a smirk, "I like your shoes . "

Mei Li smirked back, "I like yours too . "


"Louboutin… My only pair, they're great but too expensive . " Mie Li confirmed with a nod .

"I know," Ru Shi quickly agreed, knowing she found a kindred spirit, "That's why I only buy the shoes that are out of season . "

"I tried that but the classy and timeless ones, the ones I like, are always in season . "

Ru Shi's eyes twinkled as she exclaimed, "I couldn't agree with you more! It's like the Birkin and Chanel Flap Bag, too many are too interested for it to be out of season . "

Yang interrupted, feeling as if he was abandoned by Mei Li for Ru Shi, "I thought women like spending unnecessary things? and aren't you two worth millions? It must be easy for you to buy one . "

"Contrary to your belief, I don't like wasting my money . You never know what would happen with my hands or I might die an old maid, better have some money in the bank than broke by then . " Mei Li answered with a scoff .

"You could just marry me, and you don't have to worry about that . "

Mei Li did not acknowledge Yang's words, not even a glance, and continued chatting with Ru Shi as if Yang was not beside her .

Mei Li said with a stoic face with brown eyes twinkling in mischief, "I'm also someone with no connection since I hid my identity as the anonymous painter named Miss M, so I can't waltz into the store to put myself in the waiting list . "

Alexandre burst into laughter as his wife's eyes widen and her mouth opened in shock . Because it was rare to surprise Ru Shi, Alexandre treasured every moment of it . He briefly applauded Mei Li for her mischievousness .