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Chapter 171
March 10, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Places

"You need to let that woman go!"
Ye Lan woke up to another fight between Hao Ren and his mother . It had become a daily occurrence now . At first, they had the decency to consider her from hearing their fights, but now, Hao Ren's mother had shouted her reasons and her demands to her face without consideration for her son's feelings about being in between his mother and her girlfriend .
"No!" Ye Lan head Hao Ren shout followed by something breaking . Ye Lan twitched in annoyance at the noise they were making . Why are they making a small push into a big deal? That Wu Mei Li might have acted like she was passed out because she had only shoved her lightly!
"There will be no one else!" Hao Ren insisted which was followed by more shouting and threats . Ye Lan tried to turn to the other side of the bed and cover her ears with her hands . She regretted going with Hao Ren than staying with Zhao Yang .
Three years ago, Hao Ren had a more solid standing with his father's company than Zhao Yang, who was starting his new business . She did not know that the Zhao family had a tradition to make a new company before inheriting the rest . It seems that it was like that so the wife, who would join the family, will receive the old business left so she can also be like all the Zhao family . Ye Lan hated her choice when Hao Ren had told her that when they were abroad . She hated Zhao Yang for not explaining to her about that tradition to her at all in their time together .
Now that Zhao Yang was the youngest, if not the richest, billionaire in China while Hao Ren was just a small employee never to be the CEO of his father's company, she gritted her teeth with regret . She should have even targeted that Hao Chen instead and she wouldn't have this massive amount of regret . She could have been the woman beside Zhao Yang . That beautiful dress that ignorant orphan was wearing would have looked good with her white skin, and that diamond necklace would make an excellent addition to her collection .
Ye Lan heard Hao Ren enter the room and slide beside her on the bed . His arms wrapped around her waist and hugged her close to him . She almost wanted to slap his hands away from her person . He was not qualified to have her now . Suddenly, the thought of that foreign man she had met on a cafe before had entered her mind .
Waiting for everyone in the manor to go out, Ye Lan slipped away from the servants and went to the cafe . Ye Lan sat where she once sat with the foreign man . She opened the bag and took her phone and called the man . After three rings, the man answered, "Miss Ye Lan? How may I help you? Are you ready to be mine now?"
Ye Lan snorted, "You are still shameless as ever Mister David . I want company, right now . "
"Of course," Ye Lan could imagine David's large smile when he had said that . "I will send you an address, you may come anytime . I hope you are ready for me . "
Ye Lan loved his growl-like voice . Hao Ren's voice was not as deep as Zhao Yang's and David's . They both have voices that could make a woman come with the right tone and quality . Since she cannot have Zhao Yang as fast as David, she had to settle . When she received the address, she immediately went to the large condo unit . She was amazed that it was a penthouse on the top . David must be loaded . She grinned, maybe she'll work on David and leave Hao Ren .
Ringing the door, she waited for the man to open it for her . She was amazed when someone dressed as a butler opened it for her nervously . Walking towards an open door, she saw David lying on the bed butt naked and penis standing erect . She blushed at the sight . David briefly glanced at her before returning to a painting with a woman curled up in the shadows of the edge of the room .
"I didn't know you love art," Ye Lan remarked .
David smiled at her, "There are many things you know don't know about me . "
Ye Lan smirked, she climbed the bed after taking her shoes off . She leaned all her weight in Davids body and put pressure on her lower waist as she sat on the alert part of him that was waiting for her . She yelped when David shifted and dominated her . Ye Lan forgot all of her problems and regrets as David made her sang sweet moans . David was the most beastly man she had ever shared the bed with; far wilder than even Zhao Yang and so much better too .
The Fool entered Ye Lan while looking at the new painting he had purchased from Miss M's third collection . This painting had made him more lustful with the painter . He didn't know why . He didn't even believe that he could feel something for someone he hasn't met before . One thing is for sure though, thinking about having Miss M in his arms made him finish faster and made him easier to recover too .
After hours had gone by, Ye Lan and David laid on the bed, tired and satisfied . Suddenly, her phone rang . Ye Lan picked up the call and listened to Hao Ren whining, "Ye Lan, come back home . I made your favorite food . "
Ye Lan sighed and left David in his bed . Unknowing to her, David was smirking because of how easy she was to deceive and to have her in his bed; such a loose woman .
Ye Lan snorted with ridicule . She turned to face the handsome man beside her .